Paris Hilton arrested for DUI

September 7th, 2006 // 85 Comments

paris_hilton_DUI.jpgParis Hilton was arrested in Hollywood early this morning and charged with a DUI after the LAPD noticed her driving her Mercedes McLaren SLR “erratically” at 12:31 AM. They gave her a field sobriety test and Paris had a blood alcohol level of 0.08 which is the minimum level for a DUI in California. She was arrested and taken to the Hollywood station where she was booked and allowed to leave after Nicky Hilton, her boyfriend, Kevin Connolly, and her publicist Elliot Mintz arrived at the Hollywood police station just before 2 AM.

Cops took a booking photo, which an LAPD spokesperson says will not be released. An LAPD source would not confirm if Paris glammed it up for the camera, but revealed “It doesn’t look like Nick Nolte.”

Mintz told TMZ that Paris had attended a charity event earlier in the evening. He said she had a single drink — a margarita — the entire evening and shortly thereafter she was stopped. She was asked to take a breathalyzer test when she was stopped and cooperated. She took a second test at the station. For the record, TMZ is told Paris is 5’9″ and weighs 110 lbs.

TMZ spoke with Paris as she was driving home from jail, stopping for Parliament Lights cigarettes en route. She says she “regrets it occurred,” and adds that she has been up for 24 hours, having shot a music video all day. (TMZ had exclusive access to the music video set and our video will be posted in a few hours.) Paris says she had nothing to eat and no rest the entire day.

Because a DUI is a misdemeanor, if convicted Paris Hilton won’t face jail time but will be given three months probation, will be ordered to enter an alcohol program, and will have her license restricted for 90 days.


  1. Hopefully the police used rubber gloves when “handling” Paris.

  2. snang

    This comment is the best…

    Mintz said police gave Hilton a Breathalyzer test, and it showed “the very absolute lowest reading you can possibly get to warrant being taken in.”

    How does that justify anything? She’s Paris Hilton, just because she BARELY blew over the legal limit, she shouldn’t be arrested. Fucking stupid slag.

  3. DiabetesExplosion

    The only victim here is the breathalyzer, which now has herpes.

  4. nico

    Not that it matters (’cause she’s a bazillionaire), but could you imagine her car insurance cost? What company would insure her at this point?

    I feel like ‘Being Paris Hilton’ would add $40,000 a year to any policy…

    …also, I’m really hoping she called at least one person (Nicky?) sugartits.

  5. lisad71

    The LAPD has sprouted some cajones and are finally handling this walking infestation the way they should. The cop that gave her the ticket a couple of weeks ago and the ones who booked her on the DUI should receive commendations.

  6. missmint

    The mental image of Paris Hilton in an orange jumpsuit has brightened up my day…too bad a DUI doesn’t hold any jailtime.

  7. dupababy

    yeah well, her spokeswhores claim she had one drink … call me stupid but having one marguerita usually doesn’t make a gal blow illegal.. of course we are talking parisite so yeah, one of any thing usually makes her blow..

  8. mikidais

    Karma is a bitch, isn’t it you STD infested C**t?

  9. xtine the bean

    why won’t she just die!

  10. reflight

    My happiest moment of the day – sitting in line at the DMV, watching the news on thoughtfully provided TVs overhead, and hearing this news.

    My saddest – watching Every Single Fucking Head swivel up at her mention, with intense focus, heads that had previously been on cell phones, kvetching, whilst the real news was being broadcast.

    Pitiful, rubber-necked wastes of human tissue are we….

  11. Turnbeef

    Damn, first her album bombs, then she’s denied entrance to that club, and now she has a DUI. Bad times for Paris.

  12. PunjabPete

    Where are my tears pictures??? I need my fix!!! You cannot get me started on Paris tears and then just stop supplying me…. Come on, man!!!

    Mmmm… Taste like karma….

  13. commissioner

    I’m just picturing her “blowing” the breathalyzer. Ha, ha, ha. I wonder if she asked if they wanted her to spit or swallow. Ha, ha, ha.

  14. SilverBlade

    Woo really bad times for Paris! However, I am pretty sure that a good portion of you would not, if she turned up at your doorstop, refuse her AT ALL. You just know you don’t have a chance so instead you rave about how you wouldn’t even touch her.

  15. batmanvinnie

    Okay, so DUIs are bad, because some innocent person could have been injured whilest the dumb bitch was drunk driving. However, we were somehow lucky that this retarded, druni, STD-addled skank killed no one, and that the only one who will suffer will be those that contract herpes from sitting in the same chairs at the LAPD.

