Paris Hilton and Nicole Lenz make lesbian sex tape

February 21st, 2006 // 71 Comments

paris-lenz-lesbian-tape.jpgPlayboy model Nicole Lenz has elaborated on her alleged lesbian sex tape with Paris Hilton, saying it’s the “horniest videotape of all time” and claiming it was made after a night out partying in Las Vegas in a $1000-a-night suite at the Bellagio Hotel.

Lenz is quoted in Britain’s News of the World newspaper as saying: “The moment we were in the room Paris had only one thing on her mind – sex. We lied down on a king size bed and took it in turns to play with each other. It wasn’t long before we were naked and rolling around together.”

Lenz also claims she and Paris pleasured each other with sex toys. She added: “We just pleasured each other for hours, recording it all. Paris had brought all manner of sex toys – to make sure we didn’t miss out on anything simply because there was no man in bed with us!”

Rumors of the tape have been circulating for awhile now, but leave it to the Playboy model to bring up the use of sex toys. And as hot as I’m sure the tape is, trying to picture Paris Hilton having sex with Nicole Lenz is like picturing an oversized praying mantis trying to mount a barbie doll. Fun for awhile, but then you realize what you’re masturbating to and have to kill yourself for being disgusting.



  1. jugsgirl

    Oh Boy – Another Paris Story !

  2. mamacita

    Well, I am shocked!!! Shocked, I tell you!!! Paris Hilton is just vile. She must have all manner of STDs by now. Or scabies, at the very least. She’s gotta have scabies. Please God, let her have scabies!

  3. Hey! Lesbians are people too. For if you prick them, will they not….wait… sorry…I guess no pricks are involved.

  4. jugsgirl

    toy pricks

  5. CheekyChops

    that are attached to panties

  6. ESQ

    Well I hope it is a lot more exciting than the sex tape she did with Rick Salomon. That would be considered a sleeper. Let’s hope Pee-pee is more exciting with chicks then she is with guys. Perhaps a possible AVN nomination? Pee-pee does want to be in the movies after all and recognized for her “talents.”

  7. jugsgirl

    so i went to the only damn donut shop on island, this morning. it was like 8 am. i walked in and asked for a donut. the mean lady told me she had just opened and had just put the donuts in the oven. really its like almost lunch time and she just started making the donuts. and who the hell cooks donuts in an oven?

    donuts express my ass !

  8. flamarkel

    I think there is some confusion. Lenz said they were using toys, not sex toys. She spent six hours building a miniature city with Lego in Paris’ cooter. It’s pretty cool – it has skyscrapers, an airport, a zoo and a 12-acre park.

  9. gossipmonger

    flamarkel, that would have been funnier if the story right above didnt specify SEX TOYS…
    She added: “We just pleasured each other for hours, recording it all. Paris had brought all manner of sex toys – to make sure we didn’t miss out on anything simply because there was no man in bed with us!”

  10. PapaHotNuts

    God as my witness, Paris Hilton’s vagina will be the basis of a Stephen King novel.

  11. LaydeeBug

    Unless Paris has her face all over that chicks coochie, I ain’t interested.

    It’s probably like one of those lame-assed, late-nite Showtime sex vids where there is alot of posing and preening and fake “ooohs and ahhhs” and then for an encore Paris rubs her calves together and plays a tune for us.

  12. Celetina

    “We lied down on the bed.”

    The English teacher in me just “lied down” and died.

  13. flamarkel

    sorry I disappointed you, gossipmonger. I’ll try harder next time. I live to please you.

  14. funkygoldmedallions

    Carmen and Victoria, meet Paris and Nicole.

  15. princess373

    Thank you LadeeBug. My thoughts exactly. Maybe they even touched each others breasts without making contact with a nipple. I wonder if her parents are going to go on Oprah again after this tape comes out?

  16. LickyLicky

    I thought it was already the basis for that movie, The Cave, Papa.

  17. derekd

    I wonder if pee- pee is into getting/recieving golden showers. I wouldn’t mind watching these sluts pee on themselves. “Thats hot!”

  18. A Nobody

    I thought this happened a thousand years ago?

    Oh, god, did I wake up into a parallel universe? Schit I gotta kill myself.

  19. Tink

    I really dislike Paris Hilton (big surprise), therefore i love seeing her embarrassed..

    So… When’s the tope coming out??

  20. LaydeeBug

    #7 Ummmm, Donuts.

  21. MystressJade

    OK, I quit.

    I though being bi was “special”, like those ho’s in the Kid Rock/Stapp video thought they were special. Now that Paris is doing it, I’m moving on.

    I’m thinking of shaving my head with a cheese grater while chewing on tinfoil and poking my eye out with a hammer.

  22. LoneWolf

    Clearly, what happened in Vegas isn’t staying in Vegas.

    My guess is that Paris’ people and Nicole’s people are working out how the rental/sale profits are going to be split, and once that’s settled we’ll be treated to the most one-sidedly erotic lesbian pairing since Ellen Degeneres and Portia Di Rossi.

    Well, then and once Nicole finishes her final course of penicillin treatments and gets her AZT cocktail going. Gotta be in good health when you’re out promoting your porn tape.

  23. SMF121490

    BIG YAWN!! Paris does not surprise me anymore. I hope at least she makes some sort of noise in this tape. Or, at least acts like she is enjoying herself. Because the tape she did with Rick was so damn boring and I kept thinking I had to turn the sound up.

