Paris Hilton doesn’t respect the pregnantly challenged

November 26th, 2007 // 25 Comments

Paris Hilton helped throw a lavish The Wizard of Oz-themed baby shower for Nicole Richie last weekend. InStyle magazine had exclusive rights to photos of the event, but soon pirated pics began to surface. A friend of Nicole blames Paris Hilton. Apparently all the leaked pictures have Paris right in the center as the star and “they look set up,” according to NY Daily News:

The pics, priced at around $3,000 to $4,000, did not sell since the celebrity tabloids closed early last week, due to Thanksgiving.
But in the opinion of our conspiracy theorist: “None of the money would have been for Paris — for her it’s about the attention.”

Paris Hilton will probably Photoshop her face over Nicole Richie’s vagina in the delivery photos. Though, this time, it won’t just be for the attention. It’ll be to prove that, yes; she can indeed birth a child through her giant whore mouth. You know, in case we were all wondering, which, I gotta admit, I totally was. I’m not afraid to tackle the tough questions. Like, can Amy Winehouse shoot flies out of her mouth just like that other mummy in that Brendan Fraser movie?

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  1. judy2


  2. megan

    ALL OTHERS who post after me SUCK and STINK!

  3. Her nude video was just found on a nudist dating site called, is she a nudist? Oh, such a bitch!

  4. shhsh

    Looks like you are losing readers here… LOL

    Slow day on The SuperficalSUCKS!

  5. gossipmonger

    Natirstspace.prg -

    Do you really think people are that fucking stupid? You post the same stupid fucking thing under multiple names on multiple sites. So FUCK OFF AND DIE YOU MISERABLE RAT-FUCK! YOU ARE THE LOAD YOUR MOMMA SHOULD HAVE SWALLOWED!!!

  6. how gorgeous is Paris. Like a goddess.

  7. CMonster

    Look at the main picture. Notice how Paris sucks in her cheeks when photographed? You’d think with all the experience she’s had with having her picture taken, she’d know better tricks then what a 13yr old would use. Sad.

  8. Does she respect anything?

  9. Soy

    #8 Brock Landers

  10. buzznet

    Amazing…I saw she has a personal blog on, a private site for millionaires&celebrities I heard of from a friend of mine. The blog is updated very often. I think it may be ture.

  11. RENEE...

    Oh my gosh! Funny superfish guy is back! Finally! That was hilarious! Keep it comin’!

  12. michelle

    She would have to birth the child from her mouth by the expert opinions of the doctors who are trying to prevent the child from catching herpes, etc.

  13. Alright! Freestylin’ Fish! This is the kind of copy a guy can get behind!!!

    “birth a child through her giant whore mouth” <-hell yeah!

  14. She’s too superficial but I like her. I really don’t know why…

  15. She looks elegant.

    Interesting that her bodyguard is carrying a tiny flashlight

  16. Victor

    I really think that Paris Hilton is behind the leak of Nicole Richie’s baby photos.
    Have you seen the video which she is caught with her baby bump at Maria’s Italian Kitchen in LA?
    Here is the link if you haven’t.

  17. whackjob

    I love how the overhead lights look like thought bubbles coming from her (and her handler’s) head. Oh the fun..

    “hmmm, does this suck-in-my-cheeks look work?”
    “eww, what’s that taste?”
    “why is it so fucking dark in here?”
    “good thing Bob’s got his eyes open”

  18. Skank Bank

    Oh my god, she never looked better, Paris is a real dreamboat girl *sigh*

  19. that dress is killer. haters. want more blogging action?

  20. Lowlands

    I’m quite sure now the quality of the photos are improved.

  21. LLLLLLLOOOOOOLLLLLL. what a whore.

  22. woodhorse

    Wow. Only half the guys in China are asian.

  23. josselin

    Really beautiful. but i just found out your secret that you have joined an online a club called, by which you are seeking a sexy guy for extramarital relationship.. Is that true?

  24. Captain Sloppy

    I once attended a Fourth of July cookout that was infiltrated by several crack hos. Every one of them looked more wholesome than Paris. They dressed better, too.

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