Paris Hilton crashes server

hilton_crashserver.jpgParis Hilton’s car wash ad was so successful that it crashed Carl’s Jr’s site for four hours. I guess perverts were too excited to see the 60-second version of the commercial which is only available online. And who can blame them, because watching a giant insect wash cars and eat hamburgers is pretty high on my list of sexual fantasies. Right up there with seeing a lion mutilate a horde of fighting midgets.

“It was a mixed blessing,” Carl’s Jr.’s executive vice president of marketing, Brad Haley, said in a statement. “It turned out that Paris was too hot for our servers.”

But it turns out my foot isn’t too hot to kick his ass for making such a terrible “too hot” reference. I hope somebody punched this Brad Haley in the face or fired him for saying something so ridiculously lame.

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