Paris Hilton cries on Letterman

October 1st, 2007 // 142 Comments

If you missed any of this over the weekend, what’s it like to be in a coma? While you think of an answer, here’s what went down: Letterman had Paris Hilton on his show Friday night and basically tore into her with questions about being in jail until Paris broke out the waterworks. People reports:

After facing a continued barrage of jail-related questions, Hilton, who was on the show to promote her new fragrance Can-Can and her upcoming movie, Repo! The Genetic Opera, said, “I don’t really want to talk about it anymore.” But Letterman would not be swayed. “This is where you and I are different. Because this is all I want to talk about,” he said.

As Letterman continued to press, Hilton held up her hand: “I’m going on the next question. I’m over it.”

At one point a crowd member yelled, “I love you Paris!” which she answered by saying, “I love you too,” and blowing a kiss. Quipped Letterman, “Somebody you met in prison?” Hilton, blushing, shook her head no.

“There’s other stuff to talk about Dave,” Hilton said. “I didn’t come here to talk about this. That was a long time ago.”

Finally, after more than six minutes of grilling, Hilton said Letterman was making her “sad that I came here.”

I don’t think Paris Hilton understands that going to jail is about the only conversation-worthy thing she’s done in, well, ever. Millionaire heiress had to serve jail-time despite her wealth and undeserved celebrity status. That’s seriously the feel-good event of the year. If John Wayne were alive, he’d actually shed a tear knowing Paris did time. Then he’d say we should “go and hunt some Injuns” and we’d all kind of look around real awkward-like. We could tell him that kind of talk is frowned upon these days. Or we could, I dunno, not get shot. That works too. Especially for me. I try and keep my stomach bullet-free. It’s sort of a quirky little thing I do.


  1. George


  2. Cuntyface

    THIRD! She’s a fucking dumb shitbucket.

  3. megan

    FIRST !

  4. Don




  5. adeliza

    Ha! Ha!

  6. crash bang

    fifty thousandth!

  7. liz

    Shes really pissed off and uncomfortable as shes flipping her leg all the time. Poor her. Although I don`t like her.

  8. Everyday is I hate Paris Hilton Day

    All celebrities are worthless(some more than others) and I will never respect ANYONE who is on television or in movies for career reasons (not I saved that drowning baby news story reasons-real people who do great things get respect of course) and so my level of disrespect has gone down slightly for Mr. Lettermen because he’s not real but he did do something really great.

    Make the bitch squirm.
    Good man!

  9. kirsten dunst

    way to go dave. but you’re a hooiser, i didn’t expect less from you.

  10. LadyJane

    My asshole has more personality than Paris.

  11. leatherdaddy

    ive been in a coma for the past seven years. paying into cable and the networks is dumb. especially supporting dumbass like these two. i wonder if pairs did something that she regrets while in prison- not just the fact that she went. wheres the security tape on that? …& the gossip on the beautiful people, which she is not?

  12. Shallow Val

    Letterman is the MAN!!! Much as I want to believe that the higher-minded Aquarian part of Hilton will come out, I’m convinced there is nothing there but pink fluff found in house attics. Fuck that phoney-baloney, do-nothing, say-nothing, be-nothing poonan ie-head. Dumb-assed fake blond, fake eyed, jealous of here uglier little sister, dumb head.

    I feel like calling her a cockadoodie-head and well, I will!!!

  13. LOL LadyJane, I bet it does :-)

    Does she think Dave is her friend?

  14. Cockadoodie head

    Tee Hee

  15. IWONKY

    Jail Mystery Meat Dinner – Does that cum through a Hole in the Wall????

  16. TS

    Leeetrman is great. That bitch should have known. #5 I hope that was sarcasm.

  17. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Just shows Paris is a chick used to getting her own way and having people kiss her skinny ass. She comes on Letterman to sell her shit, make a personal commercial out of his show, and he kicks her for it. Sounds fair.

  18. mkell

    Gotta love the girl’s enunciation: “It’s a really cool futuristic whore film!”

  19. leatherdaddy

    haha. wrong prison #17

  20. Alyssa

    No one takes her seriously anymore. She’s practically finished. She can’t act worth beans, her records were mediocre DESPITE her notoriety, she wants to have a baby because everyone else is having a baby, then she’ll throw it in the garbage where she ditches her other dogs, monkeys, assorted exotic pets.

    She’s vapid, ugly and shamless.

