Paris Hilton desperate for dough (alliteration!)


Since Paris Hilton’s singing and acting career haven’t quite taken off, she’s back to trying to make money by appearing at events. A Las Vegas insider tells Page Six:

“Paris and [sister] Nicky are shopping their partying ways to Vegas at the price of around $500,000 – only they have the guts to ask for that amount – for a multiple-day New Year’s Eve bash. Paris will ‘party’ at a few spots and Nicky will bless the lucky host with a fashion show of her wares and model herself.” Our source says only Pure – which is so starved for publicity that it tried to host Lindsay Lohan’s 21st birthday and asked Britney Spears to show up – “may be coming all the way up to the asking price, although [the Hiltons] are so desperate now, they should be paying the clubs for good p.r., not the other way around.” Last year, Paris was demanding a mere $100,000 to host a New Year’s Eve bash.

If you’re paying Paris Hilton $500,000 to show up at your event you really need to reexamine your job qualifications. And math skills. And, well, it wouldn’t hurt if you wore a helmet all day.

Photos: Splash