Paris Hilton & Benji Madden recording a duet

Great news, everybody: Paris Hilton is still pursuing a career in music! Oh boy! Of course, I’m sure her efforts have been rejuvenated by the inexplicable airing of Heidi Montag’s singles. At any rate, Paris is currently recording a duet with her boyfriend Benji Madden, according to Hollyscoop:

Paris had recently blogged about working on a new album, but we wanted to know if her rocker beau Benji Madden would be making a cameo in it.
Paris said, “Well, actually I have a studio at the house. He [Benji] actually helped me write some of the songs for my new album, and for the BFF show. He’s a really amazing talent, songwriter and singer.”
So will there be a duet? Paris said, “Yes, definitely. When the show comes out.”

Excuse me while I contemplate chopping my ears off. I’d rather have a flaming bus enter my ear canal than listen to one note of a Paris & Benji duet. I guarantee it will sound exactly like your grandfather having sex with a synthesizer – but somehow way shittier.

Photos: Splash News