Paris Hilton delays album again

philton-cannes.jpgAfter months of delay, Paris Hilton’s debut album has been pushed back again. This time it’s because she wants to include a cover of Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy on her CD, meaning all the details have to be worked out and it won’t be released on the expected date. A source tells the Daily Star:

“It’s just Paris’s latest idea and because she shares a label with Gnarls, she thinks that it will all be a piece of cake. The chances of it happening are minute, but everything has to go on pause again while it’s all discussed. That means the album won’t now be out until about September. At first it was July, then August. It keeps nearly getting finished and then something else happens.”

I refuse to believe there’s anybody seriously looking forward to Paris Hilton’s new album. Maybe fans of humor but that’s it. Because if anybody stupid enough to actually buy her album hasn’t already accidentally killed themselves I’ve lost all faith in natural selection. And now for no reason at all, here’s Paris Hilton almost falling out of her top at Cannes.


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