Paris Hilton & Cristiano Ronaldo actually happened

I stand corrected. TMZ managed to snap some shots of Paris Hilton and soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo making out at MyHouse last night:

A source close to Paris told us Ronaldo was staring at her all night before he finally went up to her. After he finally got the nerve to approach her, we’re told he couldn’t keep his hands off her and they eventually headed over to sister Nicky’s house.
Our source said, “Paris is stoked to be with a real athlete — unlike her ex, a low-paid minor league baseball player.”

For the record, the star in the first pic is TMZ’s, so I have no idea what’s under there. But let’s assume it’s similar to a stegosaurus laying on its side and covered in maple syrup. Too real? You’re right. My bad.

Photos: TMZ