Paris Hilton showers down in new ‘sex’ tape (Hint: It’s in a shower)

November 20th, 2007 // 99 Comments

Paris Hilton has a new sex tape floating around although this one is entirely lacking in the sex department. It’s basically Paris taking a shower while Rick Salomon tapes it and creepily narrates. The Sun reports:

It is thought this new footage was discovered earlier this year when Paris forgot to pay the rent on her storage vault. A website called then released the footage on the net, although Paris obtained a temporary injunction against them.
Now, the footage has reappeared on YouTube, with stronger versions available on US websites.

I think it’s cute what Rick Salomon Joe Francis is doing and not just the videotaping. It’s obvious he’s trying to get Paris to scrub the herpes off. Nice effort, but it ain’t happening. Believe me, I tried it with her once myself. I went through an entire case of soap, four shower heads and enough water to make Al Gore shit a hybrid car. When the suds cleared, I swear tentacles came out and tried to grab me. That vagina was angry, my friends. And it wanted vengeance. Fortunately for me, poor Adrien Grenier was nearby in case my experiment worked. *sniff* Now what show am I supposed to watch where four bros say “dawg” all the time and I contemplate drinking anti-freeze? Besides I Love New York 2.

Click the image above to view the full NSFW video.

EDIT: The sex tape isn’t actually new, it’s from the Paris Exposed site that was setup months ago. Only it’s sudden prominence on the interweb is new.


  1. Kyle


  2. Cate


  3. freakydeaky

    ooooh yeah!

  4. Whitey

    How embarrassing.

  5. combustion8

    I’d mount that from behind when shes bends over, tub sex rules!

  6. Hmmm… she was and is a ho…. GASP!

  7. PunkA

    What is the Over/Under on how long it takes for Rick to put out a sex tape with Pam Anderson now? That is a match made in sex tape heaven.

  8. PunkA

    Paris has the breasts of a 13 year old girl. Nothing to see there folks. Move along.

  9. cindysue

    She is quite pretty and innocent in this video. Like a little girl.

  10. Riotboy


  11. p0nk

    if you turn off the sound and pretend she’s a 12yo boy, you could almost think she was cute.

  12. free lily

    she has the IQ of a can of beer

  13. this is old, a friend showed me month’s ago
    next gossip…..

  14. this is old, a friend showed me month’s ago
    next gossip…..

  15. Anna

    Aw bless, she’s quite sweet here in a naive sort of way. The bit where he goes “No the other one..” and she looks really blank and then looks up and then goes “…God?” Aw.

    Why on earth was she posing nude for this creep?

  16. Skip Smith

    I’m masturbating right now.

  17. TS

    Was that Rick Solomon or the Girls Gone Wild guy?

    Kyle and Max, come on now…

  18. meg

    aw, she seemed kind of sweet in this…. again, trusting the wrong person. what a dick.

  19. A Friend


    The video is not really new, it has been on the Internet for a longer time already. Here is the link to a more detailed 4-minute-19 second version:

    And here you can download a FREE 12-minute Paris sex video with the bathing scene (you need a FLV-able player such as VLC or TheKMPlayer):


    A Friend

  20. Dani

    holy hell she is even more retarded than I thought.


    Remember. Everything over a mouth full is wasted. Think of the ones that think she’s stacked. You all know she can afford to have more. Besides, it’s her blond pussy that will hold the dick not her breasts. She can take a bath with me anytime !!

  22. Dani

    holy hell she is even more retarded than I thought.

  23. Sarah

    The guy filming is such a creep!!! Why doesn’t she just throw him out??

  24. Missystar

    “How much should I price this sex tape at?’ How about the price of just having my soul sucked right out of my body via my terrorized, traumatized, profoundly-grossed-out eyeballs. You fucking prick. You filthy, worthless FUCK.

  25. Bob

    This isn’t new – - I saw this at least 6+ months ago.

  26. LL

    The only video of Paris I want to see is the one where Al Qaeda saws off her head.

  27. #1,2,3, You guys all suck.

  28. Superevil

    So its less of a sex tape and more of a shower tape with a little bit of boobie? Yawn.

  29. WRONG

    thats JOE FRANCIS being the creepy perv that he is, how dare you drag an upstanding scholar and gentlemen like rick solomon’ss name throught he mud mr. ficial

    have you no decenY sir!!

  30. WRONG

    thats JOE FRANCIS being the creepy perv that he is, how dare you drag an upstanding scholar and gentlemen like rick solomon’ss name throught he mud mr. ficial

    have you no decenY sir!!

  31. craccu

    Am I the only one who felt pity for her, in a way, with her jerk “boyfriend” trying to make a crappy sex video?

  32. ack

    ^ yes. if you let yourself be videotaped naked, you’re asking for it.

  33. This is EXTREMELY old news. This website has been around since early Spring. Can’t believe you guys just found it…

  34. erica

    wow that rick guy is a jerk!!! he’s so rude. why would she hang around him

  35. sandman

    old video is OLD. I’ve jerked it to this enough already, no thanks.

  36. dgdgf

    that dont even look like her

  37. clamdiver


  38. hayley


  39. hayley


  40. V

    This is way old… like almost a year. I saw this when that ParisExposed site came out…

  41. Aprhodite

    I like you Bob.

  42. dude

    Hey, she looks damn near not-like-ass with the sweat, semen, and vodka being washed off with soap and warm water. Although Rick Salomon seems a bit over enthusiastic about zooming in on her shoulders instead of the standard tits/ass/pussy typically prominent in online sex tapes.

    And really, why keep the tape rolling while she brushes her teeth and digs crap out of her eye?

    Yeah, I watched it all. So what?

  43. Ted from LA

    It isn’t “crap” she’s digging out of her eye. It’s man goo. Pay attention to the plot.

  44. blizzy

    You know what would’ve been better than tiny tits in a tub?


  45. josh

    i actually almost feel sorry for her. she’s obviously no einstein but why the hell isn’t she ramming that camera up the moron’s ass? it’s kinda sad. then again, she does have a spectacular ass.

  46. Dave

    She has a couple of sexy boob…Is she single now? Her profile and photos were found on the millionairecelebrity dating club “She is very picky about guys,” according to officials of that site, “they have to be fertile douches orshe won’t date them!”

  47. Tinner

    She´s still a bit daft and way too loose. But this vid… she actually seems kind of sweet.

  48. seems innocent, but in fact, she isn’t like that ….anyway, she is really hot and beautiful in my mind

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