    I’m glad she made an ass of herself to come out and try to shill her crap

  21. Don

    I was imitating Chris Cocker. Or is it Crocker?

  22. ashley

    please everyone, continue talking about paris. its what you love to do!

  23. no1justminda

    Oh yeah, she really broke out the waterworks…that must be after the 7+ minutes of video you have here. Lame.

  24. ssdd

    LOL Funny .. I wish more people would make this bitch cry and pull her down from the “thrown” that she’s placed her self on. ROtten fucking bitch i hate her.

  25. daguz

    I cant believe that I just watched that. My eyes are burning. My mind is numb. DFC!

  26. IWONKY

    A Musical Futuristic Whore Film

  27. TS

    I am pretty sure she has never been taken serioulsly, Alyssa. She’s a whore, always has been, always will be. God her parents must be proud…

  28. T

    David Letterman is a piece of shit. He doesn’t have any more class than she does.

  29. George Best

    Shes so arrogant that she thinks she deserves to be on Letterman for something she did that was entertaining. Even the B list entertainers that show up on Letterman have done something. Paris no more deserves to be on that show then I do, so she deserves to get poor treatment.

  30. thr0l

    You made me watch this stupid video and lose 8 minutes of my life. She didn’t cry FFS, that’s the reason I watched the stupid thing. Thank you very much.

  31. Christina

    As much as I dislike Paris, I thought she handled herself really well. Letterman was being a complete asshole.

  32. yukadoozer

    Zat ez zee besssttt…..Thank You Dave. You’re a real giver.

  33. nora

    omg but she didn’t cry.

  34. IWONKY

    Master of the Obvious: Dave has always been an asshole, just like this site is for trashing celebrities.

    P.S. Just in case you didn’t already know that stuff, the master just restated it.

  35. Cry for me Paris. Whore.

  36. Karen Newton

    David Letterman is a former alcoholic. He should have some compassion. Paris Hilton has never done anyone any harm. I’m not going to watch David Letterman any more. What a bully. Paris should never go on his show again.

  37. IWONKY

    Paris in tears? what a laugh…she transcends trainwreck….she’s laughing all the way to the bank

  38. IWONKY

    I have to give credit where it’s due: Paris does seem to be making a sincere attempt to change her image

  39. Minstriopio

    With the hair and the shoulders and the pissed-off attitude, she’s really got her tranny on here.

  40. Her eyes got filled up, fo shizzle. Dave was brutal. Wow. Good times.

  41. Zara

    GOOD LORD – did I read one of those comments right?

    Paris Hilton is NOT a human being – she is a pathetic excuse for a THING that insists on violating our eyes on a regular basis. She is probably a cunningly placed device for an evil alien lord who is trying to bring down the earth’s average intelligence.

  42. kingnoony

    i now swear allegiance to david letterman. ALL HAIL THE LETTERMAN!!! (at the end of the interview, he should’ve stood up and just punched that cum bubble right in the mouth.)

  43. old perv

    This is nothing. Back on the old show, Dave used to get into it all the time with fat-headed celebs (like Cher or ShirleyMacLaine) – real ones, usually actresses, not imposters like Paris. He had to hold all that back to get his CBS gig. I’m glad to see he can still bring it when he thinks his guest is full of shit.

  44. Just me!!

    Luv ya PAris !!!!!!!!!!! you are sooo beautiful!!! dont listen what people say 2 u !!!!! u are great !!!!! mwamwa

  45. 1MILF Hunter

    #38 – Paris not return to Letterman? Western Civilization will come to an end. Forward your concerns to CBS. I’ll bet Dave will get canned. His attack will cost her an Oscar.

    She’ll be back for more as soon as she has some new project she needs to promote. There’s no other reason to have a skank like her on a show like Letterman’s. More swill from the Paris publicity machine.

  46. jt

    i don’t like paris as much as the next human, but dave was just a bully. no class. and hardly creative.

  47. Zing!

    Please. Paris slops that shit up more than when she went down on her girlfriend in prison. The only reason she was crying is because she remembered her cellmates would never let her put on the strap-on. Actually, I heard they were gonna use “old billy” on her, like in “Born Innocent”, but after looking at her cootch lips hanging low in the shower like the jowls on a hound dog, they decided there was no baseball bat NEARLY big enough. Poor Paris. No prison rape for her.

  48. Kill Yourself

    It would be so much better if she just pulled out a gun and blew her brains out. I bet that would’ve gotten a standing ovation!

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