Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos buy DVDs

June 16th, 2006 // 84 Comments

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Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos were spotted buying DVD’s last Saturday despite reports they’ve broken up and he’s been seeing Lindsay Lohan. Paris even tore into Lindsay on Monday for her relationship with him, which leads me to believe something happened between Saturday and Monday, like maybe an awkward threesome where Stavros was paying more attention to Lindsay. Which makes sense, because if you have to stick your penis in a mouse trap or a meat grinder, you always go with the mouse trap.

More shots of Paris and Stavros after the jump, including a closeup of Paris’ purchase: Kathy Griffin – Allegedly.


  1. HelloTimeBomb

    Does Paris Hilton actually look kinda cute here??

  2. JasIsEvil


  3. tarawestfall

    I love the whole “homeless” look Stavros has going on… I’m also concerned that people still want to date him after he boned the herpe machine…

  4. enfilade

    I’m surprised she wasn’t buying a bunch of copies of her horrible movie, to make the dvd sales go up.

  5. SpecialAgentWind

    I am starting to think Paris Hiltons PR rep is doubling as Mr. Superficial.The only news I want to read about Paris is how she died with massive road rash while tring to give a car muffler a blow job.

  6. ShiverMeTimbers

    That hideous bitch will never, I repeat, NEVER be cute

  7. WD-40

    what is it with this site constantly sucking paris’ hermphridite dick? (yes, it has been confirmed she has one)

    the easiest target is not the most fullfilling.

    empty calories all around.

  8. fruit-salad-head


    and yes #6 i agree. the amounts of paris posts on the fish as of late are astounding.

  9. Stirlang923

    #1 NO! Her outfit is horriblw
    #4 He is rich!!! He’s still a little gross

    Her heels and her outfit are just awful. Why can’t she just wear jeans and t-shirt when she goes out?

  10. Paris is often cute and I have nothing to do with all of the ads for “The Simple Life” which keeps appearing in the sidebar.

  11. billabong021

    He certainly doesn’t dress like a billionare thats for sure..

  12. ShiverMeTimbers

    Did she make that skirt out of my grandmas old tablecloth?

  13. IFuckingHateYou

    3-some with Firecrotch and GrandCanyon-Crotch? Makes my penis sore & infected just thinking about it.
    That poor Greek bastard.
    Wait, maybe he doesn’t touch their crotches, just ass fucks them.
    Anybody know if Paris has ass-herpes too?


  14. Grapegoodness

    Instead of dvds..these two “millionaires” need to be purchasing soap and hairbrushes…good god!!!!

  15. RichPort

    Is he wearing a Member’s Only jacket?

  16. bluemalibu

    Her poufy skirt and giant feet in those shiny shoes make her look like Minnie Mouse.

    If a hermaphrodite has big feet, then is the hermaphrodite dick big, too?

  17. EveryCuntHasaWebsite

    *shudders* No, I’m sure that’s MY grandmas old tablecloth. After I vomited on it

  18. what a pot head!

  19. spanglish

    They totally don’t even look like they are together. They are dressed like the came from different planets. What’s with Paris looking like a middle-aged business woman crossed with Donna Reid? What’s with rich people dressing like crap? Get a haircut already! Why doesn’t Paris call up the record company and demand the cd for free? Obviously she is not a real celebrity.

  20. Iambananas

    You complain when her boobs and butt are hanging out, you complain when she’s covered up… no one can win.

    Why am I interested in her doing the same thing I do every week? Aren’t celebrities supposed to be interesting… parties, award shows, power lunches? This is bor-ring.

  21. Jedi Kevin

    Proof that money can’t buy fashion sense.

  22. spanglish

    Okay, I’m a retard. They were buying dvds not cds. But same difference. Paris shouldn’t have to waste her millions/billions on dvds. At least she is completely dressed in these photos.

  23. Like Faust forever tied to Mephistopheles, so too must Stavros be to the woman who infected him with super herpes. The thing I find amusing is that if Stavros was only worth the price of a buritto supreme, Paris would mockingly laugh at him and his Member’s Only jacket. In the dark of night, while bathed in a glistening, fevered sweat, Stavros is tormented into sleep deprivation by the lamentations of the pustulent sores dotting his dick. Like pestulent mouths, the pus-spewing lesions cry out in agony, wailing on into the morning with orifices choked of tainted blood and regret.

