Paris Hilton pisses off entire Arab world

June 23rd, 2009 // 74 Comments

Leave it to Paris Hilton to cause an international incident because she thinks everyone needs to see how “hot” she is in a bikini. Frankly, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened sooner. The Mirror reports:

TV producers had banned the airhead heiress from wearing a bikini while she is in Dubai shooting the third series of My New BFF.
But within hours she was posing for photos in a skimpy twopiece.
Brilliant. Our source says: “Paris had made a big public speech, saying how much she loved the Middle East and respected its culture. But the following day she was prancing around on the beach in her bikini and posing provocatively. Bosses warned her Western tourists have been jailed for flouting the rules.

I’m pretty sure this is grounds for the CIA to dump Paris’ body in a landfill before she becomes the direct cause of 9/11 Part 2: Keep the Wonk-eye at Home, Infidels! Should it already be too late, let me be the first to say, we totally had it coming. I’m serious, who the fuck signs a passport for Paris Hilton to travel to the Middle East and expects it to end well? We’d be better off sending the customary blankets with smallpox. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s all I’m sayin’.

Photo: Mirror

  1. molly


  2. Benabob

    I wonder how many poor Arabs masturbated to this. First?

  3. Jake

    Yeah, uh, her body looks terrible in that picture! And her feet are too big and she has, uh, bad “accessories” (is that the word) all the time, and, uh, uh…

    …sorry, I can’t continue. I’m straight. Nice body. A bag and strong latex and you’re good to go.

  4. JD

    So is she back in the states yet? Or is there still time for them to be locking her up? Oh a joyous day that will be!

  5. Ram Punchington

    Wish someone would crash a plane into this Skank…

    Punchington Out.

  6. Ananana

    and i bet she’s responsible for H1N1 too.

  7. coondog1

    wearing bikinis isn’t against the law in dubai, they’re all over the beaches there

  8. coondog1

    wearing bikinis isn’t against the law in dubai, they’re all over the beaches there

  9. Moto Rola

    And things weren’t bad enough in the middle east…

  10. xanadujulie

    yeah, it’s not illegal to wear a bikini in dubai it’s a huge tourist location covered in resorts and beaches… in fact, aren’t those reclining chairs made specifically for sun bathing right behind her??

    While I am all for thrashing on Paris, she’s not really doing anything wrong in this one.

  11. kipsy

    a) you can wear bikinis in Dubai, and b) who gives a shit? Why should she respect their culture to the point where she needs to curtail her own? you could say it’s one of the nobler things she’s done. A woman suggesting women shouldn’t be repressed? What would the crazed sheik say? Oh my!

  12. xanadujulie

    well, not doing anything wrong other than existing a completely meaningless life in general…

  13. xml/atom

    LOL! “Keep the Wonk-eye at Home”

  14. um

    #13 How is wearing a bikini and posing like a vapid whore doing anything to suggest that women shouldn’t be repressed? If that’s the case, Shauna Sand must be a fucking feminist icon.

  15. Jibbly Biggins

    Westerners, especially idiots like Hilton, should stay out of Islamic countries that have ridiculous and repressive laws.

    Does herpes Hilton realize that Dubai has put people in jail for holding hands or being in the same room alone with a person of the opposite gender?

    Dubai’s a joke, one of those glitzy places that pretends to be moderate for Westerners but is not free by any means. Fuck it.

  16. Anon

    She might not have pissed of the Arab world but she’s pissed me off.

  17. joe black

    you are making a big deal out of nothing i went to dubai and i saw a dozen of arab women in bikinis so no biggy

  18. .

    Trust me the Arab women in Dubai often get plastic surgery and wear tiny bikinis at the women only beaches. But then they put the Niqab back on before they leave. Weird place.

  19. mizzty

    Dubai is a party town she isn’t doing anything wrong, well apart from everything she does usually which is wrong too but not viiolating specific laws in dubai…just wrong morally, ethically like usual

    Still it would be awesome if they locked her up abbroad

  20. Stuey

    oh please if there is a God in the sky, get this dumb bitch thrown in a middle eastern prison. Of course we would have WWIII on our hands if her ass went to jail but they would let me and you rot.

  21. arden

    ummm….it’s perfectly legal and acceptable to wear a bikini on Dubai’s beaches, lol…everybody does it. As long as she doesn’t kiss/fornicate on the beach, or wear the bikini while walking down the street, she’s A-OK.

  22. metrosexual man

    She’s way too masculine compared to me.

  23. Kay

    #12 well said

  24. Zanna

    @15 – Speaking of repression…..I hope her Valtrex stops working while she’s out in the hot desert and sand gets stuck to her open, weeping sores.

  25. FishEye

    This calls for a public stoning. Nothing fixes the problem of some uppity bitch like that does. Kthnxbye!

  26. Darwin Police

    Interestingly enough, the water was blue before she got in.

