Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie get cancelled

July 31st, 2007 // 84 Comments

E! has officially cancelled The Simple Life and they’re blaming the overexposure of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. A source at E! tells Us:

“We felt like the real life drama of their lives overshadowed anything happening on the show. Viewers would see Paris all day long on the news about her going to jail, so they didn’t care about seeing her camping with kids. It just was too played out.”

The source also adds that Richie became difficult to work with last season:

“Paris carried the show. She was the one willing to do anything. Nicole was the diva.”

And in sort-of-but-not-really related news, Paris Hilton has managed to land a starring role singing in Repo! The Genetic Opera, which Variety describes as “a musical set in the year 2056, when a plague nearly destroys the human race and survival is dependent upon being able to finance a pricey organ transplant.” Seriously? What’s the point? I guess visiting every movie theater and taking a dump directly on viewers’ faces would’ve been too much trouble.


  1. Karen


  2. RichPort

    I wonder how many times that bitch has shit on Paris. Whatever the amount, it’s not enough.

    Hey look! A little wetback dog!

  3. jrzmommy

    They still had a show?

  4. Noo!!!!

    I hope some other channel picks the new season up.

  5. gay4girls

    This show was still on? Man, I really need to get cable.

  6. Victor

    #4 JRZMOMMY, yes they did, you should come over sometime and we can watch it together.

  7. gay4girls

    @4 Damn jrzmommy, you beat me again! Please stop stealing my thoughts before I think them.

  8. boring

    is it me or are these posts not funny anymore. where’s the old writer who used to make me laugh?

  9. jrzmommy

    Great minds.
    No offense, Victor, but I would rather eat lint than watch The Simple Life.

  10. Victor

    #10 JRZMOMMY… too, but thought it was worth a try to and entice you to come over……….haha.

  11. Bite Me!

    Victor, does your underwear stand up on its own when you take it off?

  12. Bite Me!

    @12 shut up you ass wipe troll

  13. to #9

    Under a lot of these posts, I’d agree with you, #9.

    But I actually thought the “visiting every movie theater and taking a dump on viewers’ faces would’ve been too much trouble” comment was pretty amusing. Not that it’s particularly noble that I find scatalogical humor funnier than the comments calling average-weight celebrities “fatties”.

  14. jrzmommy

    The premise of the movie she has been casted in……..”when a plague nearly destroys the human race” …..Two questions………does she play the one who spreads the plague and is this plague herpes?

  15. don't recycle

    When I checked out this post, I saw the last two pictures and thought, “Who’s the little kid?” Please, Jesus, make them go away…..

  16. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    Will the credits of the movie say:
    “Wonky-Eyed Freak………….Paris Hilton”

  17. Victor

    #13, there are lots of trolls, but just ignore the sorry assholes. No point in arguing with them. Fish, or whoever the owner of this site, should fuckin have us login with a username and password, that would cure these sorry ass trolls, who no life than to act like others.

  18. wedgeone

    Paris’ life just keeps getting better: first she loses her Hilton inheritance, then she loses her television show, and I just read this morning that she’s selling her house in Hollywood Hills for 4.25 million.
    Must be doing that so she can keep getting her Valtrex prescription.
    This is awesome – Brit and Paris both swirling down the vortex of life at the same time. Justice is served.

  19. Annie Rexia

    If only E! could cancel thier lives. Seriously. Don’t you have to be good at something in order to act like a diva?

  20. Victor

    Now, will somebody PLEASE have phone sex with me???? PLEEEEEEEASE!!!!

  21. Victor

    See you can always tell who the troll is………….lmao.

  22. wedgeone

    Are they really getting on a school bus? What parent in their right mind would want their kid riding a school bus with Paris & Nichole? That’s a sure-fire way to condemn your kid to death by some incurable flesh-eating bacteria.

  23. Canimal

    Oh no! How will they pay rent??

  24. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    And how come they’re on a school bus?

  25. joe

    I can’t wait for 10-20 years from now to watch them try cling to their youth with bad plastic surgeries and a string of younger husbands of questionable sexual orientation.

