Paris Hilton & Benji Madden recording a duet

August 26th, 2008 // 43 Comments

Great news, everybody: Paris Hilton is still pursuing a career in music! Oh boy! Of course, I’m sure her efforts have been rejuvenated by the inexplicable airing of Heidi Montag’s singles. At any rate, Paris is currently recording a duet with her boyfriend Benji Madden, according to Hollyscoop:

Paris had recently blogged about working on a new album, but we wanted to know if her rocker beau Benji Madden would be making a cameo in it.
Paris said, “Well, actually I have a studio at the house. He [Benji] actually helped me write some of the songs for my new album, and for the BFF show. He’s a really amazing talent, songwriter and singer.”
So will there be a duet? Paris said, “Yes, definitely. When the show comes out.”

Excuse me while I contemplate chopping my ears off. I’d rather have a flaming bus enter my ear canal than listen to one note of a Paris & Benji duet. I guarantee it will sound exactly like your grandfather having sex with a synthesizer – but somehow way shittier.

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  1. Brooke



  2. Gabriel


  3. Richard McBeef

    *kills self*

  4. Run n Gun

    mmmmmm……feet licking time

  5. HolyHell

    Holy hell…. I’m going to take a searing hot metal rod and ram it into my eardrums… Maybe that way I won’t have to suffer with this crap.. And Heidi Montags shit too…

  6. Racer X


  7. snotrocket

    awww. paris has ruby slippers on. i wonder what drag queen she landed on to get those.

  8. Turd Ferguson

    OK Jesus-jumpers, there’s your proof that there is no God!! If there were, he would put a stop to all of this crap.

    Who the hell is this benji clown anyway? The only benji is and always will be the dog.
    …which by the way, can sing better than parasite.

  9. Turd Ferguson

    Oh yeah ……. enough of the giant sunglasses already!!!

    Women who wear giant sunglasses, I lived through it once. You looked stupid in the 70s, you look stupid wearing them now! Just because parasite is doing it doesn’t mean you have to as well.

    Thank you, from my eyes.

  10. by duet I hope you mean another sex tape, this time with a little better recording quality.

  11. Plastic Sturgeon

    I can’t wait to hear Paris’s new song for Valtrex! It is sure to rock!

  12. FACE

    Why has she never been called for using the N-word on tape? She has had more thna one racialli insenstive story around her. What about teh guy who heard her refer to 2 black men in a racially derogatory way. And the bogus trip to Africa that she was saying she was going to take? Dumb whites continue to worship this worthless peice of trash and wonder why blacks still believe there is racism.

  13. rough daddy

    is there anyone in her life thats not “amazing”?


  15. Sway

    Does no one remember the stink that was “stars are blind”
    Why go for two when you fail the first time?

  16. English Bob

    Dear U.S.A,
    Please stop exporting all your crap to our shores, we don’t want Paris, Heidi, Spencer or any other of your fucktards. What we would like is some hard cash, hard porn and maybe a few hard talking politicians to kick our mamby pamby governments arse into exile.

    Thanks, and all the best.

    The Great British Public


  17. venomhed

    Such a fucking skinny cunt. Hate her. Still would fuck her asshole and give her a durdy sanchez.

  18. jlylec

    i’d still fuck her. seriously. she makes stupid sexy.

  19. Jay

    Jeebus, she has big feet! I’m glad to see she maximizing her potential as a human being.

  20. Vince Lombardi

    I’m glad to see her time in jail had such a profound effect on her. Her rehabilitation is complete. Maybe she can sing the blues.

  21. Vince Lombardi

    @16 -

    English Bob, as soon as the Great British Public lives up to its end of the bargain and donates enough heroin to get that cunt Amy Winehouse on a coroner’s slab, we will continue to send you vapid worthless subhumans at an alarming rate. We will continue to escalate our worthless subhuman defense system without regard for the hardships it brings to Britons. We will scale back our deployment of hard porn, and you will continue to receive a meager stipend and LIKE IT!

    How’s that for hard politics?

  22. pistolita

    her feet scare me.

  23. LondonGirl

    Who exactly is interested in what Paris Hilton does or has to say? The Paparazzi ….. no one else gives a damn.

  24. Ted from LA

    When is her due date?

  25. Czad

    God… her boyfriends band sucks almost as much dick as she has…….which is A LOT!

  26. JPRichardson

    She looks good except for her feet.

  27. Primadonna

    love the shameless product placement — she’s wearing The Bandit!!!

  28. Primadonna

    love the shameless product placement — she’s wearing The Bandit!!! paris, stop trying to make the Bandit happen; it’s NOT going to happen!

  29. Randal

    Two Paris postings two days in a row? This is wonderful and even more exciting is that Paris once again is getting noticed in the music industry.

    It’s hard to forget this doll when her first single was a smash hit and raced to the top of the charts and now we will all be able to experience it again in a duet.

    Benji brings that rocker/punk style to the stage while Paris has that silky stocking feel. As Paula Abdul once sang, opposites do attract!


  30. paris is a joke

    She is so braindead!!!

  31. Hello Kitty

    I hope Paris never stops dressing like she’s a 17 year old….

    BTW (@29)… her first single was a “smash hit”? Really…huh.

  32. NY Ted

    Hilton singing…??? Montag singing…??? Holy fuck…for once I envy the deaf and dumb!

  33. InTheKnow

    To Randal:

    And why else do you think she started dating Benji in the first place? It was the only way she could get the music industry to notice her. She’ll use anything or anybody. It’s well-known in LA that she tried the conventional route and has been snubbed a number of times by people who have more clout than Benji. It’s the best she could do. She is quite the laughing stock of music insiders.

  34. sarah

    yuk! ptooey!

    so, let’s see … she sells fake music, fake hair, …
    why is it cool to give people crap these days?

    sh*t covered in sh*tty perfume just stinks even more

  35. sarah

    as one poster previously said…

    will someone please kill Randal?

    Committee for the Preservation of Intelligence and the Evolution of the Human Race

  36. dude

    Who the fuck is Benji Madden?

  37. Jessica

    #12-FACE- Because calling white people dumb isn’t stereotyping one group of people and isn’t racist at all. *eye roll*

  38. Scabbeus

    The song is a remake of the Valtrex commercial: There’s nothin’ in her way!

  39. drew

    Dont like paris~~I dont know why she is so hot at Just cuz she is beautiful and rich?

  40. Natalie FAbian

    Wow, her feet look monsterous

  41. Paris looks really cute and I’m happy to see she is doing well.

    The opinions of most posters are tabloid-based, which is simply not a reliable way to get accurate information.

  42. Duke Steele

    Whats the name of the song? “I love you and our herpes”too?”

  43. Cali

    To Tanya;

    Quite the contrary. People’s negative opinions of Paris are based on her actions, what she says during interviews, etc. — not tabloid gossip. Paris doesn’t need the tabloids to maintain her poor image; she does an excellent job of this all on her own.

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