  27. Alex

    Ummm wearing bikinis isn’t against the law in any Arab country except maybe in KSA.
    It is highly not advisable though lol

  28. Victoria

    she’s gonna get attacked!

  29. robert

    Dear Muslim world (and Dubai in particular),
    Paris is corrupting your citizens (not to mention polluting your sea). Please let her be an example of the full weight of your (Islamic-based) law and give her a long prison sentence and one of those fashionable head-to-toe black-dress-things.
    On behalf of the western world, if you would do us this one little favor, we would be willing to pay an extra dollar per barrel for your oil; $2.50 a barrel if you can get Lindsey Lohan to visit your country and subsequently share a cell with Paris.
    With fingers crossed and praises and prayers to Allah.

  30. lbk

    plz someone tell her shes still in cannes.
    or shes at a nude beach in ibiza.
    problem solved.

  31. AmericanWhiteTrash

    If there is a god, while shes over in that neck of the woods she’ll try and go bar hopping in Tehran right about now.

  32. lina

    The Arab men gonna love her!!!

  33. Kev

    Why is there even a beach thing where she is with sun bathing chairs?

  34. nickel

    Behead the little whore. I mean infidel. No, wait, I mean whore.

    Besides, Arab men are furry and smelly, they wouldn’t know what to do with her anyway.

  35. jehans alshatti

    am from the. Middle East…and wearing a bikini is not forbidden in the Dubai or any other Arab country in the Gulf region. Westerners wear whatever they want in the Arab world except in KSA.. and to be honest with you most westerners don’t wear it out of respect which makes people here respect them because they respect the tradition and culture of Arab world.. more than our own people:)
    We are not ignorant and living in tents and Arab men don’t need Paris Hilton, our women are HOT enough…?. I just don’t know what the hell is she doing here…she can’t get enough of showing off…

  36. Mister Bored

    If anything, they probably don’t want her wearing a bikini because it’s too thin of a fabric to protect their beaches from being polluted.

    Can’t say I blame them. I’d keep people off the beach and out of the water is a sludge monster, I mean Paris Hilton were to come ashore too.

  37. Violet

    @36 Thank you for your insight.

  38. Sonya

    You can wear bikini’s in dubai..and i think there idiots for letting paris have a show there anyway…what were they thinkin..duih..we all know who she is a sextape whore….

  39. Superbiggerevil

    Where’s an IED when you need it most?

  40. She's a WHORE

    Open letter to any Arab Terrorist who happens to read this:

    “Dear Terrorist,

    Although we do not get along, we do not purposely flaunt your laws & culture in your face, or make fun of them. Only an idiot would thumb their nose at another’s culture; paris hilton is that exact idiot. Therefore, we request that you use your skills in terrorism & make paris hilton disappear.


    Hopefully, the stupid slutty whore will be pushing up daisies within a week…

  41. biff

    Perhaps the producers of this crappy show would be willing to send her to certain parts of some Middle Eastern countries. I would pay to watch them behead her. I love this quote: “Paris had made a big public speech, saying how much she loved the Middle East and respected its culture”. That stupid cunt couldn’t point to any part of the middle east on a map; nor could she answer any question concerning that part of the world and it’s culture.


  43. Minna

    This is not true! Stop shitting yourselves with lies! Dubai is great and everyone wears bikinis here, morons!!

  44. What a stupid bitch

    Enough is enough already. This bitch is exporting stupid to the world, and she wraps herself in the American flag when she does it. I’m sick of this whore making the country I love look bad; someone PLEASE off her immediately…

  45. puhleez

    she really does kind of represent everything that’s wrong with America…

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  47. Initial_G

    I hope she pisses off the UAE so bad they toss her into a stone cell for life.

  48. budah

    please please please piss them of ..please please please piss them off.. i dont want an incident or anything but sheesh they could help us out by arresting her for something. anything drunk in public would be great and use your most liberal interpretation of that >,> <.<

    PST obama over here.. ill get you popeyes if you let them keep her in jail..

  49. Swair

    1: Arab men hate her guts. Believe me, I have brothers who’ve seen prettier, more respectable women than that and they didn’t have to wear bikinis to be noticed. Arab men don’t masturbate at the sight of a female.

    2: You can wear a bikini anywhere you want in the world as long as it stays on the beach and there’s nothing sexual going on. Respecting the public, nothing more nothing less.

    3: As a Middle Eastern Muslim woman from Kuwait, I don’t like her as much as the next woman because she’s a spoiled brat that isn’t doing anything good for the world, NOT because she’s in a bikini or whatever. I’m not that shallow.

    4: World War 3 over a skank? Never knew politicians were so sensitive, starting a war for nothing.

    5: Paris shouldn’t be allowed to go anywhere in the world. Heck, she shouldn’t be allowed to step outside her room.

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