Paris Hilton, Brooke Hogan Grammy invitations baffle the mind

February 9th, 2009 // 77 Comments

Paris Hilton and Brooke Hogan attended the Grammys last night which makes absolutely no sense. That’s like inviting O.J. Simpson to a Nicole Brown celebration ceremony, but obviously way worse because these two got paid to murder their victim, music. Next stop: My eyes.

EDIT: Hayden Panettiere, if you’re reading this, you may want to get tested. Today.

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  1. syd


    if not: oh well, i tried.

  2. SB

    1st. Brooke looks maddd old and weathered. Like her mother.

  3. syd

    also, which retard invited PARIS HILTON to anything music-related? douches.

  4. danielle



    Shouldn’t these rejects be at a Crabs convention?? Or traveling around third world countries on a “This is What An STD Looks Like…” tour??

  5. SB

    and Paris looks good i think. despite being a complete joke.

  6. Brooke's face

    What the hell is going on with it?

  7. A Woman

    That bizarre dress makes her thighs look huge!

  8. britney's weave

    my god, brooke hogan looks more like a man every time i see her. check out that face in the last pic. jesus…

  9. ishi-san

    Paris has bizarrely huge hands! (pic #7)

  10. Brian Gerardi

    Did anyone notice that she is wearing a Kabbalah bracelet?

  11. Brian Gerardi

    Did anyone notice that she is wearing a Kabbalah bracelet?

  12. Brian Gerardi

    Did anyone notice that she is wearing a Kabbalah bracelet?

  13. schadenfreudelicious

    Jazuz..Brooke looks like a 40yr old Tranny….or one of the OC Housewives….both actually…..

  14. so stupid

    So stupid. You know how many awesome and talented musicians are out there. But because Paris has tons of money and paid her way into becoming a supposed “artist” she gets to look like somebody who knows something. What a joke.

    On that note, I have a thing against strictly performers winning over songer/wongwriters, regardless of whether they are solo or band. And what the hell is with Kid Rock being nominated for best album? Did it sell tons last year just because of that sweet home alabama sampled song? that dude is so 8 years ago. There’s a ot more talent out there than some rehashed shit liek that.

  15. ~*Adrienne*~

    God, look at paris’s freaking arms and face…she has a long nose that points downward and she tries to make her arms look as if there “in shape”, but there just sticks. And i bet you at the end of the night her tits are gonna hurt so damn bad because how much there forced up and out and of her damn dress. GET A FUCKIN FACE TRANSPLANT! i cant believe a few years ago 16 year olds fawned over this disgusting piece of shit

    now on to brooke: this 60 year old needs to die already…

  16. lynn

    Just wanna say, wtf, F*ck all these so-called Hollywood Super Satrs!!
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  17. Suey

    The shocking interviews with arrest Chris Brown watch here
    Hardly anyone expected such details

  18. ishi-san

    @ 10 – 12: No. Who? and what does that look like? It takes one to see one.

  19. mamamiasweetpeaches

    God does she look ridiculous in that dress. Well, you know…more so than usual.
    The Brooke Hogan dress is actually pretty cool.

  20. ishi-san

    @ 17: Where?

  21. Tom

    Brooke is wearing one. The thin red bracelet on her left wrist. That’s a Kabbalah bracelet

  22. Brooke Hogan is a fucking sasquatch, and Paris looks like Big Bird.

  23. Jupiter Girl

    I dislike both of these women, BUT I love their dresses! ;)

  24. ishi-san

    @ 21: Do you think she knows? *lol ;)

  25. clx

    I hate Paris.

  26. Paris Hilton’s looking a little skinny (-er than usual.)

    Check out this hilarious video about LARRY FLINT’S PORNO BAILOUT:

  27. sid

    paris is looking kinda old…. i mean its like seeing a 30 year old woman in a baby doll dress
    but you have to admit the dress is very pretty..

    ps, i love how the boob padding is sticking out from under her dress

  28. Romo

    Its Paris and Jessica Simpson! Get your facts straight…

  29. Bickus Dickus

    why is Malcolm in the Middle in the one picture?

  30. jrz

    My God! DUH! Paris is a singer!!! Remember???!!!!!

  31. Soul Free

    That would suck to look like Brooke.

  32. Sport

    Man hands. Both of them. Ewww.

  33. TJ

    Yeah, Bollea looks hideous, and her breasts have grown suddenly.

    The Grammys are garbage, so they invite garbage to get more attention from the media. Absolutely no talent, except for maybe a wet vagina between them.

  34. neither of them should have been at the grammys in the first place.

  35. they shouldn’t have been at the grammys in the first place.

  36. 10pound

    They both look like a shit I took this morning

  37. Paris looks good with a bit of meat on her legs.

  38. brooke’s dress is horrendous, did she rip it herself?? paris looks alright when she is smiling and not pouting like a loser

  39. brooke’s dress is horrendous, did she rip it herself?? paris looks alright when she is smiling and not pouting like a loser

  40. jlylec

    oh my god i’d fuck the shit out of paris. for reals.

  41. Exterminator

    Possibly the worst human being of all time… (With certain exceptions)

  42. And this, folks, is why America is disliked the world over.

  43. Goof

    I love how her push-up pad is sticking out under her left boob. CLASSY PARIS….CLASSY!

  44. Drunkman

    Look at her arms in pics 2 & 3. Looks like a skeleton’s…

  45. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    Damn, Brooke’s tits are huge! Someone get a bag to put over her head…..Ahhh much better, carry on don’t mind me.

  46. Holyfuck

    Broke Hogan’s mug is downright ghastly looking. She gets more hiddeous by the day. Holy shit.

  47. Jennyjenjen

    @8 She looks just like her mother in the last pic!

  48. riz

    what the fuck happened to brooke hogan.

    she wa snever attractive in the first place but she looks like she’s 60 years old in these pics. something is seriously off with her face.

  49. Oh Paris, you never disappoint.

  50. p0nk

    it was supposed to be the Tranny Invitations but they heard it wrong and showed up at the wrong place.

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