Paris Hilton showers down in new ‘sex’ tape (Hint: It’s in a shower)


Paris Hilton has a new sex tape floating around although this one is entirely lacking in the sex department. It’s basically Paris taking a shower while Rick Salomon tapes it and creepily narrates. The Sun reports:

It is thought this new footage was discovered earlier this year when Paris forgot to pay the rent on her storage vault. A website called then released the footage on the net, although Paris obtained a temporary injunction against them.
Now, the footage has reappeared on YouTube, with stronger versions available on US websites.

I think it’s cute what Rick Salomon Joe Francis is doing and not just the videotaping. It’s obvious he’s trying to get Paris to scrub the herpes off. Nice effort, but it ain’t happening. Believe me, I tried it with her once myself. I went through an entire case of soap, four shower heads and enough water to make Al Gore shit a hybrid car. When the suds cleared, I swear tentacles came out and tried to grab me. That vagina was angry, my friends. And it wanted vengeance. Fortunately for me, poor Adrien Grenier was nearby in case my experiment worked. *sniff* Now what show am I supposed to watch where four bros say “dawg” all the time and I contemplate drinking anti-freeze? Besides I Love New York 2.

Click the image above to view the full NSFW video.

EDIT: The sex tape isn’t actually new, it’s from the Paris Exposed site that was setup months ago. Only it’s sudden prominence on the interweb is new.