Paris Hilton backs out of Billboard Music Awards


Paris Hilton and Britney Spears were set to cohost the Billboard Music Awards, which airs live tonight from Las Vegas, but Britney dropped out. Then Paris was going to host herself until this past weekend when she quit too because she wasn’t happy with the jokes written for her.

“It is my understanding that some satirical references ridiculed some of her peers,” her spokesman, Elliot Mintz, said in a statement. “Paris did not want to say anything that could appear hurtful or embarassing about people she knows.” Mintz said Hilton received a script Friday that contained material she found “objectionable.” Representatives for Hilton and the awards show could not come to an agreement about the script’s content so she decided to scrap the appearance, he said.

Paris Hilton could keep herself entertained with a funny picture of a dog for a week so you’ve got serious problems if she doesn’t think your jokes are good enough. If they were serious about keeping her they should’ve added a “Jessica Simpson is fat” after every line. Then she would’ve done the whole thing for free and praised it as the greatest writing since the invention of language.