  16. Woo really bad times for Paris! However, I am pretty sure that a good portion of you would not, if she turned up at your doorstop, refuse her AT ALL. You just know you don’t have a chance so instead you rave about how you wouldn’t even touch her.

  17. reflight

    “Ma’am, please, you really don’t have to put it that far in your mouth…Charlie, you wanna read this? I left my gloves in the car…”

  18. SpecialAgentWind

    The only reason she didn’t blow higher was Kimkim gave her a few of her Milkbones before she got pulled over.
    And #16 – I can guarantee you that if Paris showed up on my doorstep, I would open the door – douse her with gasoline and light a match close to her face.
    And I do have a chance, b/c I am a big deal.
    Just not fuckin cunty stupid like your idol.

  19. The_Dish

    Okay.. I’ll go on the defense here…

    According to her book, she rarely drinks and if you look at photos of her leaving clubs @ 3:00 am she doesn’t look anywhere near as bad as Jessica Simpson tends to… For me its pretty convincing evidence that she only dabbles with booze.

    Lets be honest, she has a sex video, has been caught ripping on Hohan and has done countless other things (including a bunch of dudes)that society would deem unacceptable. If she were boozing all the time, Paris would be one volatile character and would do things much worse than her long list of mistakes made while sober.

    Whats my point?

    I think she’s telling the truth. I think being on a video set all day (fact) and not eating (possibly also true) combined with a single stiff margarita on her 5’9″ 110lbs. frame would be enough to make her tipsy.

    Im not saying she didnt make a mistake, I’m just saying I think she doesn’t deserve to be demonized for a mistake anyone out there could have made on any given night.

    True? Double true.

  20. RichPort

    Damn you LAPD!!! First you guys smoke Biggie, frame OJ, and now this??? We could’ve finally been rid of this human petri dish, but no. The one fucking time you guys decide to do your job. I was in LA, drunk as fuck, waving my sausage at some powder-faced, donut-eating porkchops, all while driving, and they let me roll the dice and keep driving, figuring I’d off myself. Now that’s community service. And exposing everyone at the precint to mutant herpes is just plain irresponsible. Bastards!!!

  21. grandma crikey

    Since when is hanging out with Brandon Davis considered charity? Oh, wait..

  22. sherry-is-tired

    @19: You read her book? I can provide you with a list of classics if you’re that desperate…

  23. Giggles

    California Vehicle Code:

    23152. (a) It is unlawful for any person who is under the influence
    of any alcoholic beverage or drug, or under the combined influence
    of any alcoholic beverage and drug, to drive a vehicle.
    (b) It is unlawful for any person who has 0.08 percent or more, by
    weight, of alcohol in his or her blood to drive a vehicle.

    Mr. Flack can minimize it all he wants (like snag sez), but da law is da law. (BTW — did you see the video of him on TMZ? He is a good flack.)

  24. jrzmommy

    @12–No tears, you’re right. She gets more upset about not being let into Bungalow 8 than getting arrested. It’s all about priorities!!

    Did she go on an anti-Firecrotchite rant? “Firecrotches are responsible for all the wars and STDs in the world? Are you a Firecrotch?…What are you looking at Popsicle-Dick?”

  25. Giggles

    Okay, where have I been? #23 — did Ms. Hilton really write a book? Oh, please, tell me that’s a joke (and I didn’t get it).

  26. RichPort

    #16 – Don’t you have to rearrange your Sanrio dolls or some shit like that? The bitch is nasty looking and a pleasure to insult. You seem like a nice sweet girl with an benign, if tedious, blog, but you should have left good enough alone and not included the link. After looking at that and at Porous, I am officially too nauseous to eat. Thanks a fucking lot.

  27. wedgeone

    Thank you #24, for posting the obvious typo in the article. No one blows a .8 into a breathalyzer. A “.8″ BAC means you are dead. A “.4″ BAC means that you drank yourself unconscious. A “.08″ BAC means that you are too drunk to be driving.

    She only had one margarita . . . but it was an extra grande 32 ouncer, yes?

    Too bad she didn’t have the .8 BAC then the world would finally be rid of this wicked skank. Her body would be kept by science as the only place where deadly STD’s could survive in that much alcohol.

  28. grandma crikey

    the dish, you ignorant slut. You don’t want poor Paris demonized over this SINGLE MISTAKE? There’s no such thing as only being lightly killed, ya know.

    Haven’t you seen Paris treat a parking ramp like it was her own private demolition derby? This bim’s problem wasn’t an empty stomach, it was an empty head.

