Paris Hilton doesn’t pay her bills

philton-reposses.jpgSo all that business about Paris Hilton’s belongings getting stolen from a warehouse was a bit off. The items weren’t stolen, but rather seized because Paris didn’t pay the monthly payments on the storage unit. Everything inside ended up being sold for $2,775 to a celebrity porn broker named David Hans Schmidt and now he wants to auction everything off for $20 million.

Seeing Paris Hilton’s life unfold is like watching a zany Hollywood comedy. First there’s the scene where they show Paris having sex with some guy while the camera slowly zooms in on an unpaid bill that says ‘Final notice’ on it. Then as Paris is about to check her mail she gets sidetracked and ends up having sex in a playground. And then the movie goes from comedy to hardcore porno and you realize it’s not a movie at all but you’re actually watching Paris have sex in a playground.


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