Paris Hilton and K-Fed get it on

April 23rd, 2007 // 83 Comments

There must be some sort of secret celebrity douche club I don’t know about, because Kevin Federline and Paris Hilton were spotted partying together at Tao last Friday. Paris was with her boyfriend Josh Henderson though, so hopefully she and K-Fed weren’t doing anything too horrifying. Can you imagine if these two actually did get together? Their kids would come out with flippers instead of arms. And I’m not sure if it’s possible to have a negative IQ, but man would they try.



  1. Nikky Raney

    disgusting and pathetic

  2. Nikky Raney

    what happened to the magical bra?

  3. YouAreUnreasonable

    oh, my good. i dont know where is the end, where is this world going to…
    good probably punished us with this because of the global warming, and he anounced the apocalypse with this.

  4. YouAreUnreasonable

    sorry about the grammar mistakes in the comment 53. i ment god instead of good. whell, man, i am croatian i am aloud to make english grammar mistakes

  5. Paris better watch her shit..she’s messin with anti-brittney’s X..maybe she’ll do a Loraine Bobbit on his dick and then chock Paris with it!

  6. His eyes look like they are ready to bleed.

  7. DrPhowstus

    It’s nice to see Earl slumming again. Paris will be fat in no time.

  8. FRIST!!!

    #57 and pregnant

  9. rtnmac

    If they got it on, i imagine it would create a black hole from their combined lack of IQ. Like a vacuum gone wild. With a meshback on sideways.

  10. FRIST!!!

    Wait…where’s her garbage bag or 80′s mompants???
    She’s so out of style!!!!

  11. diarrhea riot

    Look out Paris…. You gonna get THE SHOCKER!

  12. Sparkles13

    I’m pretty sure that greenhouse gases come from Paris’ crotch. Way to cause global warming, Captain Herpisyphilis.

  13. NicotineEyePatch

    Haha, if the first two don’t rock ‘er…. the third one will shock ‘er!

  14. wtf

    They had to edit out the 40′s and the bingo hair

  15. diarrhea riot

    Two in the pinky, one in the stinky!

  16. Ryan

    He think’s he’s black and she thinks she’s attractive.

  17. Bugman4045

    K-Fed is moving up the goldigger ladder:
    Shar Jackson
    Now Paris.
    If he impregnates her and and marries into that family, it will be proof that he has near god-like powers, and people will start worshipping him.

  18. Dory

    before she was just gross…

    Now shes the laughing stock of the entire world. How Desperate do you have to be. If you have to get off that fn bad BUY A VIBRATOR.

    then again it is paris and i do oh so love laughing at her so god i pray she is knocked up that would be the celebrity laugh of my lifetime!!!

  19. whitegold

    You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!!! Now K-Fed and Paris hang out?! What the fuck is wrong with people!

  20. jrzmommy♠

    Hee hee……K-Fag’s got some palsy going on with that claw/hand.

  21. iamsosmrt

    Oh god… there are no words.

    PLEASE people you cannot let this happen.

    If Paris Hilton and Kevin Federline are aloud to mate they will become a PURE EVIL/STUPID invincible duo known forever as P-Fed. In their hideous filthy reign the world will be covered in darkness for TEN MILLION years and we will all be forced to endure endless Paris+K-Fed concerts which would cause a world wide ear bleeding epidemic of epic proportions. The massive bloodshed, from our ears, would form a satanic river leading straight to PARIS and K-Fed, when the bloody stream reached
    P-FED and pooled around their filthy diseased bodies it would be the dawn of super mutant STD unlike the world has ever seen, an STD made of every single STD EVER (since Paris and K-Fed have them all). Most of us will be killed or deformed by the heinous and horrific super disease and those who lived would be forced into slave labor in one of two Hilterline factories; one factory manufacturing ointment for Kevin’s anal STD boils and the other manufacturing giant specialized size 11 women

  22. wedge1

    #25 – LMFAO. Excellent thought!

    K-Earl’s face looks like one you’d see in the post office or on a highway rest stop billboard:
    “This man owes his children $57,491.43″
    {insert K-Earl’s headshot here}

    How much of Brit’s child support will Shar ever see? Maybe Shar ought to take K-Earl back to court now.

  23. wedge1

    Damn – I forgot to slag on Paris.
    If she’s at Tao with her boyfriend, did they bring in K-Earl for a 3-some? Anyone order a Paris Double Stacker?

  24. Truthseeker013

    Take note, all. Today, you have witnessed the day before the Anti-Christ was conceived.

  25. sharpei dude

    He’s saying; “Here…smell this before an infection sets in and I have to lose the hand.”

    These two shit streaks are so over.

  26. Lowlands

    Since when is Paris into the leftovers from Lindsay?

  27. Lowlands

    Although i’ve to admit,they could be the perfect couple in the eyes of Lucifer.

  28. I Smell this guy is trying to get more MILLI@NS!

  29. cm

    Two media whores found one another..a match for sure. He’ll take anything he can get, she’ll give it all easily, anytime, anywhere. Yep, it’s a keeper.

  30. Lowlands

    What’s next?Paris and Lindsay get it on?

  31. anothershityear

    the crips & bloods have a hand-sign/gesture that translates to


    who knew

  32. arden

    WTF is wrong with his hand???

  33. she can suck his dick for all i care..everyone else gets it, he’s scarey lookin in the eyes, freakboy.

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