  24. spanglish

    He just sort of looks like some perv homeless person trying to check her out or get close enough to sniff her.

  25. jane's eyre

    Those are some big feet. I guess they’ll come in handy ferrying her dead lovers over the river Styx.

  26. EveryCuntHasaWebsite

    10 bucks says she can’t work a cd player

  27. EveryCuntHasaWebsite

    ahhhh yeah cd/dvd…. whatever

  28. brideoffrank

    It never fails, I always read his name as “Starvos Nachos”.

  29. spanglish

    Are we sure they’re here together? He looks like he saw her walking by and crawled out of his dumpster and followed her in the store. She is totally ignoring him.

  30. EveryCuntHasaWebsite

    Check out how gammy her elbow looks in pic number two

  31. Good lord. Her feet are longer than the diameter of her waist.

  32. marge

    Here’s Paris as she looked before “minor” changes, LOL!

  33. twzzlrgirl

    My boyfriend and I aren’t gazillionaires and we look a lot happier than these two. Just proves that money can’t buy happiness.

  34. Dr.Rokter

    #24 Johnathan Faust was a pussy. If he was TED NUGENT, he would have kicked Mephistopheles right in his devil pussy with his size 13 shit-kickers capped with American steel. Straight into Falluja, and out of North Korea’s asshole.

  35. Jacq

    A Kathy Griffin DVD? Well, at least we know she has good taste. BWHAHAHAHAHAH!

    Stav looks like he needs to shit, shower and shave.

  36. boredinclass

    Does Paris realize the likelihood that Kathy Griffin probably makes fun of her on that DVD?

    Question about the new simple life… if it’s called til death do us part, does that mean one of them dies? I realize it would probably be Nicole because she doesn’t eat, but I want it to be Paris.

  37. parkinsoplayer

    He looks like a beaten dog, called home to lick the Paris Herpes-queen of the whore’s cunt clean from all the cum that has been fired at her while he was doing firecrotch. She looks bored out of her mind, guess she had better with that pet rat of her, Tinkelpee.

    By the way, young animals are cute, babies, when they are not drooling and shitting all over you and your furniture, can be cute, but whorish infectious bitches with the intellect of a glass of muddy ditchwater are definitely, NOT cute.
    That’s like saying Tom Cruise is not scary at all, which is complete bullocks.

  38. luverlypapi

    If I were a gay man, I’d totally dig Paris Hilton.

    But I’m female, so that just makes me catty I guess?!

  39. andrewthezeppo

    enough about Paris, how can I start a nation wide petition of people boycotting any magazine or website that still think Paris Hilton is (or ever was) relevant.

  40. parkinsoplayer

    They were supposed to be doing homely thing on that show, like cooking and cleaning.
    If Paris cooks, the poor family probably dies of food poisoning. The kids go first (lower body weight). Than the parents realize what

  41. jane's eyre


    You scare me.*backing away slowly*

    Please take your meds, and turn yourself in.

  42. parkinsoplayer


    Don’t be scared, it’s just the script for one of those Paris Herpes sex tapes, only this time, it’s actually fun to watch and worth my download time.

    I do take meds though.

  43. Pearly

    41-you doing some of that Moss powder? That Lohan fuel or what? Sheesh your post is a bit much there. Tone down the coffee or whatever it is..

  44. parkinsoplayer

    Moss Narcotics and Firecroth Power!Yeay! That keeps me up all night.


  45. rori

    I wonder how much Paris paid for her Great Aunt Gretchen outfit.

    On a side note, where have all the funny regulars gone, like papahotnuts and the like? Happy to see that oshkosh is still here.

  46. Getitstraight

    “I’m giving him the boot…”
    “wait a minute…Hohan wants him?”
    “oh never mind then, I think I’ll keep him.”

  47. herbiefrog

    #1 actually she does look cute :)

    …and her choices
    …in dvds
    …is just immaculate :)

    lol babe:)

  48. herbiefrog

    #0 i just love that series of photos
    says so much :)
    i just love interference
    …allegedly :)

  49. apricotmuffins

    the top would be cute with a plain skirt or jeans, and the skirt would be good with a plain top. but patterened top AND skirt, in two different floral styles? oh no. no no no.

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