Paris Hilton banned from party

March 8th, 2006 // 49 Comments

paris-banned.jpgParis Hilton was banned from Vanity Fair’s Oscar party on Sunday night, after being blacklisted by the magazine’s editor. The host reduced the party’s guest list to only 500, which meant the praying mantis wasn’t invited. When asked why Paris wasn’t in attendance, Carter said: “Paris who? She will never attend one of the parties I host.”

With all the poverty and anger in the world it’s hard to imagine any real good ever happening. But then the 1980 USA hockey team wins gold, Alessandra Ambrosio is born, and now Paris Hilton is banned for life from an A-list party. These are the things dreams are made of, my friend.



  1. She’ll get in next year. Hollywood has a very short memory. They’ll share a bump of coke before the party and everything will be forgotten.

  2. asmith

    My heart bleads for her. Really. It does. No, really…

  3. asmith

    sorry, that should be *bleeds*

  4. gogoboots

    There is justice in the world. I think I dreamt that I kicked her out of my Hollywood party, and look, it actually happens. That’s pretty fair, she’s barely famous as it is.

  5. Raquel

    Gee, I feel soooo sorry for little Miss Hilton! Maybe I should send her a condolence card and express my deepest sympathy for her utterly devastating situation…

    Then again, maybe not.

  6. ESQ

    Perhaps Pee-pee and her date Steve-O were banned for the following reasons:

    1) peeing in public
    2) exposing themselves
    3) for being the douchebags that they are

  7. quibbles_quaint

    if he hates her so much, why did he put her on the cover of his magazine?

  8. happy_bunny

    From the source (

    “However, Hilton’s former friend Nicole Richie was allowed in and partied with another of the heiress’ rivals Mischa Barton.”


    bitch got skooled

  9. Leyna

    it’s about time that someone put some restraint on her

  10. Maeve97

    #7- I’m with you, why would she be banned from a Vanity Fair party, she was on the cover like 3 or 4 months ago.

  11. ahhh, so good…

    it’s so good once it hits your lips!

  12. Jacq

    If only we could black-list her from living…

  13. *Gee, I bet Paris is just heart broken about this, and won’t be able to sleep for weeks.

    *that’s sarcasm, btw*

  14. Captain Awesome

    Praying mantis indeed.

  15. asenath7766

    That’s what she gets for wearing an ugly dress like this (as pictured at Elton John’s party):;_ylt=AgQcYpyv9Ab_73zPB2eCd4V1VLcF?gid=52&pos=32

  16. happy_bunny

    #15 – OMG, did Pam Anderson honestly wear that to an Oscar-associated charity benefit? Put some clothes on!
    Hilton’s dress is – um – intersting. How many peacocks had to die for her to look that ridiculous? And how does her buddy (PETA) Pam there feel about it?

  17. tits_on_snack

    Pam’s retarded. Her line of PETA “cruelty free” makeup was made of animal by-products, and had to be recalled.

  18. ButtSnack

    I wish they would have just told her the truth: “We’re sorry Miss Hilton but some of the other guests were complaining of the tuna smell so we have to ask you and your giant twat to leave.”

  19. playahater101

    Maybe this is the beginning of the end of Paris Hilton.

  20. Jayne

    I’m sure Redford is jealous; he’ll try to find a way to ban her from the Sundance Festival next year.

  21. playahater101

    It’s nice to see PETA’s #1 spokesperson snuggling up to PETA’s #1 worst celeb. Way to be a hypocrit, Pam. Both their dresses are horrible.

  22. Kimmie

    Paris is a skank. What has she ever done besides being born with money. I like her sister though. Nikki has a bunch more class and is pretty.

  23. sophiecatrupertjerk

    Praying mantis indeed. Good one!!! When will Paris just go away. BTW – what the hell happened to Pam Anderson’s lips? Too much collagen injected??? She looks ridiculous. Did she swallow Angelina Jolie’s lips? I guess she fits right in there with all of the other Hollywood idiots.

