Paris Hilton does Sundance

January 18th, 2009 // 52 Comments

These are shots of Paris Hilton at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah over the weekend. Because when I work my ass off trying to get a movie made, nothing makes me feel better than the undeserved celebrity of a billionaire’s daughter. But, no, seriously, how does Paris Hilton walk around and not get impaled with a ski pole? If that doesn’t prove God doesn’t exist, I don’t know what does.*

*Not counting science, The Hills and that time the kid at Taco Bell forgot my mild sauce.

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. Frist


  2. me

    Anyone posting after me fucks Paris Hilton without a condom

  3. Jen

    She’s hiding her hair.

  4. Anexio

    She looks like she’s representing the Lollypop Guild.

  5. Spagett!

    haha that taco bell comment was pretty funny fish, and “me” is such a fucking fag and i hope he dies

  6. Dr McNasty

    She looks like she could be preggo in pics 1 and 9. Damn it, I knew I should have double-bagged it…

  7. Spagett!

    and the caption “paris does sundance” writes itself

  8. Fraulein

    Awww, her little kitty mittens and hat are so cute!!!

  9. vomit inspiring

    Poor Sundance! Man she’ll do anything, now that skank s gone and got her herpes super std’s all over the film festival. This may be the last Sundance film festival, her std’s are lethal. Unless some beautiful innocent virginal females attend the festival and cancel out her uber std the festival will be no more.

  10. what a joke! someone just PSed her pictures to hot ones and then uploaded to the famous rich men seeking affairs club w w w.s u g a r b a b y d a t e . c o m.. you know it is a singles finding new love site.. so she is said to seek her true love there! lol …

  11. Boring story. So, anyway, what y’all doing on N igger’s Eve?

  12. M.

    #3 yeah, she didn’t like her new hair it seems. She will probably have her long hair back soon.

  13. Jerko

    #5 you are hard on yourself. seek some help

  14. boo

    My Gawd, she wears some ugly ass clothes.

  15. Balack Obama

    That has to be some sweet pussy.

  16. Spagett!

    #15 no im talking about “me” as in #2, idiot

    that guy is a douche and his comments are hella lame

  17. New Paris Hilton picture!

  18. New Paris Hilton Picture

  19. Conky

    She trying to sell “Hotty or Notty 2″?

    Don’t worry Utah, it was just a layover for the Herpes Queen on her way to the coronation of the Zero-bama.


    Compare the size of her head to the rest of the body, folks.
    ………………a new mongol is born!!

  21. 1moreidiotintheworld

    Every fucking time I see that stupid shit-eating smirk on that bitch’s face I just want to blow it out the back of her empty skull with a sledgehammer….. The thought of a gaping bloody hole where her face used to be is soothing…..

  22. sapphire eyes

    All the frigging money in the world, and this bitch has lopsided boobs, lousy taste, horrendous clothes and no real friends. She’s not that pretty, and she looks more like 37 than 27. Sure, she has the best body that liposuction can buy, but between the drugs and the cesspool of STD’s she’ll never see 50.

    No taste, no talent, no job, and no presentable reputation. Wasn’t she going to dedicate her newly-found “humanity” to doing something to help the less fortunate? I guess that “goal” lasted as long as her time in a cell.

    ” My herpes are my only friends…” (sniff, whah whah whah)

    Thank you God for my average life, beautiful kids, generous, hard-working loyal husband and friends and family near and far, my good, secure job in this uncertain world, and all of the many blessings I have that I do not take the time to appreciate until I see this sad, useless. lonely piece of trash.

  23. Ummm...yeah...

    Why the fuck are you always posting about this useless bitch?
    Fucking Fish, I wish you were dead, and that useless waste of skin too.

  24. ...


  25. nowayjose

    What hasnt paris hilton done…or should I say who?

  26. 420

    She looks like a dude! Her jaw could fight the Hulk and win.

  27. sisce

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  28. oulmate

    Her hot pics were just found at
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  29. Aanjo

    Oh no… she looks cute here for some reason :(

  30. Aja

    @22 Sapphire. Nobody cares about your boring life. I bet when you’re out, hubby jerks off to Paris’s videos. She’s no great beauty but I’m sure she’s sexier and prettier than you bitch. You’re fat, frumpy and irrelevant. NEXT.

  31. Scott Klose

    Okay sin sister just triggered defcom 5.

  32. Aja

    Excuse me, I meant #24. Why don’t you squeeze out another one of your shits so your vag can be even looser?

  33. al

    “Paris Hilton does Sundance. Sundance reports that it burns when they pee. ”


  34. Ronaldo

    Best message board ever.

  35. Jammy


  36. Harry

    Sundance FF jumped the shark years ago. This is further proof.

  37. paris is pathetic

    She is so pathetic she will do anything for attention. It’s hard when you have no talent!

  38. ann

    Almost 30 and still a piece of trash!

  39. agentgirl

    Looks like she’s been shopping for herself at the Baby GAP

  40. friendlyfires

    one day – paris hilton is going to be – governor of Alaska – pray people – when she declares war on Yukon

  41. Lindsey

    I am suprised Robert Redford let her in

  42. Lindsey

    I am suprised Robert Redford let her in

  43. NY Ted

    Just another day in the make believe world of Paris Hilton…no job…no purpose…no fucking clue in life but to be seen and get fucked.


  44. Insatiable Peter

    Would you rather us be the happenstance of a mere concoction of gravity, gas and rock? The last time I fused all that shit together, I didn’t get a caustic, mildly amusing celebrity antagonist. Was something smelly, but not the other.

  45. gginpc

    I don’t think the comments about her not liking her hair are relevant. I live in Park City, I’m here now for the festival, and it’s cold, which explains why most people on the streets are wearing hats… This is a ski resort, not L.A.

  46. Joe Mahma


  47. She hangs out with that Brittany girl quite a bit.

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