Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie make up

May 21st, 2007 // 63 Comments

This is the painfully fake make-up scene between Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie for the upcoming season of The Simple Life. Everybody knows reality shows are fake, but this is just insulting. They could morph into giant robots and start battling monsters and it’d be more believable.


  1. They need to share a tiny cell together.

  2. We’re not Spirit Bunnies anymore! It bugs the heck outta DeeDee and me.


  3. NicotineEyePatch

    When they hug listen close – it sounds like windchimes.

  4. moochie

    ahahahahahhaha thats hilarious.

  5. bungoone

    that made me sick to my stomach.

  6. suzanna

    I want the next simple life to start in San Quienton!

  7. getyourhandoutofmycat

    She really should do something about her weight problem, i hear the biggest loser auditions are on soon…

  8. hahaha

    fake fake fake.

  9. i wonder if they’ll send eachother letters and stuff

  10. K

    Did anyone ever actually expect anything but total fakeness out of these 2 afterall? The entire “fight” was all a publicity stunt, the attention whoreness just runs in the veins of girls like these. I am amazed that Paris didn’t crush Nicole with her giant manhands right there.

  11. There is some girl on girls action I don’t want to see. Other than us that make fun of these idiots every day, Who is interested in the assholes lives?

  12. Taleen

    They’re both pieces of garbage. What i don’t understand is Paris’ real voice which is sort of deep, is actually nice, i don’t know why she starts talking like a 6 year old out of no where. Why isn’t Nicole in jail yet? What the fuck happened to that? IT must be good to be filthy rich.

  13. jenn

    I am sensing an emmy for their spectacular performance. wow, just wow…


  14. lookz like carma is a
    mutherf’er, Pariz….

    now U will have time to
    sit & think about how
    selfish and whorish your
    life haz been……….


  15. theyareallidiots

    Another typical Fakeywood set-up. Everything is fake. People’s looks, actions, so-called “importance”, etc. How do you wake up in the morning and know who the f@#k you even are? Nice life. It’s such a shame our society flocks to this crap. Making fun of it is so much more fun!

  16. bucci

    “Half the things I said were not true” umm… excuse me… that means half WERE true. I bet Paris goes home, thinks about the math a bit, and gets pissed.

  17. bucci

    “Half the things the tabloids said I said were not true” umm… excuse me… that means half WERE true. I bet Paris goes home, thinks about the math a bit, and gets pissed.

  18. jenster

    I seriously can’t take her 6 year old voice.

  19. Paris, guess what? LifesAbitch…then you die….maybe you’ll die and we won’t have to suffer anymore looking at you!

  20. slash

    The only way I could be persuaded to watch these two bitches now is if they were locked in a room together with one knife and told that only one of them could come out alive.

    When is someone gonna come out with that “reality” show? Pseudo Celebrity Deathmatch. Whittling down the no-talent losers. That would be a public service worth the price of cable TV.

  21. Lowlands

    Are there still people who think ‘The simple life’ is a real reality show?If you think that then you’re as simple as those ugly ass attention whores from the show.This is just a low taste childish show with F-actors.I don’t understand why they don’t replace those boring F-actors for much hotter and more interesting girls.

  22. are such a lazy will fit in perfect in jail…you can lay around all day..too bad you won’t have a mirror to keep looking at your herpeslips.

  23. Chauncey Gardner

    You know, I can see where jock shitheads and porno freaks would find Paris Hilton attractive, but there is absolutely no earthly explanation for Nicole Richie. She looks just like that creepy little guy that played Brando’s sidekick in ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU.

  24. polypam

    I got through about 12 seconds of it before the vomit that crept up into my throat started to burn so much I had to turn it off.

  25. that is the dumbest thing i have EVERRRRR seen

  26. The Superfish guy is on coke

    I want them to prove that they really is no more bad blood by eating each others pussy on camera.And perhaps some fisting.
    Then I’ll be convinced. (like I give a fuck)

  27. .
    That show is still on the air?!?! What the fuck!!! They were talking about CAncelling shows like Law and Order and THIS piece of shit gets another season?! Joe Francis must have been right about how good PAris was in Bed, because she’s obviously sleeping with somebody to keep this on the air. It would be more fun watching a mouse run through a maze.

  28. Sterling


    That really made me want to gag :|

  29. Calgary Guy

    I dunno. It kinda felt sincere to me. I think Nicole is a little thin, but other than that, she’s not too bad. And Paris is much like a modern day Marilyn Monroe. Give it time, people will understand this.

