Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie reshoot reality

March 19th, 2007 // 31 Comments

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were spotted reshooting a scene for The Simple Life because everybody knows reality requires careful scripting and multiple takes.

Moments before the scene, the “Simple Life” crew briefed the band of photogs waiting outside Hilton’s home, telling them exactly what the two starlets would be doing in the next take. When Hilton and Richie emerged from Paris’ pad, the smiling BFFs staged an “impromptu” photoshoot for cameras, before jumping into a waiting SUV which whisked the pair away. Minutes later, it brought them back. The girls then re-shot the exact same scene, to perfection if we might add, before retreating into Paris’ place.

I can’t figure out what’s more depressing: that they actually had to reshoot a scene for a reality show or that Paris and Nicole screwed up walking down stairs and getting into a car so badly the producers felt it was necessary.



  1. didey23


  2. didey23

    wow….I got a first!!!

    I thought these two hated each other.

  3. MonkeyBrains

    I’m sure this will be must see TV at it’s finest. Inevitably, the brain trust twins here are societies last hope for a better tomorrow.

  4. veggi

    That’s how guys get them to suck it again. Hon, we didn’t get that quite right. Let’s re-shot the exact same scene, mmmm k?

  5. veggi

    Only Nicole could make Paris look like a heffer. haha.

  6. ^Jenna^

    lol, #4. Ok, so apparently it’s so hard to walk around with a snooty face that it needs to be re-shot. I so want their job.

    I dunno how they still haven’t died yet – they don’t know how to walk, they don’t know they need to eat to survive…

    Well at least Paris gets her daily protein intake from all the “yum-yum” she likes to do on guys

  7. allyoops!

    these two need real jobs, no trust fund, no assistants, no take “two”—real jobs where you screw up and you get fired, and then you don’t get paid so you can’t pay your rent…thats the kind of reality show i would watch with those two in it…

  8. These broads make the beverly hillbillies look civilized

  9. Binky

    I thought for sure that in the re-shoot the SUV was supposed to run them both over.
    (The dense producers obviously don’t know how to pick up the show. The ratings be damned etc…)

  10. schack

    paris looks like BIG BIRD and nicole looks like a GNAT

  11. N@ughty

    @7 do nose and boob jobs count? Paris could REALLY use a boob job

  12. DrPhowstus

    Last time I had to reshoot something was because I missed with the first shot and they tried limping away. I’m a perfectionist.

  13. veggi

    maybe you could re-shoot GW.

  14. Jiimbo

    I bet these two would have retakes in a porn video. That might be worth watching. The two of them doing each other. Well as soon as Nicole puts on a couple of pounds. Other wise it would look like Paris have sex with one of the skeletons on the Pirates of the Caribean at Disneyland. Which I am sure is not the first time that has happened.

  15. schack

    well, big bird’s a walking (even lumbering) target, but the gnat is gonna be much more difficult to shoot.

  16. ch474

    I’ve never see their stupid show and could give less than the two shits who “star” in it.

  17. PunjabPete

    No way! And here I thought Paris Hilton was so real… Let me know when she has REALLY been eaten by a shark….

  18. lambman


  19. GG 4.33

    It is well known that ALL “reality” shows are scripted to some degree. Even the camera angles, the “confession” scenes (where the subjects talk directly to the camera), and the wrapups (these people always say something you’d hear in a sitcom) are pretty much the same. The producers of these things manipulate everything they’ve shot, so it’s not a surprise.

    As for the content, can’t these two just go away?

  20. imran karim

    why did they have to reshoot?

    imran karim

  21. chichilarue

    Where did Paris learn how to walk? She looks like a fucking idiot when she walks. And how is the Simple Life still on? Do people actually watch it? (besides Paris & Nicole…)

  22. Sexy time explosion!

  23. Breasts Prove God Exists

    I think Paris is hot as shit. I might even let her in on my next threesome.

  24. iamsosmrt

    #23 I think you mean Paris IS a pile of hot steaming elephant dung (i.e. SHIT), that came in contact with some crazy sewer chemicals at the zoo and became this Teenage Mutant Slut Turd creature that even dumb people know is nothing more than a filthy piece of excrement. She may be technically in her 20′s but we all know this bitch is a permanent teenager.

    Also your name is Breasts Prove God Exists, meaning you love boobies SOO much that they are in your mind sufficient proof of divine existence, so why then do you like this flat chested boobless piece of shit? Please reconsider as it scares me when I see positive commentary anywhere regarding this dickshit (see definition on Rose McGowan post).

    #5, I agree. I love that Nicole makes Paris look fat, only because I know without a doubt that it really must bother her because Paris is the kind of girl who will watch a World Vision commercial of starving kids in Africa and ask her Mom with a pout

  25. RockyMtnHigh

    One would think that Paris could put a few of her many millions of dollars toward looking not-quite-so-mannish…though I suppose it’s possible that they already tried and this was the best they could come up with. That first shot of her on the balcony looks kind of like Kurt Russell in drag.

  26. marme

    ewww…I’m kinda grossed out by the ass kissing that these camra guys do..fucking lame just shut up and take the shot.

  27. teetee

    Every time I heard Paris talk, she sounds like a tranny on helium!

  28. gmaninjapan

    What’s a BFF?

  29. HughJorganthethird

    BFF = Butt Fucking Friend. They will not consent to sodomy unless the other is present with lube and encouragement

  30. woah

    Mr. Jorgan, your definition of a BFF is a little unnerving- to say the least.

    um. to put it simply, WHAT THE FUCK?!.

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