Paris Hilton & Benji Madden making sweet, diseased love again?

December 16th, 2008 // 94 Comments

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden both attended the grand opening of the Dolce & Gabanna boutique on Robertson Boulevard last night. He arrived with Joel Madden and Nicole Richie who ignored Paris, but Benji went over and the two reportedly slipped off to a private corner, according to E! Online:

The usually photo-happy heiress waved off photogs as the former couple chatted cozily together. After grabbing drinks at the bar, Paris quickly approached Nicole to say hi, and then she and Benji headed out to the smoking patio for some more quiet conversation.
Both Paris and Benji looked happy and friendly as they hung together, but when asked if she and Benji were getting back together, all Paris offered was a knowing smile.

Is anyone surprised by this turn of events? Me neither, so let’s focus on the real issues here: Namely Paris Hilton having the grossest armpits I’ve ever seen in my life. If an alien had sex with an uncooked turkey, this is what their child would look like – provided the mother drank a lot.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Larry Craig

    I always knew he was a wide-stance kinda guy.

  2. wang

    fap fap fap

  3. Natalia


  4. I don't get it.

    Exactly what is it that you think is wrong with her armpits?

    I think you spend way too many of your hours staring at a laptop screen dude. You’ve got no sense of perspective.

  5. fourth


  6. Does anyone even care who Paris is poisoning? I don’t even see why this makes the news…

  7. Its not gross,,,side armpits on a sexy chick reminds me of other slits,,,call me sick!!

  8. ph7

    Paris still looks very fuckable, folks.

  9. Rob

    @8, so does your mom

  10. Willy Wonka and the Herpes Factory

  11. Me

    Anyone posting after Me sucks on Benji Madden’s bald penis

  12. Rodolfo

    @9 your mom never did

  13. Rob

    @12, I’d hope not.

  14. ishi-san

    @ 11: hahahaha, my god! You are either a postmodern self-ironic GENIUS, or just the most childish moron ever!

  15. #14 – It would be option 2.

  16. Vince Lombardi

    Armpits? That’s all you’ve got today, Fish? This woman (and I use that word loosely) is a walking breathing nest egg of endless criticism and banal banter and all you can come up with is she has freakish armpits?

    You, sir, are a “pod” Fish.

  17. squiggle

    But when are you going to post that picture of Scott Caan’s cock and balls?

  18. Moby

    Dear Benji,
    Looking good bro, real good. And by good I mean a tattooed AIDS patient.
    — Moby

  19. Max Planck

    Benji? I saw that movie…he was a little dog.

  20. Cartman

    I would like to request no further pictures of this mobile Herpes dispenser.


  21. Douchie changed his name! Talk about taking a wide stance. The abuse of commas gave it away, even more than the douchie comments. I was thinking about coming up with a new name for your new name, hmm… un-necessaryDOUCHEness? craig,larryROUGHness? necessaryWIDEstance? minneapolisairportBATHROOMstall?

  22. biteme

    Will someone please throw their dirty shoes at this useless skank? No way she has moves like Bush (the lesser). Guaranteed head shot.

  23. twentithird!


  24. good- maybe now she’ll stop looking all sad and i wont feel like an ass for making fun of her. maybe he likes this guy because his name is that of a little dog… just another one to add to the collection.

  25. Rick Solomon

    I wish she were into glazing.

  26. 21 = you are lame!!!!

  27. besides ROUGH has always been the name, if you were attentive…idiot!

  28. shellibelli

    does she have a glass eye? what is up with that? one eye is waaay bigger than the other. hope its a glass eye, then she might actually have a non diseased hole.

  29. BRian

    Is it just me or is she starting ot look more and more like “Stifflers Mom?”

  30. Kelley

    She needs to get that annoying lazy eye fixed !!

  31. Eduardo

    paris is very hot.. i don´t see anything wrong with her.. just that she does too much sex. her lazy eye is charming…

  32. Pap Smear

    her armpit is hot, i want to eat it out

  33. Pap Smear

    her armpit is hot, i want to eat it out

  34. Pap Smear

    her armpit is hot, i want to eat it out

  35. Cartman

    I’d rather eat a bum’s asshole than Paris’s armpit.

  36. bop

    Is it just me or does she look like an effing dead Realdoll?

    Her fake aqua contacts! and her fake skin, hair, nose, lips, boobs, and her closed eye along with her stupidity get on my last nerve.

  37. missywissy

    So she’s got herpes? Big whoop. It was funny for a while, time for a new punchline.

  38. Kahlee

    Why does Paris’ face look pretty in these pictures? What trickery is this???

  39. Rodolfo

    I would strap on a rubber and fuck her in her socialite asshole and make her drink my manjuice out of the condom

  40. mee

    Paris looks like a plastic barbie doll.

    Do you think Benji has herpes?

  41. Mitch

    You all know where I want to crawl and the subsequent campfire that would ensue…

  42. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” W e a l t h y D a t e r . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now?

  43. Tee

    Doesn’t anyone else think she looks like a middle-aged tranny?

    What is wrong with this society that thinks the likes of Paris and Aniston are hot? Since when is a woman, who looks like a cross between Big Bird and a giant lama, considered attractive? Who has ever watched “The Planet of the Apes” and thought to themselves, “Gee, the girl of my dreams would resemble Zera from “The Planet of the Apes” but with the body of a 12-year-old boy? All you guys who think these pathogens are hot are clearly confused about your sexuality. Why else would you be attracted to “women” who are clearly just men/boys in drag?

    Used to be the most sought-after women were feminine and beautiful, not titless wonders with countenances that resemble zoo denizens.

    My apologies to Big Bird and Kim Hunter aka Zera.

  44. Juno

    omg, her shoes match her dress.

  45. I just love the shots of her as a teenager. She looks like some goomba from Brooklyn or Queens with her big Ginzo nose, dark hair and BROWN eyes. They aren’t even light brown or hazel!

  46. Tee, come to me.

  47. Tee, come to me.

  48. Fernanado Narcos

    When you start life named after a fucking dog from a line of low budget 70′s Lassie rip off flicks,you’re probably predestined to spend your days fucking a woman with a vagina that feels like a bowl of lukewarm oatmeal…

  49. Reality

    Paris Hilton is guilty of federal crimes against Britney Spears and a 32 year old man from Arlington, Texas named Brandon M. Witte.

  50. GOD…………………………………………………delete america, PLEASE?

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