  24. bitch

    Who is Nicole Lenz?

  25. carriecoconut28

    Paris is so ugly, and yet she thinks shes so cute. I cant stand the girl or anything she does.

  26. MeganHarris

    I want to see a sex tape between Mischa and Paris.

  27. Bob Denver

    Please tell me this sex tape is coming out soon! Nicole Lenz looks hot, and hopefully the room will be dark, so you won’t be able to see the creepy crawlies running out of Paris’ cooch.

  28. LaydeeBug

    Mischa and Paris hooking up. About as attractive as a grasshopper and a mantis, and that is insulting the insects.

  29. playahater101

    If you swabbed paris’ vagina and put the contents on a pitri dish, a few hours later you’d have a full bacteria city complete with skyscrapers and a mayor.

    She must be the dumbest person alive. She continues to make these tapes and is surprised when they get released.

  30. LaydeeBug

    Oh, and calling it a lesbian tape is insulting to lesbians. The lezzies I know would’t bang Paris with Nicoles chocha.


    That’s hot…..I’m a girl and even I’d want to see that tape but with it on mute so I don’t have to hear Paris’ shrill voice ringing in my ears.

  32. Queen LaQueefah

    Paris Hilton has ALMOST run out of ways to be a disgusting slut. She’s like a giant trip to Cancun where a wet t-shirt contest turns into a muff-diving competition because the girls just want to be the biggest whore in the damn city. Paris however, is an overacheiver, and wants to be the galaxy’s biggest whore, of all time and space and history. She’s going to have to do more to hang on to that title, like screw horses and put bowling balls in her vagina, then eject them full-force down the bowling alley and scoring a strike. I’m just going to wait. These days a lesbian video ain’t shit.

  33. LaydeeBug

    Word Queen, she’s a quiff!

  34. my_glorious_lawn

    Let’s face it already, Paris Hilton probably should become a Pornstar. I will admit, the pervert in me wants to see this video. However, if it was as lame as the other one, I may settle for the Victoria’s Secret catalogue again to drain the milk from my sex organ. How gross, yuk.

  35. We should take bets on how many people this whore as slept with. I’m gonna go with 300.

  36. LaydeeBug

    I remember once in Greek Mythology class we had to write a paper on comparing one of the main gods to someone in todays news. Some of the girls compared PH to Aphrodite. Well, it took a while, but I had to kick every one of those girls’ asses, then sit them down and explain to them what cooze-heads they were being.

    Oh, I go an A.

  37. maiira

    In response to #36:

    *Slaps down a ten* You’re on. I say 400.

  38. Jayne

    the chick looks like Tara Reid, no?
    Without the smug, lazy expressions.

  39. SpiderMomma

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she has slept with 1000 people in her short slutaholic life.

  40. carrie bradshaw

    She is so unbelievably nasty – that South Park episode of her was dead on. For the life of me, I can’t understand why this girl is a “celebrity”.

  41. Zed

    There’s very little anyone can tell me about Paris’ sex life that would surprise me.

    Oh sure, if you said she had sex with a cockroach, I might be slightly startled. Or that she french-kissed a turtle, okay. But in general, I believe it all.

    If any of the above is true, I hope she didn’t give the cockroach or turtle her STDs. Skank.

  42. ProtonMan

    ooohhhh yuck!!! Perish the thought of going down on Paris. You would have no idea who or what had been there before you!!!

  43. ESQ

    In response to comment #42 – I do have a pet turtle and he took major offense to that remark. He just told me he wants nothing to do with that cooze and to just leave him alone swimming in his tank. Oh and more goldfish please.

    Gee, I guess being an average Joe working everyday and paying off student loans isn’t so bad. The alternative could be an heiress, embarrassing my family everyday by my atrocities and by fucking everything in sight would be the upside.

    I am waiting for the day when her family has had enough of her and has cut her out of the will altogether. By then she may have picked up prostitution as a profession, why not get paid at what you like to do, right?

  44. LaydeeBug

    Say ESQ? Not to get off the subject, but is a $20,000 loan balance bad? I have yet to graduate and that’s the balance so far. How long d’ya think it’s gonna take me to pay it off?

  45. HughJorganthethird

    Oh yeah her first sex tape was so hot I can’t wait to see this one.


  46. Evangelia

    I’d watch it. The other girl’s pretty.

  47. smartass

    Her mother & father probably whore around too. Otherwise you’d think they’d pull in the reins on this idiot for making the hilton name equal slut. She is UGGGGLY! Her face looks like she got stuck coming out, like Sly Stallone. And if guys are turned on by someone built like a little boy w/slighter bigger boobs, she’s your skank.

  48. LaydeeBug

    RE: Her Parents

    Her dad looks like he spends a lot of time in the drawing room (alone) with his bottle of 500 year old scotch and the mother, well she probably has a lifetime prescription of ________ (write in name of your favorite relaxy pill).

    So, they probably don’t even remember that they have kids, anyway.

  49. Ing

    Oh dear Paris you dirty whore you just cant seem to shock me anymore..
    #48 I agree, did u see the pic of her slut mums nipple hanging out? I think that whole family is a bunch of tacky mother like daughter..
    The worst thing is that they seem proud of Paris..PROUD!
    …did anyone say AIDS…

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