Paris Hilton club-banishment because of Nicole Richie

December 21st, 2005 // 21 Comments

*paris_hilton_thumb1.jpgParis Hilton and Nicole Richie are not friends. If this is news to you, then welcome to Florida! Down with Fidel! But the feud between the two media whores undoubtedly only intensified when Paris was booted out of an L.A. nightclub for bad-mouthing Richie.

Paris was told to leave LAX in Beverly Hills for talking trash about Nicole Richie to her sister Nicky. Richie had dated the D.J. at the club, according to the forthcoming issue of In Touch Weekly.


  1. sedation

    “Nothing makes me happier than the thought of Paris Hilton getting thrown out of a popular nightspot. Except perhaps the thought of Paris Hilton getting thrown in front of a bus. And then bursting into flame. And having the flames doused in urine. And then the tombstone makers misspelling her name as Penis Hilton. And everyone kind of snickering at it during the eulogy”
    lol! you must’ve read my mind! that would be a great present to many people if it happened on camera during the holidays

  2. SpiderMomma

    lol@”Penis Hilton”. Too funny!

  3. cNicky

    That makes so much sense now. A couple of days ago there was a post that Paris left LAX and was talking trash about the club. I guess we now know it was because she got kicked out for bashing Nicole (aka despite her weight issues-will always be 10x better than Paris will ever be)

  4. ~S.Starr~

    Ya know…I highly dislike Paris…and I really don’t like Nicole…But if I had to choose between the two…I would choose Nicole…her biggest flaw is her weight issues…Paris is just a moron.

    Besides…LAX is DJ AM’s Club…why would you talk shit about someone in their fiances (well ex) club…HELLO!!!

  5. MortyFishbein

    This just proves what I’ve always suspected: Nicole Ritchie is NOT a Hollaback Girl.

    Paris started talking shit and she didn’t think the club would hear it.

    People hear her talking like that, getting everybody fired up.

    And all this shit between them is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

  6. I love K-fed's Corn Rolls

    I knew this was going to happen eventually…

    Paris has burned to many bridges, the only thing to do is light herself on fire…

  7. ThatsHot

    I’m so torn!!!! I love both of those girls so much and now they hate each other. That is so not hot. I mean, I understand that Paris was burnt over the fact that Nicole got engaged first, but bury it already, the wedding is off! They’re both single and smokin’ again, why can’t they pair back up and continue to rule the world? I’m proud of Nicole for handling the whole thing with grace and class, but to expect Paris to behave that way is unrealistic. I mean, she’s like Godzilla in Prada! She wouldn’t be Paris if she was all like, turning the other cheek and being the bigger person. I’m just waiting for a catfight……

  8. Meh Toole

    It’s surprising to me that Nicole had enough influence to get Paris thrown out. For some reason I imagined that she had hardly any. Oh well.

  9. I got banned from that club too. What a coincidence. It may have had something to do with me showing up without any pants. Apparently some of these clubs have a Pants Code. Whatever.

  10. nikki

    Lifetimes of the Rich and Childish.

    moving on…

  11. drowningfool

    I can’t wait until Paris hilton gets old, looks like Donnatella Versace and her face can no longer be shown on any media outlet without being censored.

  12. chibanii

    my cousin went to school with both of them, and Nicole is SO the nicer of the two.

    but they both need to stop.

    they’re famous for being whores, being skinny, and having money.

    like really succesful strippers..

  13. SingandDance

    Paris went to school?

  14. al rarow

    I got banned from Perez Hilton’s Web page.


  15. ~S.Starr~

    Ya she did…back when shoe did’t bleach her hair or wear fake blue contacts…

    YES!! She ha naturally dishwater blonde hair and…gasp shall I say it…HAZEL EYES!!!!!!!

    What a fake ass poser…and that nose!!!!!!!

  16. I was kicked out of Baja Fresh on LaBrea and Santa Monica Blvd for fomenting customer dissatisfaction. Hhhhmmm maybe Paris isn’t alone?

  17. hafaball

    That’d be an insult to anyone ever named Penis. They at least would of had to fight for it, but yes, that’d be very funny. i’m surprised she isn’t kicked out of every place she goes, spreading disease and all. Could she be the black plaque’s second coming?

  18. emazing

    OK, you guys SOOOOOOO need me to edit. What is with the ACTUAL WRITER’S TYPOS? I am sorry, I don’t ever want to be banned, but “burst into flame?” Who edited that? And earlier, one of your writers started a sentence with “Anyways”…………ANYWAYS? Uhhhhhhhhh. Not good. Now be careful!
    We don’t all want to look like the idiots we mock, do we? I know you writers don’t, you are all HI-DOUBLE-Arious!
    And yes, Paris Hilton SHOULD burst into…..FLAMES! (s)!!!!!!!!!!

  19. HollyJ

    In that photo, she looks like Cowboy Barbie with a lazy left eye. (PS Is that her shoulder or her KNEE beside her face?)

  20. eringirl

    LAX is not in Beverly Hills, it’s in Hollywood. Not that it matters all that much but I just get irked at this over glamorizing the lives of celebs. It’s a crummy, ugly club in shady Hollywood. The layout is crap, the decor even worse and the only reason people go is to say they’ve been.

  21. ThatWeirdChick

    I know this post is old, but jesus christ! PENIS HILTON!!!! Aaaahhhahahahahhaaaa!!!! That’s excellent.

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