  29. reflight

    16 – Let’s say for the sake of argument that I don’t know who she is. So I see her, from behind, walking down the street. I’m a guy so I give her ass a second look. Then she turns around.
    Strike One – rhinestone cell phone hanging from head as if attached at birth.
    Strike Two – makeup applied by trowel, hair my Grandma might approve of.
    Strike Three – Dull Vacant Stare – the deal breaker. No matter how hard you hit that, you will still have to have some sort of conversation with it afterwards, even if it adds up to “But the car’s moving!” followed by “Shut up and jump.”

    19 – I agree it’s a mistake and mistakes should be forgiven, but when you take the model of Mercedes that its race division uses as the platform for their cars, get in and drive under the influence, you should at least be held the minimum 3 hours like everybody else. Sad.

    RichPort – spot on.

  30. jrzmommy

    Dish–If she drove her fucking Mercedes on her empty stomach and just a little bit too much to drink into your mother’s car or ran over your kid while she was just a little tipsy would you still be this beneveolent? I don’t fucking think so!

  31. flamarkel

    Hazmat is dispatching a team to determine the best plan for disposing of the breathalyzer. A jetison into space has been mentioned, but the possibilities of intergallactic provocation and potential war are being weighed.

  32. reflight

    BTW – I want her flack to explain the lipstick marks on my Jockeys to my girlfriend…if anybody could do it, that slimy bastard could.

  33. Jamie

    I picture her mug shot as a typical full length, red carpet pose. I hope she slips and falls in a puddle of Herpes.

  34. jrzmommy

    “She says she “regrets it occurred,” She regrets that she got caught and that’s about it, if she even regrets that much. She’s a selfish, irresponsible, out-of-touch bitch and there is no hope for her. If anyone thinks for one second that all this shit she does is just because she’s young YOU’RE WRONG…She will never change. She’s a functional fucking moron with no ambition or class.

  35. what matters is i had her last night, and it was sooo good

  36. RichPort

    #32 – HA!!!

    Jrz, did Skippy really give up that quickly? I’m disappointed…

  37. Jacq

    Don’t read about this on Perez Hilton – his story looks like he’s auditioning to be her defense attorney…

  38. MyWellRehearsedMistake

    37. Jake, honey you might wanna get yourself down the clinic… It’s all fun and games now but wait until the sores break out.

  39. kylieer

    hahaha this is hilarious! FINALLY she has been repremanded for her idiotic behaviour!! ….but then again, has she? We all know she can buy her way out of anything. If she was ‘joe blo’ she would have been charged and held – and feel like shit cause she could have killed someone. She just doesn’t seem to care – same old ‘smirk’ (translation: I am better than you!) on her bitch ass face…as usual! Do people understand what ‘DON’T Drink (at all) and Drive’ means?? I can’t stand this stupid bitch – I have seen enough! PLEASEEEE make her go away!

  40. jrzmommy

    41–no, no, no….she Blows Joe.

    Rich, Hopefully Skumbag Skip was just a bizarro mass halucination and is all gone.

  41. Alia

    finally her compuptance has come.. and I didn’t have to wait another five years. Please all we need now is for people to throw tomato’s, drinks or anything else any the next time she decides to “sing” for us…

    I am glad to see Elliot Mintz does not have a personal life since his life is consumed by Herpes Hilton.

  42. BSfan

    What’s this? That read like a news article?

    Where are the witty sarcastic coments?

    The jokes about Paris being a whore?

    O Superficialguy I am very dissapointed.

    In closing…

    Paris Hilton has Herpes

    And Tom Cruise is Gay, that just fits everywhere.

  43. Maskatron

    E’s tagging a Hilton sister?

  44. commissioner

    Skip r-u-n-n-o-f-t.

  45. babydollz217

    ahahahahah, if you are going to get a DUI at least be way more drunk lol

  46. bigponie

    the definition of drunk is when your shitfaced, therefore Paris is always drunk.

  47. purplepuppy

    Holy fuck!!!

    What is with these people. Celebs (especially Paris Hilton) have enough money to hire a limo, a car service, get a taxi…they even have enough $$$ that they could literally pay someone to carry them home from an event after drinking. There is no excuse there to drive under the influence.

    And saying that she only had one drink is bullshit…nobody blows over after a single drink, regardless of how little you had to eat or lack of sleep, and especially from something as tutti-fruity as a margarita.

    No excuse Paris, fucking ridiculous!!! There are other people out on the road you selfish, idiotic, cluless fuck-fead!!!

  48. Chaumbrai

    Where the hell is Joe Simpson when you need him?!??!???!!

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