Paris Hilton banned Carl’s Jr. commercial

carlsjr_paris_small.jpgParis Hilton has shot a commercial for Carl’s Jr. that may never be aired due to its “pornographic” nature. Since when did anybody think they could put Paris Hilton in front of a camera and have it not turn out pornographic? That would be like taking a picture of Barney and then flipping out because there was a purple dinosaur in the middle of your photograph. The woman is the very definition of pornographic. I hear that in some states it’s against the law for you to even look at her in public.

Set to the song “I Love Paris in the Springtime,” the 30-second spot, via Mendelsohn/Zien in Los Angeles, shows Hilton washing a car “with hoses shooting everywhere and her soaping everything up,” said the source. Touting the BBQ Six Dollar Burger, it plays off her catch phrase, “That’s hot.”

Thanks to the magnificent Cameron for sending in this shot from the commercial.

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