Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie get cancelled


E! has officially cancelled The Simple Life and they’re blaming the overexposure of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. A source at E! tells Us:

“We felt like the real life drama of their lives overshadowed anything happening on the show. Viewers would see Paris all day long on the news about her going to jail, so they didn’t care about seeing her camping with kids. It just was too played out.”

The source also adds that Richie became difficult to work with last season:

“Paris carried the show. She was the one willing to do anything. Nicole was the diva.”

And in sort-of-but-not-really related news, Paris Hilton has managed to land a starring role singing in Repo! The Genetic Opera, which Variety describes as “a musical set in the year 2056, when a plague nearly destroys the human race and survival is dependent upon being able to finance a pricey organ transplant.” Seriously? What’s the point? I guess visiting every movie theater and taking a dump directly on viewers’ faces would’ve been too much trouble.