Paris Hilton shits on The Hills

Paris Hilton took a lanky swipe at Doug Reinhardt’s old show The Hills last night, according to Us Magazine:

“The show is, like, so lame and fake. He doesn’t even want to be a part of it,” Hilton told Wednesday at the Fifi Awards in NYC.
Lauren Conrad famously dumped Reinhardt on the show. Brody Jenner later accused Reinhardt of going behind Conrad’s back by pursuing Stephanie Pratt.
But Hilton told Us the show portrayed Reinhardt “in a way he’s not.”
“They make up relationships when they’re not there, and he just thinks it’s lame,” she said. “I’ve never seen the show in my life. I have no idea what it’s about. But he just thought it was cheesy.”

What Doug doesn’t find “cheesy” is being hired as the producer of My BFF Dubai. Because Paris Hilton searching for a fake brown friend to add to her collection is way classier than The Hills. — Actually, I’m not being sarcastic. It is.

Photos: WENN