Paris Hilton showers down in new ‘sex’ tape (Hint: It’s in a shower)

November 20th, 2007 // 99 Comments

Paris Hilton has a new sex tape floating around although this one is entirely lacking in the sex department. It’s basically Paris taking a shower while Rick Salomon tapes it and creepily narrates. The Sun reports:

It is thought this new footage was discovered earlier this year when Paris forgot to pay the rent on her storage vault. A website called then released the footage on the net, although Paris obtained a temporary injunction against them.
Now, the footage has reappeared on YouTube, with stronger versions available on US websites.

I think it’s cute what Rick Salomon Joe Francis is doing and not just the videotaping. It’s obvious he’s trying to get Paris to scrub the herpes off. Nice effort, but it ain’t happening. Believe me, I tried it with her once myself. I went through an entire case of soap, four shower heads and enough water to make Al Gore shit a hybrid car. When the suds cleared, I swear tentacles came out and tried to grab me. That vagina was angry, my friends. And it wanted vengeance. Fortunately for me, poor Adrien Grenier was nearby in case my experiment worked. *sniff* Now what show am I supposed to watch where four bros say “dawg” all the time and I contemplate drinking anti-freeze? Besides I Love New York 2.

Click the image above to view the full NSFW video.

EDIT: The sex tape isn’t actually new, it’s from the Paris Exposed site that was setup months ago. Only it’s sudden prominence on the interweb is new.


  1. Hailey

    Well she’s quite obviously retarded, but that guy is a FUCKING ASSHOLE. she should have jumped out and torn his face off for being such a dick.

  2. People, people, let’s not confuse “innocent” with “stupid.” ok?

  3. This is an example of an extremely dumb jack-ass. Rwanda was much too heavy so she tries thisone again with the TIT-seize of a fourteen year old. JESUS CHRIST, if you will get a stiff dick of this creature, I must conclude:

  4. shaun

    i saw this video months ago, on this site if i recall….

  5. linda

    you are so cool. but i just found out your secret that you have joined an online ad*ult club sugarmommymeet, by which you are seeking a sexy guy for extramarital relationship.. fu*k u!

  6. Blondamnation

    #47 I totally agree! Who the hell does that asshole think he is and why isn’t she telling him to go fuck himself? What a pig.
    “Should I charge $20 for this or 10?” I would slap him silly and turn the camera on him while he was messing with his hair plugs, or trimming his hairy back/sweater.

  7. she’s uber-bitchy, shameless and………she’s just a slut.

  8. scooby

    She actually comes off quite cute and innocent in this. Stupid as fuck but still cute. The guy making the video is one sick motherfucker. Leave her the hell alone already shit. Crazy white people.

  9. scrappy

    wow this guys is a real asshole. she’s stupid as hell (how many times does she say “what?”) but this guy is a real shithead. someone should make a sex tape of him getting ass raped. god i hate white people. fucking sick.

  10. Bob

    I watched it on about 1 weeks ago! she just a bitch!

  11. Scott

    I hate to say it, but the douche that filmed this flick had only one intention in mind, and to make money! This Rick Solomon/Joe Francis guy is a toolbag. Seriously, his mom was a shemale hooker who took it in the ass alot…now Rick/Joe is pissed. I am actually rooting for Paris on this one. Stupid assholes w/ money and a borrowed camcorder from their moms last porno flick up in the Hollywood hills following shemalez 17.

    Never thought I’d be on Paris Hilton’s side..but damnit..he’s just a dick trying to make a dollar. I kinda’ feel sorry for the shit he put you through now. Especially after seeing this video.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Peace!

  12. strano

    i agree wholeheartedly, the guy makes me uncomfortable for paris…

  13. steph

    disgusting, even more depressing when he quietly says “please, it’s my job”
    she didn’t want to do it, he was only doing it with the intention of earning money.. they both have no souls.
    that was very very sad to watch.

  14. I think it’s time to take another invitation by david letterman for your commic and pathetic appearence in the late night show. And make America roar with laughter again!!

  15. HAHA

    Joe Francis got his karmic payback….I hope he’s enjoying jail!!! Maybe someone will be kind enough to videotape his sexy prison showers. What a fucking prick.

  16. Fish, did we really need yet another Beolwulf spoiler? Enough already, we get it, naked chick rises out of water, destroys the hero with hideous tail (possible STD) and then tries to take over the world.

    We got it. It’s time to stop beating a dead horse.

  17. RENEE...

    How stupid and boring; I can’t believe I just watched that whole lame ass thing. I don’t get it, is she in on the whole sex tape thing and did she make a deal w/ that slime ball for money? Why, when she was born with a freakin entire set of silver spoons in her mouth. And why does she act like a little 5 yr old girl thru out the taping? My guess is she was on ecstacy or something.

  18. jack

    I’m begging you to NEVER, EVER again use the words “Paris Hilton”, “vagina” and “Sniff” in one paragraph again. Thank you.

  19. Emily

    I can’t believe how few of you actually missed the point in this video. This guy is telling her how he’s going to release this as a sex tape and getting off on telling her where he “wasn’t her” and what to do to make the tape more sellable. What a scum! And I feel differently about Paris now. I used to think that she somehow she had something to do with the first tape that came out. Now I see that is guy is out there just to eventually exploit her. So what if she filmed herself with her boyfriends?!! Lots of people do…Pretty stupid if you ask me; someone will always release the tape to the public. I don’t think she was high or drunk in this tape. I think she was creeped out by this guy. She seems like she can’t tell if he’s serious or kidding about releasing the tape and is extremely uncomfortable with the entire thing. The only thing worse is that I watched most of this thing. I have to admit, I like seeing this over privileged heiress do stupid shit. But this video was different. She really did look innocent and I’m a creep for peering into her life like that.

