Paris Hilton defends the Jonas Brothers

September 8th, 2008 // 42 Comments

I spoke too soon. Paris Hilton (Yes, the Gaping Canyon of Herp herself) came to the rescue of the chaste Jonas Brothers after they were ridiculed by VMA host Russell Brand, US Magazine reports:

“I don’t pick on them,” Hilton told after Brand’s remarks. “That’s something cool for a kid to keep, so don’t pick on them for that.”
“I think that they’re all really good kids and that they’re definitely our next generation of kids and they’re all really good so I think that’s awesome,” Hilton added.

You know what’s a good thing to do when Paris Hilton embraces your cause? Drown yourself in the tub. Which is convenient considering these kids still bathe together. Though I hear one more fight over Rubber Ducky Moses and it’s separate bath times for three little Jonas boys. Aw, mom…

Photos: Splash News

  1. Melissa

    She’s fucking disgusting. End. Of. Story.

  2. bologna

    first, muthafucka!

  3. tickled

    “They’re definitely our next generation of kids” ????? Profound, Paris, profound..

  4. Republicans

    Having previously said that Paris Hilton represented all that was evil and degenerate about American celebrity culture, we now support her 100%.

    What do you mean, “flip-flop”? It’s pronounced “change”, Republican-style.

    Join our revolution in November as we finally get rid of the people who have been running liberal Washington for the last decade (us)!

    That’s right, we’re throwing ourselves out. We’re fed up with ourselves and we’re not going to take it from ourselves anymore!

  5. Wow!!! She looks really good there!!!

  6. ishi-san

    they’re definitely our next generation of kids and they’re all really good ….. so I think that’s awesome ???????!!!!!!!???????? Where is the logic in that sentence???

    I think she was pretty high when she said that!

  7. John McCain

    Who is this Russell Brand? What did he say? Was he making fun of our pure ideal boys? That’s it, I’m declaring war! Send the bombers in! Where? Everywhere! Fuck it, let’s just bomb everybody! Don’t you question me – I’ve suffered A LOT MORE THAN YOU for this country. I’ve earned the right to start a hundred wars. And I don’t want to hear any complaining from my beloved nation of whiners.

  8. Gives the phrase “No way, Ho say?” a brand new meaning.

    I love Paris!

  9. Angry Beaver

    Hey, Paris is a virgin too…I’m sure there is at least one hole on her that hasn’t been violated, fucked, holed, spooged or widened. I’m thinking her left ear. Maybe. Oh wait, if R Kelly pissed in it, does that count?

  10. Drestlyz

    Her skank ass just got shown naked….again!

  11. Thumperchica

    @4 – Wow, looking for any reason to preach politics huh? Lame-ass

    Paris Hilton’s vernacular is astonishing… She’s like, really good, and that’s like, really good, so I think it’s awesome

  12. shut up

    Shut up about Julia already!! No one cares.

  13. rough daddy

    “cool, good and awesome “I need to incorporate these words in my vocabulary more often,,,,funny how paris and the jonas brothers have opposite sexual libido!

  14. Miserable Bastard

    The funniest part of this whole story is when she says “I think”.

  15. A Monkeys Uncle

    Hey, is this vapid, insipid, vacuous whore dating Sam Ronson also? Or is that her stunt double in the last 3 pics?

  16. obama sucks

    you obama worshipping cocksuckers sure are a tolerant bunch of homos

  17. ph7

    Paris needs to get a girlfriend so her boobs can grow to the size of Lindsey’s.

  18. sameshitdifferentyear


    She’s going to seduce them, have a foursome, and videotape herself using a strap-on on all three of them.

    Then “accidentally” release the tape, and laugh like a demon as they commit suicide, one by one.

    Paris, we have your M.O.
    You’re one sick bitch.

  19. el ces

    Paris has always delighted in doing as she pleases, whatever the criticism (or prosecution), so its no suprise she advocates others doing the same.
    Defiantly, I love it.

  20. Turd Ferguson

    Hey! How did that guy get that suit out of my grandpas casket???

    Wait a sec, he has tats!
    I thought your supposed to only wear your tattoo shop issued wife-beater if you have tats to let everyone know you’re all cool-like?

    I’m gonna get muscle definition tattoos so I don’t have to be ashamed to wear a wife-beater.

  21. Turd Ferguson

    Oh yeah,

    I wouldn’t touch Parasite with lohan’s fugly little boyfriends dick!

    Bwahhhhh-ha-ha-ha …..uhh…ha!

  22. Mark Foley and Larry Craig

    #16 – agreed!

    By the way, do you know where all the cocksucking is going on? We know all the “special” bathrooms at the Capitol, but maybe there’s a special seat in the back on Obama’s campaign bus…? we sure hope so :)

  23. Uncle Eccoli

    There’s something sick and depraved about a self-avowedly virginal teenage boy. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is (nor would I want to), but, yeah…

    (Did I make up a word? Avowedly?)

  24. Inga

    Wasn’t it Perez Hilton who said that, not Paris?

  25. Se

    Little does she know that those ‘virgins’ furiously masturbate to One Night in Paris.

  26. LL

    Paris should write an inspirational book. She’s really got a unique perspective on teenage life in the 21st century. Seriously, she’s like Gandhi or something…

  27. LoudNLucky

    @ LL – Oh the names of that book running through my head right now… LMAO

  28. Natalie

    Her feet are huge! In that pic with her leg up, her foot is as wide as her and that guy put together!

  29. What a phony

    Well, Paris, perhaps you should preactice what you preach when you’re not in front of TV cameras. Cottage cheese in a garbage bag, anyone?

  30. What a phony

    Well, Paris, perhaps you should practice what you preach when you’re not in front of TV cameras. Cottage cheese in a garbage bag, anyone?

  31. What a phony

    Well, Paris, perhaps you should practice what you preach when you’re not in front of TV cameras. Cottage cheese in a garbage bag, anyone?

  32. Pope Benedict

    All this means is that the Jonas Bros jerk off all the time like all “virgins”.

  33. Freddy

    Who’s the twat in the hat?

  34. herbiefrog

    looks like someone bought us yet another present…


    hello… our name is paris : )

    it’s ok… we wont hurt you… just relax

    [ok can we find out what is goinhg on?
    [oh some vma thing
    [ok… lets just let it all go

    [have you fallen in a black hole


    [where’s the love ?

    duh… we slaved for you
    is that what we had to put up with ?

    salved for us ?

    you have no idea…

    [can we just leave now?]

  35. Diamond

    She knows she wants all 3 of them.


  37. tc

    God gave them boys cocks. Why do they deny this?

  38. Lola

    Who asked this walking disease of her opinions? She should have taken her own advice at the age of 9 when she decided to start sucking dick, and fucking anything with a penis… Dirty ass skank

  39. shweetz

    hilarious shxt here .. i don’t care, i love this dress Paris has on … perfect color for her and great style. looks like one of Kira Plastinina’s …

  40. Patricia

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! i cant belive this! … f*cking bitch ¬¬’

  41. well..I think it’s pretty unusuall for paris to do sutch of comments. And I agree that their sex-life/choice is really not anyones bussines.. But maybe they also consider it as a good “move” for their career, who knows?

  42. That waz nice of Paris to say,To sick up for the Bro’s…I’m so glad to hear they wear purity rings,Cuz i wear one to…(LOL)So we have somethings in common…And i bet alot of other people wear them to!!!!So STOP making FUN of the Jonas Brothers!!!!!

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