Brittany Flickinger not enjoying the Paris BFF experience

January 20th, 2009 // 44 Comments

As predicted, Paris Hilton is having a hard time maintaining the facade that Brittany Flickinger is her BFF. Sure, Brittany might have been the “winner” of Paris’ reality show, but Nicky Hilton hates her and Paris kept ditching her this weekend at Sundance for anyone even remotely famous. Page Six reports:

Nicky forbade Paris from staying at Jeffrey Katzenberg’s house with her, forcing the heir-head to rent a condo and befriend Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day.
“Paris kept ditching Brittany for Aubrey,” said our source. Friday night, the two left Flickinger at the Eldridge and went across the street to Tao, where the former Best Friend Forever found them at 2 a.m. “She was crying and screaming, ‘Paris, stop leaving me!’ ” said our snitch.

If all I had to do was blink to save the lives of everyone in the above quote, I’d staple my eyelids shut. True story.


  1. lolidiots

    what a tard.

  2. lalala

    first :)

  3. lalala

    first :)

  4. p0nk

    welcome to 7th grade.

  5. lolidiots

    3. lalala – January 20, 2009 3:06 PM

    first :)

  6. Drunkman

    Wow this girl is fine. Bet she can’t wait to get married and get rid of that last name tho.

  7. Pathetic Worm

    Staples. STAPLES!

  8. Paris gave Brit Herpes


  9. ipa

    haaahahaha, fish, the last sentence was so flippin funny:D LOL comedy gold!

  10. Dominick

    You can almost see the cloud of stupidity swirling around this young girl’s head.

  11. Pathetic Worm

    “Paris, stop leaving me!”

    I won’t leave you, Brittany. I promise to love and cherish you with my pathetic wormlove.

    Creepy, huh?

  12. 15 minutes

    Wheeee. Another useless tramp riding on media hype. Useless!

  13. She has a comb in her hair.


    And her belt is backwards.

    Is this a joke?

  14. Two rohypnols and shot of patron.

  15. ToTellTheTruth

    Her last name is REALLY fucked up…

  16. anon

    You gotta sorta feel bad for her. she probably was all excited and spent every last penny she won to impress Paris and all it got her was a little closer to herpes and a great big reality check.

  17. me

    Anyone posting after me eats Brittany Shitflinger’s shit

  18. Fati

    this has got to be the most moronic reality-show idea ever – a competition to become Paris Hilton’s best friend. Like the bitch has any idea what the hell friendship is. Ha ha ha

  19. nastyjay

    mmm shes fine

  20. SB

    when i get famous, im’a date this chick.

  21. jess

    God I can’t stand these girls. And I love how the orange faux-tan stops at the ankles.

  22. djsmith72

    she kinda has a donald trump thing going on with her hair.

  23. I don’t know why she would expect to hang out with Paris all the time. She should get her own friends before she catches somthing.

  24. TSS

    What did she expect?

  25. kate

    Her dress is wonderful! like alwayzzzzzzzz!!!She’s always so fierce, i love her. It’s reported from NewY0rk times that She created an account at ****kisscougar. c om*** to meet a young and strong boy in a coffee shop last week.

  26. Mary Poppins

    She looks like a mess.

  27. Wild One

    i like this girl. she seems totally cool and sweet. and not the phony sweet Paris is. that being said, WOW how shocking that Paris is only interested in her own self absorbed world and is truly a heartless fucking bitch! Britt tell her where to fucking go, how to get there and find someone who cares about you and others more than themselves!!

  28. Why is it I’m not surprised here, folks?

  29. Gargamel

    Paris doesn’t want her around because she won’t stand for sharing the spotlight.

  30. Gargamel

    Paris doesn’t want her around because that would mean having to share the spotlight.

  31. candy

    i can’t believe there is someone who actually wants to be paris’s friend. it’s so sad and pathetic.

  32. Well she won’t (ahem) come into her own until she feels the quiet dignity of her first walk of shame… preferably from my apartment.

  33. dfgdgr

    lovely post….
    i think i should share it with my friends on ___________we althyme et u p.c 0 m _______

  34. need a life

    There is so much that is pathetic about this that the whole thing is, well, pathetic:

    * That Paris would think you can find a real friend on reality TV.
    * That someone — anyone — would think Paris could be a good friend.
    * That Aubrey O’day is a step up from anyone.
    * That I actually know who these people are.
    * That I am wasting minutes of my life even commenting on this.

    Oh, the humanity…

  35. sammy2323

    @34 Amen to that!!!!

  36. Tracey Somerville

    General comment intended for all to read.
    I think Paris Hilton does what she wants, when she wants, cause she can.
    But so does everyone else.
    We just don’t live under a microscope long enough for everyone to notice.
    I realize to a degree she has chosen this.
    But, her calling card has always been real.
    This is who I am, this is what I do.
    Take it or leave it. Love it or hate it.
    So I say ~*Peace*~
    Each to their own.

  37. Judge Jacqueline W. Silberman

    I would like to get between those legs.

  38. PoPo

    At least she doesn’t sleep with 5000+ men like most celebrity women do. She is maintaining a straight edge lifestyle, which I’m glad for. It’s about damn time somebody comes along to teach all these skanks a lesson. I’m actually interested in her. Who cares if she has a fake tan? I thought educated americans were supposed to look past the cover of a book and notice the person’s personality, way of living, and values hmmm????

  39. Stephanie

    You are quite low when you need to create a tv show to find a BFF, real relation are to build through life.

  40. Kiszendra Simmy Highlasher

    I LOVE BRITTANY!! Paris totally screwed her over! so not fair to her. The show was a bad idea to begin with, because I mean shes Paris the heiress. she does what she wants. she does whatever the hell she wants. poor brittany. i love you girl and I’m backin you always babe! =)

  41. Lil

    Paris idiot Hilton only wants to make a show out of all this. She wants you hear me RATINGS…so stop applying for her crapy show.

    After the show, she deserts you. you’re no different to her then her new shoe.

  42. I love this girl. seems pretty cool and sweet. and not the fake Paris is sweet. That said, wow how shocking that Paris is only interested in their own world and is absorbed in itself a true heart.

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