  26. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    23–Somehow our wires must have crossed!

  27. adeliza

    check out the skeletor arms in pic #6.

    I can’t believe she will be able to carry a baby to term.

    That is going to be another fucked up kid, just like the little Spears tots.

  28. justifiable

    #25 Because Lindsay Lohan was supposed to carpool that day.

  29. lambman

    Well if it were a REALITY show about their lives, people would have watched, but instead its a stupid, scripted, unnatural thing that has nothing to do with their lives.

    Maybe behind the scenes Paris “carried the show” but if you watch any eppisode of any season Nicole is the only one who ever did anything funny and or interesting…or ever spoke in a complete sentence.

  30. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    29–now there’s a thought to banish from your mind.

  31. michelle

    there is a God… time to go to chuch.

  32. Dick's greenish-yellow discharge

    Well, let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks quite yet. The disinheritance story was bogus, and anyway Paris’s “brands” bring in millions for her each year. As long as we’re talking about her nonstop, she’s making money. For her there’s really no such thing as bad publicity – her “brands” have gone through the roof since she spent time in jail (and got endless hours of free publicity on cable news channels, which acted as if she were the most important person on earth).

  33. Texas Tranny

    I really like the green dress, babydolls are my favorite.

    gay4girls, I knew I liked you for a reason.

  34. Bite Me!

    @22 Victor If you had not told me 21 was a troll, I was going to call you.

  35. Bite Me!

    I thought Nicole was pregnant? As anorexic as she is you would think she would be showing about 15 minutes after conception

  36. Superevil

    So they’re cancelling the show under the exact pretext it was created?

  37. Dizzybenny

    t.v. execs that have taste…WOW! about time!
    should have been canceld after the first minute.

  38. somewhereinthemiddle

    I wonder if that was the short bus they got on? I am thinking it’s a three seater since they are a whole new class of retard. The third seat is for the driver; can’t let those idiots drive themselves they can’t even remember to wear panties let alone handle a car. It must be their ride to their new gig as participants in the Special Olympics.

  39. And justice is served

  40. schack

    wedgie, don’t be such an heirhead. the story about Paris losing her inheritance was a prank designed to excite all the celeb-obsessed queens. pretty effective, i’d say.

  41. no1justminda

    What a pathetic pair of nobodies!

  42. Texas Tranny

    @41, Schack, How are you today?

    You have mail.

  43. yolatengo

    schack, damn you! I suppose you’ll tell me there is no santa or easter bunny too?? ya know, sometimes we dont want the blue pill

  44. We-Le-Surrender....

    2007 just may be the greatest year ever…. Anna Nicole… Skank whores in prison… The downfall of Brit….

    Just as I planned… MWaahhaahaa….

  45. my comment

    Two of the ugliest women on the planet!

  46. Bandwitdth

    What a waste of web space.
    It just seems these chics are like “below standard” for write ups here.
    I thought this place was here to pick on the famous.
    If left alone these chics would disappear like a bad fart on a windy beach…

  47. Jillblondie

    My mom had Nicole’s sunglasses in 1971. WTF?

  48. star69

    Thank God!! I think there maye be a God after all.
    This is al the end of Paris and everything’s coming along just fine according to plan. That stupid musical she’ll be in (futuristic musical? the only people who see musicals are old people, and even they wouldn’t care about a futuristic musical crap) will be a big flop at the boz office.
    I’m surprised someone decided to give that director real money to do this film. If I was rich the only money he’d get from me would be Monopoly money and even then I’d be like “wait a minute! You’re making a what??”. I’m glad that the moron who invested money in this film will lose it all. As he should. And his life too along the way. That would be the ideal. That would be the price to pay for investing in dumb movies who have wonky-eyed dumb people in it.
    So soon Paris will look even more annoying, if its at all possible to look even more annoying, to people, being in that annoying musical crap that one will see and maybe just maybe she’ll move to Antartica and we’ll never see her again.

  49. star69

    brilliant! :)

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