Paris Hilton arrested for DUI

paris_hilton_DUI.jpgParis Hilton was arrested in Hollywood early this morning and charged with a DUI after the LAPD noticed her driving her Mercedes McLaren SLR “erratically” at 12:31 AM. They gave her a field sobriety test and Paris had a blood alcohol level of 0.08 which is the minimum level for a DUI in California. She was arrested and taken to the Hollywood station where she was booked and allowed to leave after Nicky Hilton, her boyfriend, Kevin Connolly, and her publicist Elliot Mintz arrived at the Hollywood police station just before 2 AM.

Cops took a booking photo, which an LAPD spokesperson says will not be released. An LAPD source would not confirm if Paris glammed it up for the camera, but revealed “It doesn’t look like Nick Nolte.”

Mintz told TMZ that Paris had attended a charity event earlier in the evening. He said she had a single drink — a margarita — the entire evening and shortly thereafter she was stopped. She was asked to take a breathalyzer test when she was stopped and cooperated. She took a second test at the station. For the record, TMZ is told Paris is 5’9″ and weighs 110 lbs.

TMZ spoke with Paris as she was driving home from jail, stopping for Parliament Lights cigarettes en route. She says she “regrets it occurred,” and adds that she has been up for 24 hours, having shot a music video all day. (TMZ had exclusive access to the music video set and our video will be posted in a few hours.) Paris says she had nothing to eat and no rest the entire day.

Because a DUI is a misdemeanor, if convicted Paris Hilton won’t face jail time but will be given three months probation, will be ordered to enter an alcohol program, and will have her license restricted for 90 days.