Paris Hilton claims she’s just pretending to be dumb

January 29th, 2009 // 131 Comments

Paris Hilton wants everyone to know “she’s a really strong person who’s been through a lot.” Her dumb blonde image is just something she cooked up for The Simple Life to get even more rich which is actually kind of smart. If it were true. People reports:

“For five seasons I was stuck doing this character,” she says. “It was kind of hard always having to play that character when it’s not who I am.”
She adds, “I just say jokes but they think I’m serious, which I think is funny, and I think I kind of play up the image sometimes because – whatever – it’s just entertainment.”

To further prove her genius, Paris stepped out into the chilly London morning today without a bra or coat on which makes me wonder how she’s not building rockets for NASA. It’s practically a crime against science.

Photos: Fame, Splash News

  1. Ci


  2. Vince Lombardi

    Must be cold there. You can tell ’cause she’s wearing gloves.

  3. havoc

    Useless as a glass eye in a knot hole….


  4. AJ

    When Paris was on Larry King; she told him she has been reading the Bible a lot while in jail. Larry asked Paris what is her favorite verse in the Bible and Paris could not answer him. Basically Paris is not the crunchiest chip in the bag.

  5. Vince Lombardi

    And her kneecaps are protruding from her knees…. forgot that part. Otherwise, you could never tell.

  6. Alex

    Uh that’s great Paris, but if it’s just a character why are you still doing it? The shows over bitch.

  7. jrz

    A character she was playing? Um….excuse me, Stupid, but it was a REALITY SHOW based on your life.

  8. Andy

    i would twist them so hard she orgasms so hard she passes out

  9. Balls McCoy

    Lombardi, LOL @2

  10. Sure


    Yeah, ’cause that’s how it works. Purple Nurple = World’s Greatest Lover.

    Now go back to Mom’s basement.

  11. groan...

    Granted, she makes a couple of relevant points…

  12. Dy

    So, sorta shows she felt like looking like Lady gaga, big glasses, all in black, with gloves..she interviewed her few days ago:P

  13. cookie

    I didn’t know rich people bedazzled their clothes too.

  14. Seth

    She better watch out with those things, if she’s not careful she could poke somebody and give them, you know, a wonkeye or something.

  15. mr. t

    Thats the best she has ever looked…I’d hit it if herpes bug’s weren’t spraying out of her twat like a fire sprinkler…

  16. chupacabra

    god damn she’s stupid.

  17. Alec Baldwin

    I’m surprised those nipples are 3 inches long considering how much they’ve been sucked.

  18. Deacon Jones

    Hmm. It just moved a little…

  19. Valerie

    @10 That’s solid gold right there! *cheers*

  20. JBone

    Turkey’s done

  21. Lux

    gotta love the fourth pic where she checks her nipples…

  22. Minty

    Attention whore…she obviously knows whats going on as you can see in picture #4 that she is looking down at her nipples poking through her shirt.

    Why won’t she just disappear?!?

  23. Clownshoes the Clown

    The Slurpi Queen has signaled her intentions. Soon the polar bear armies march on Sweden! or Switzerland!


  24. Who the Hell knew she was that good of an actress???

  25. Boston_Freek

    #13 LMFAO

  26. me

    She’s beautiful. She could cut glass with those things.

  27. Vince Lombardi

    Yeah…. and I’m just pretending to type on the Internet.

  28. Conky

    Why is she in London? Did Hollywood get tired of taking pics of this skank?

    Not complaining, London can keep her ugly ass and her nipples too.

  29. jenny

    she was also just pretending to have herpes.

  30. of course

    dumb people claiming to be smart is like boring people claiming to be interesting.

    saying it out loud, and to the press, doesn’t make it true, sweety.

  31. Jupiter Girl

    NIce Try Paris! But it is totally untrue. You are the dumb slut we all know and hate!

  32. PHisDUMB

    Paris also didn’t make a sex tape. That was just her “character”.



  34. edeath

    That shirt is so god damn stupid

  35. ok, seriously. why do people like paris hilton come out and say they really aren’t that dumb. it’s fine if you are. and if you’re not, then it’s just sad that you feel like you have to play dumb.

  36. STFUP

    Raisin smuggler….
    Its’ NOT an act – she is that stupid. This isn’t the first time she’s tried to claim her extreme stupidity is an act.

  37. She’s no rocket surgeon . . . . .

  38. She’s no rocket surgeon . . . . .

  39. Lindalou

    Jessica Simpson isnt as stupid as she pretended to be on TV either.

  40. Mama Pinkus

    You may not be dumb, Ms. Hilton, but you most certainly are vapid.

  41. Hawkeye STL

    Paris is just acting like she has herpes.

  42. Balack Obama Fixin' America, 1 Nigga at a time

    Wow, if she is pretending, she is the best damn actress in the world!

  43. GI Canada

    I have a hard penis from looking at those pictures.. Anyone is a liar who says that they would not love to slide their penis between those gorgeous breasts… Love Ya Paris!

  44. GI Canada

    I have a hard penis from looking at those pictures.. Anyone is a liar who says that they would not love to slide their penis between those gorgeous breasts… Love Ya Paris!

  45. Ruthless

    i want it… let the shit talking begin but for some reason i think shes banging hot, bonk bonk

  46. rawr

    wow…didn’t know she had her left nipple pierced…

  47. Can i nibble at that thing?

  48. azzman

    damn, i wonder if i can get coke out of those nipples..

  49. Mike

    Good thing retards like her can’t get elected. Oops. Bush. Obama. At least they had/have good advisors though. Oops. Hilton.

    Where’s my fucking check Obama? Instead you are trying to dump 300 million for STD clinics? 800 million to fund abortions OUTSIDE the United States? Are you kidding me? And the people that read this site elected you? Where’s my check?

  50. This is an excuse for her own stupidity?
    for once and for all: SHE’S REALLY A DUMB ASS, folks!!
    (remember the letterman-show?)

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