Paris Hilton being sued

Just when I was starting to lose all faith in humanity, TMZ reports Paris Hilton is being sued for an incident in 2004 when her cousin crashed Paris’ car on an LA freeway after failing to stop when traffic slowed, making Paris legally responsible for the chain collision even though she wasn’t in the car. The plaintiffs were two cars in front of Paris’ Mercedes and are asking for $250,000 each but the insurance company refuses to pay since Paris has the bare minimum coverage for property damage. Paris rep said: “I am not going to comment on the lawsuit, but I think it is important for people to know that Paris was not in the vehicle.”

When I first read Paris was being sued I assumed it was for this. Or maybe this. Both of which were caught on camera and have plenty of witnesses. But not some obscure accident that happened two years ago where Paris Hilton wasn’t even at the scene. I’m all for bringing down Osama bin Laden, but not because one of his brothers shoplifted a Snickers bar.


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