Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos break up

May 2nd, 2006 // 91 Comments

paris-stavros-breakup.jpgA rep for Paris Hilton has implied that she and Stavros Niarchos have broken up. When asked if the two had split, Paris’ rep told People magazine:

“It is not my policy to comment on my client


  1. Don’t forget they are also both covered with her pus.

  2. Giggles


    Please — I can’t take more about this SKANK.

  3. Becca

    That bitch goes through manwhores like candy. She needs to stop spreading around her cooties…

  4. trulymadlydeeplytori

    im just having a hard time figuring out why anyone else thinks the public gives a shit?

    she looks like an old woman these past few weeks, giant wide face with a fake ass smile. still would bang her though

  5. jugsgirl

    in better news, a new chicago hot dog place just opened on my little island. i’m so exited. i think i will have a chicago dog for lunch. i hate johnny cakes.

  6. BigJim

    Well, golly gee! Paris is single? Do you think that means I have a chance with her? I mean, I only bring in $35k a year, and I drive a rusty Ford Escort, and I still live with my parents, but we’d have love to keep us together. Lots of love. Lots of dirty, nasty, anal love. Rusty Trombone kinda love.

    Fucking her in the pooper with a cattle prod kinda love. I love you so much that I couldn’t possibly stand the thought of anyone else ever having you so I’ve got to push you off this cliff kinda love.

    Yeah, that kinda love. There would be just too much heartbreak involved, so maybe I’d just fastfoward to the cliff pushing part.

  7. tarjamarja

    I think Paris Hilton may very well be the most useless “celebrity” on the planet.

  8. Vas Deferens

    I am willing to bet that the break-up had something to do with her scorching case of herpes.

  9. jugsgirl

    oh bigjim, you have a chance with me!

    wait, im a whore, its more than a chance. we have probably already slept together.

    r u from chicago? i love chicago hot dogs.

  10. pinky_nip

    BigJim: Love me dirty and I won’t even give you the herpes.

  11. pinky_nip

    Jugsgirl: What do you plan on doing with your chicago dog you keep talking about?

    I prefer Salt Lake City dogs.

  12. colormeskanky

    oh damn, I was sure that was gonna last. they say the couple that endures tri-facto STD outbreaks together stays together. I bet that Hugh Heffner video confirmed his suspicion that yes, paris does remind him of a two dollar hooker he once knew.

  13. BigJim

    Not from Chicago, but I’ve been to that lovely city. To give you a hint, my team lost to Anaheim last night. Fucking duck fuckers.

  14. jugsgirl

    im gonna smother it in relish, mustard, peppers, and wrap in it a poppy seed bun….

    then im gonna have my way with it. wow im so exited. its been over a year since i moved to this pathetic place. hot dogs excite me.

    what would happen if a donut shop opened here? i would die and go to heaven.

  15. WTF

    Paris this. Paris that.
    I’m actually looking for word to K-Fed-up/Brit “fatass” Spears. Where is my Vicodin?

  16. WTF

    *forward (yes that was a mistype, im not a TOTAL idiot. i dropped out at after learning my ABC’s)

  17. WTF

    this is too much, im going back to bed. :-/

  18. Vampyreska

    I hate this bitch. Can’t we talk about Katie Holmes instead?

  19. Fisher55

    ATTN SUPERFISH EDITORS: time for some new writing talent. with this blurb, it has crossed into the realm of Embarassingly Bad.

  20. jugsgirl

    i bet tom cruise loves the hot dog.

  21. pinky_nip

    I wouldn’t fuck Paris with jugsgirls hot dog.

  22. WTF

    tom loves the kielbasa!

  23. colormeskanky

    BigJim, I drive a rusty Ford Escort, too! Actually, it’s more dented than rusty, but it starts shaking if I go over 60. If it makes it to 70 I feel like I’m inside a pocket rocket.

  24. CoJo

    Maybe the herpes that she gave him finally completed the incubation period.

  25. BigJim

    I’ve got a pocket rocket for ya…

  26. WTF


    Paris Hilton is a very classy person – I don’t know WHY people say she has CRABS?!?!

  27. Sheva

    A well informed Greek tycoon doesn’t risk the Paris cootie.
    He just does an end around run and exits stage left when done.

    Yep, he’s done.

  28. gossipmonger

    Oh BigJim, we are neighbours.. Forget Paris, lets do Calgary together…

  29. Jacq

    At least she gave him one thing that he’ll have forever… Her LOVE, people! Love!
    Oh, and festering penile sores.

  30. jugsgirl

    are you a canadian?

  31. jugsgirl

    are you a canadian?

  32. jugsgirl

    are there many mexicans in canada?
    did they work yesterday?

  33. 86

    Everyone knows you’re nobody till you’ve fucked Paris Hilton.

  34. Any bets on who she gives herpes to next? Maybe she’ll dig on Jake Gyllenhall in that gay spandex. And since he obviously like ugly bitches with little boy bodies (Kirsten, Heath, etc) they would be perfect.

  35. bjpack

    I’m proud to be a nobody and jugsgirl, I’m not Canadian.

  36. *adds Maggie Gyllenhall to Jake’s ‘been there’ list*

  37. In celebration of this news, Mary Kate Olsen eats not one, not two, but three kernels of corn!

  38. sweetcheeks

    You know what’s interesting? Listening to BigJim and jugsgirl banter about doing it, possibly having done it, doing it in the bottom, whether he has herpes, where they’re from, if they’re canadian, blah blah blah BLAH BLAH.

    No, wait, it ISN’T interesting?

  39. jugsgirl

    sweetcheeks can lick my hotdog after it comes out of paris hilton’s thunder cunt.

    bjpack shutup – i only talk to nasty sluts who are somebodys.

    i was talking to bigjim.

  40. Italian Stallion

    Good, now she can focus on selling that wine in a can and spreading disease….

    I wonder if her herpes and crabs battle it out, we could get another Starship Troopers movie out of it……..

  41. sweetcheeks

    You know, I usually wash my hands before eating, not “shove my soon-to-be meal into Paris Hilton’s thunder cunt.” But whatever works for you. You ARE Canadian.

  42. jugsgirl

    im no canadian.

  43. asmith

    Actors…professional athletes…politicians have ‘reps’. I just love that Paris has a rep. Totally cracks me up. Why is this? What in gods name does this slut do (not who – or how many times). This tool needs a rep just because she’s a rich, dumb whore! Hilarious!!!!! :-)

  44. bjpack

    jugs, shut up is two words.

  45. gammanormids

    “It is not my policy to comment on my client

  46. asmith

    Hot dogs always make my tummy feel funny ;-)

  47. jugsgirl

    not that i don’t love canadians, i just can’t handle temperatures under 80 d.f.

  48. jugsgirl

    sorry bjpack, next time i will just tell you to hush.

  49. Binky

    # 33 There are hardly any Mexicans in Canada. We put up a big fence that keeps out a lot of Americans as well.
    We call it winter.

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