  24. sophiecatrupertjerk

    Praying mantis indeed. Good one!!! When will Paris just go away. BTW – what the hell happened to Pam Anderson’s lips? Too much collagen injected??? She looks ridiculous. Did she swallow Angelina Jolie’s lips? I guess she fits right in there with all of the other Hollywood idiots.

  25. eatyourfeedback

    Now if only she would be banned by the media…

  26. Bellisima

    #15- Pam Anderson looks like a tranny with 2 bald midgets stuffed into her top. Paris Hilton just can’t find anyone else to hang with and trannies like Pam are skank hounds so…right place right time.

  27. LoneWolf

    I know this guy who had sex with Paris (who doesn’t, right?). Anyway, a few days later his unit turns black so he goes to see his doctor, who tells him it’s going to have to be amputated. He’s like, f*ck that, and gets a second opinion. The second doctor says, don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be amputated. The guy’s like, thank God, and the doctor says, no need to amputate, it’s going to fall off anyway!

    Thank you ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be here all week. Try the veal, and don’t forget to tip your waitress.

  28. Who is Paris Hilton?

  29. IncognitoJoe

    Paris Hilton?

    Who is that?

  30. hafaball

    Do you believe in Miracles? Yes!

    That’s pretty cool, though, if she’s rejected from every party, whole be the blonde-half-naked drunken retard stumbling over tables? These only come 29 a year…and there can be only one!

  31. Grphdesi23

    Paris snubbed? That’s hot.

  32. nichole

    I’m all for Paris Hilton being banned from important events (one’s she deems important), but it seems pretty rude to exclude someone who did an interview and a cover with you.

    I wonder if she said or did something specific during the shoot or interview that got him pissed off? Hm.

  33. ning_ning

    Notice how the slut coke whore changed her pose. She needed to be banned, all she would have don’t is started some shit as usual.

  34. Nadine

    haha awesome

  35. CocoNutz

    I found this on Gawker earlier… It explains a little better! Graydon Carter (Editor of VF) was being interviewed by Jon Stewart)
    Carter said Hilton wouldn

  36. Sheva

    It’s wrong. Banning Taradise, that’s just a preventive measure. But stanky Paris. That’s just wrong. There was plenty of guys looking for a quickie.

    Now we can only hope a doorman got some justice.

  37. CheekyChops

    Things are finally looking up.

  38. He said on “Real Time” last week that if she showed up, he’d have her turned away. He said that being a celebrity used to have a certain cache but that people like PH have diminshed that.

  39. Maybe it’s because he saw that pic of her on The Superficial with her underwear ON!

    If she ain’t gonna flash her coochie anymore, what’s the point of letting her in?

    I think the real reason she was banned was because he didn’t want that nasty thang overpowering the smell of his expensive Cambazola and Asiago cheeses.

  40. senin

    She’s blacklisted from my parties, as well.

  41. Maybe She and Tara Reid can hit the Tina Yothers/Glenn Scarpelli Party over at the Airport Ramada Inn.

  42. Tink

    She was on the cover of Vanity Fair in October or sometime in the fall… anyone know why she is banned now?

    (tho i find it amusing that she was, i don’t care for the dumb sluts)


    Thank God, someone is finally taking a stand, Let PRAY it catches on. If I never see or hear about this rich nobody again it will be way to soon.


    Jacq, If only we could, I don’t think that is too much to ask for,, Really I dont


    #31,, And thats funny,, haaa

  46. Oh, now if only we could have a law enacted to ban anyone from photographing her or giving her attention. Maybe she’d shrivel up and kill herself.

  47. candy

    Haha. Paris is a worthless slag.

  48. Getting banned from such parties should not be a problem for Paris Hilton, but i would think it actually pissed her off quite a bit! Just get over it! Price of provocation!

  49. she shouldn’t leave the house!

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