Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson Shop

December 14th, 2004 // 4 Comments

Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson were recently spotted shopping together and holding hands like a pair of frazzled celebrity lesbians. They seem like an odd couple though, considering the only thing they have in common is Medusa-looking blonde hair and a tendency to get filmed having a penis inside of them.

View Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson Shop Images [JJB]


  1. Frazzled and frizzed are the words for it. Pam’s hair looks horrible. Can somebody get her a comb please!

  2. Women are angels and demons

  3. awesome stuff! thanks for all the information. ..i like both of them

  4. They were released two videos of the most celebrated of all time. And now it seems that Pamela Anderson is planning to marry the man who made Paris Hilton caused a sensation on the Internet.

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