Paris Hilton BFF search not going so… hot?

Auditions were held in New York City for Paris Hilton’s new MTV reality show where contestants will compete to be the Wonk’s new best friend. Turns out not many people give a shit. Believe me when I say words cannot express the levels of shock I’m experiencing right now. OK! Magazine reports:

But the scene outside Nikki Midtown earlier this week didn’t exactly resemble the thousands of hopefuls you’d see lined up for a shot of American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance. Actually, it didn’t even resemble a half-price latte sale at your local Starbucks.
“There were less than 40 people there,” one audition insider tells OK!.

Half-price lattes?!? Shit, finally, something interesting. What with the milk and the espresso. Wow, way more exciting than whatever it is I was just talking about. What was it again? Oh, right, good ole who’s-her-face: HerpFoot NoFriend. That might not be right, but what’re ya gonna do? Half-price lattes! Whoopee!

Photos: Getty Images
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