Paris Hilton asks for a lot of money


Charlotte Church is starting up her own talk show and asked Paris Hilton to be a guest, but had to pass when Paris ended up asking for more than $650,000 just to appear.

“We asked Paris to be on the program because I could take the mick out of her [ridicule her] and not feel at all bad about it – she’s such a complete airhead,” Church told a Brit radio show. “But she demanded a ridiculous amount of money – like the price of a big house just to say a few stupid things. She’s hardly going to announce anything world-changing, is she? It’s absolutely pathetic, isn’t it?”

If I had my own talk show I’d pay $650,000 for Paris to appear. Although it wouldn’t technically be a talk show. It’d just be me in my basement with some rope and a crowbar. Which sort of qualifies as a talk show except that there wouldn’t be any talking involved. Unless screaming counts. Because there’d be plenty of that.

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