Brittany Flickinger not enjoying the Paris BFF experience

As predicted, Paris Hilton is having a hard time maintaining the facade that Brittany Flickinger is her BFF. Sure, Brittany might have been the “winner” of Paris’ reality show, but Nicky Hilton hates her and Paris kept ditching her this weekend at Sundance for anyone even remotely famous. Page Six reports:

Nicky forbade Paris from staying at Jeffrey Katzenberg’s house with her, forcing the heir-head to rent a condo and befriend Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day.
“Paris kept ditching Brittany for Aubrey,” said our source. Friday night, the two left Flickinger at the Eldridge and went across the street to Tao, where the former Best Friend Forever found them at 2 a.m. “She was crying and screaming, ‘Paris, stop leaving me!’ ” said our snitch.

If all I had to do was blink to save the lives of everyone in the above quote, I’d staple my eyelids shut. True story.