  30. wedge1

    I agree with #31. Each of them used to be unattractive in certain ways, but there’s no sense in denying their emerging beauty. Paris in particular is simply breathtaking. The people talking trash here would be completely speechless if they met her in real life. And she’d LAUGH at that!

  31. The Mearl

    any chance of this dumb cunt getting shanked in prison?

  32. kogged

    this should be taken offline, it promotes suicide… seriously i was tempted

  33. stoplookingatme

    Staged, certainly. Insincere, perhaps. But fake? I dunno. That would imply acting was involved, and fairly decent acting since the dialogue seemed sort of natural even if the conversation itself was totally staged. Do we really wanna give these two tools that much credit as “actresses”?

  34. Donna

    Excuse me? How DARE you compare this worthless piece of shit to Marilyn….SERIOUSLY?!

    Anyways…I can’t stand Paris’ 6-year-old voice either…he real speaking voice is actually quite nice, so I don’t know what makes her think the other voice is “hot”.

  35. Joe Dimaggio

    #36 is right – Marilyn Monroe was a fucking bleached blonde FATASS. Paris is naturally sleek and classically beautiful! There is no comparison whatsoever.

  36. Kamihi

    How much make up do those two trollops wear? You can barely see their eyes for eye make up? UGH!

  37. Casey

    Is this even real? They never show both of their faces at the same time and in the side shots, one of them has her face covered. It really looks like they shot them seperately and then maybe did the hug in the end.

  38. elle

    even if it looked realistic we would know it was fake because THEY ARE BEING FILMED

  39. FRIST!!!

    Here I Am!!!
    Oh, and that youtube thing doesn’t work.

  40. LL

    Other suggestions to improve Paris/Nicole’s show:

    * Paris and Nicole feed the hungry alligators
    * Paris and Nicole visit the Sunni Triangle
    * Paris and Nicole spend a day clearing land mines in Cambodia
    * Paris and Nicole dropped in the middle of the Outback with no food or water

    Why I’m not working in show development on some network, I’ll never know. All of these ideas are gold. E can have them for free. I’ve got some ideas for The Girls Next Door, too.

  41. Cgirl

    Notice how Nicole’s plate is still COMPLETELY FULL.
    On a separate note, I think there’s an Oscar in the future…

    P.S. #37, how dare you compare your obviously shallow and worthless self to a great ball player?

  42. me0w

    Paris has said:

    “Every decade has an iconic blonde. Marilyn Monroe; Princess Diana. Right now I’m that icon.”

  43. lolol

    “Every decade has an iconic blonde. Marilyn Monroe; Princess Diana. Right now I’m that icon.”

    Keep deluding yourself, Paris. Marilyn had real beauty, Diana had real beauty and class. You have a hook nose, wonky eye and you’ve slept with most of Hollywood. That is your legacy. ROFL.

  44. correction

    yep, Paris is a twit. but…Marilyn was a porker, and Diana was a fucking eating-disordered neurotic. It’s amazing how people continue to be complete suckers for the “beautiful-classy” packaging wrapped around those two losers.

  45. Paris sux

    Neither Marilyn nor Diana were as stupid, immoral and obnoxious as Paris. There is nothing redeeming about her.

    Nobody likes her except maybe those three people who went to her “free Paris” party. Gutter garbage with hair extensions, and too old to be acting like she’s 12 (most 12 year olds have more common sense than that.) We are sick of Paris, must be a slow celeb news day.

  46. Anybody gotten the “Free Paris” Livestrong-type bracelet yet?

  47. Lexie

    HAHAHA…..OMG! what a boring conversation! How old are these two girls now? How many times did they use the word “like” in this conversation?! They need a speech coach, or someone to teach them the proper way of speaking for their age! They’re not in highschool anymore!

  48. Lyxa

    Monroe could atleast act and didn’t look like a walking STD. I’ll take her *any* day over this moronic, IQ deprived, pampered, boney bitch. And awed by her beauty? Please. I wouldn’t even know if she was looking at me w/ her wonky ass eye. And if I did look at her, I’m pretty sure I’d turn to stone. Or something.

  49. Vink

    that would make a nice build-up for a lesbian porno scene!! They could use bread sticks for dildos!

    Sorry for ruining your appetite :p)

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