  20. Mr Semprini

    I heard she was told it was a PSA on daily bathing for the Rwandans…

  21. Giomon_Rocks

    That dude wielding the camera is really gross. It’s obvious that she doesn’t want to “show her box” to the world again, but he keeps filming and trying to coax her anyway. Why is she even with this guy? She can like buy and sell his ass. She’s fucking lame for not getting up and leaving sooner and deserves her bad press. Does that mean that the first tape was planned?

  22. crazybitch

    WOW Joe Francis is even more of a perverted a**hole than i could ever imagine. Paris Hilton needs to stop acting like a poor little girl she is rich and has power and doesn’t need to be used by these people. She acts like his little doll its really sad. Whats even grosser is the fact that they def. hooked up after he was filming.

  23. BaconMessiah

    Wowo, that video made me sad. Pathetic douchebags will do that to ya. It was fun watching Paris being exploited though. Excellent to see her treated as she has surely treated others during her long and useless life.

  24. Paris is a cunt

    Wow. She’s flat and fat. How the fuck can a 20-year old have a mommy tummy? Disgusting.

  25. Bird

    She really been watching CNN?

  26. Pebbles


    Her parents must be so proud.

    Actually, her mother is no better. No wonder she turned out the way she did.

  27. Cali

    Paris really does have the brain capacity of a 3 year old- so sad

  28. Pilatunes

    I think Paris Hilton might be retarded. For real.

    And Solomon? Holy shit, could that guy be any sleazier? What a skeevie piece of shit.

  29. mia


  30. Joe C

    She has the boobs of a 12 year old. Gross!

  31. aurelie

    I cant believe I watched the entire video…she seem braindead and probably she also is. The hilarious thing is probably that she thinks that she is this great actress playing a little innocent girl, fooling us with her lausy “what, what, what”… and that disturbing little voice and with those “ops” i didnt mean to neither show my non existent boobs nor my plain ass… BTW she is not wearing her blue eyes….

  32. joflo

    i kind of want to see the transcript of this. i got the “miss piggy” reference, but i couldn’t understand everything they said…. and i’m obsessive.

  33. KO

    She’s so much prettier without makeup, if it wasn’t for her “i’m gorgeous” and “i’m hot” comments then i’d almost feel sorry that this guys about to sexually harass her.

    He sounds like such a creep, and his laugh is so smarmy sounding, so very slimy.

  34. cat

    never thought i’d say that…. i actually feel sorry for her…

  35. fauxho

    She was clearly smacked out on valium, but she looked so pretty, sad and afraid of that guy. The whole thing is really invasive and creepy, poor thing.

  36. B.Dippy

    Euh. I feel dirty. She so patently does not want to be filmed but wants this guy to keep paying attention to her. You have to stop posting stuff that makes me feel sorry for Paris Hilton- I’m not comfortable feeling empathy with her at all.

  37. kritical

    That was painful to watch. God, that guy is one sleazy creep. “How much should I price this?” -”A million?” “Nah, don’t think so”. Can you imagine them having conversations filled with “please it’s my job” with her vapidly replying “what?”
    I would’ve thrown his camera in the tub.
    I actually felt a little sorry for her… Yeah, the moment’s over now.

  38. Tawny

    I’m all about a sex tape if they feel like releasing one. But it appears to me that he was being an ass and she was just trying to take a relaxing bubble bath. I agree with kritical, I’d have thrown his camera in the soapy water.

  39. discreet_chaos

    I couldn’t watch the whole thing. I did let it go about a quarter of the way, but the dude being an asshole and begging like middle schooler at a slumber party made me feel so uncomfortable, I just skimmed or fast-forwarded through most of the rest.

    I agree with a lot of the other comments and it looks like she tried to stay in the tub for as long as possible, but the dude just wouldn’t take a hint and apparently no one else was available to kick his ass.

  40. sghittol

    he is sick, poor girl she looked likes she didn’t want to get out of the bath, because of him.

  41. Deserves it


  42. Rachelraquel

    So, is this Rick or Joe? Or are they somehow the same person? Or do we just not know?

  43. joe is a weird creep! paris is really pretty and did an admirably political job of fending him off.

  44. IWONKY

    Hey Brit, are you watching? Do this once a day…pay attention now…,

    This is the way we wash our hair, wash our hair, wash our hair.
    This is the way we wash our hair so early in the morning.

    This is the way we wash our twat, wash our twat, wash our twat.
    This is the way we wash our twat so early in the morning.

    This is the way we wash our ass, wash our ass, wash our ass.
    This is the way we wash our ass so early in the morning.


  45. Valerie

    this guy is sooo creepy. If I were her I would have ran for the door.

  46. Brandon M. Witte

    Paris W. Hilton is about to be arrested for stalking a man named Brandon M. Witte from Arlington,TX. She will be charged with multiple felonies including terrorism. She is also to be charged with crimes against Britney Spears (apparently she used electronic gadgets to induce a state of near madness in Britney Spears.) It was a fight between the two girls over Witte. They both had contact with him on Myspace. All of Witte’s information is posted on his Myspace and the bulletins he has placed.

  47. Brandon M. Witte

    Paris W. Hilton is about to be arrested for stalking a man named Brandon M. Witte from Arlington,TX. She will be charged with multiple felonies including terrorism. She is also to be charged with crimes against Britney Spears (apparently she used electronic gadgets to induce a state of near madness in Britney Spears.) It was a fight between the two girls over Witte. They both had contact with him on Myspace. All of Witte’s information is posted on his Myspace and the bulletins he has placed.

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