Paris Hilton and K-Fed get it on

April 23rd, 2007 // 83 Comments

There must be some sort of secret celebrity douche club I don’t know about, because Kevin Federline and Paris Hilton were spotted partying together at Tao last Friday. Paris was with her boyfriend Josh Henderson though, so hopefully she and K-Fed weren’t doing anything too horrifying. Can you imagine if these two actually did get together? Their kids would come out with flippers instead of arms. And I’m not sure if it’s possible to have a negative IQ, but man would they try.



  1. christine

    Looks photoshopped..not sure why anyone would take the time to edit this lame as picture though…just sayin’

  2. OMG that guy actually thinks he

  3. kelley :D

    i wonder how many people paris has given herpes to.

  4. beckster99

    his hand looks gross.. haha

  5. i wonder how many people paris has given herpes to.

  6. PunjabPete

    Did he really just throw out a gang sign????

    Man, and I was rooting for him against Brit-ho….

    Now he is gonna get the crotch rot and die…

  7. beer

    Now he just needs to BANG LINDSAY LOHAN — then it*s MULTI*BALLLLLLLL!!!!

  8. blondewithnobrain

    i’d still hit it.

  9. chaunceygardner

    If the two of them have sex and mix fluids, will it create one super-STD, or cancel their veneral diseases out all together?

  10. johnnywad

    What the fuck’s wrong with his hand? Does he have arthritis, or is he attempting to do that Vulcan hand thing like Mr. Spock?

  11. HollyJ

    Herpes and The Beast

    that’s hot

  12. Ricky Razzle

    Rat and hawk

  13. no1justminda

    Paris just does it to piss off the other whores of Hollywood. It’s getting old. We’re on to you Paris…

  14. Superevil

    10- no, it’ll cause a black hole to open up (no, not paris’) and all life on earth will be immediately eradicated.

    11- makes you wish some real gangster would cap his ass doesn’t it?

  15. beer

    15 – No I wish some 10 year old kid would trip Fed by tying his shoes together then kick him in the nuts repeatedly.

  16. LilRach

    I must be mentally disturbed because i would so do him. He looks like he’d be good in the sack.

    Ok shoot me now.

  17. shnack?

    i love your comments.

  18. mrs.t

    These two hooking up was more of a ‘when’ than an ‘if’.

    And he has got to be joking with the gang sign….like in that insurance commercial where he’s cash-money rapper one second, pulling fries the next….he has to be making fun of himself.

    Wait-I forgot about PopoZao. He’s a moron.

  19. Anexio

    … their kids would come out with re-tard helmets instead of arms.


  20. Conky

    K-fed was flashing our gang sign. The two of us started our own gang, yo

    Western burbs represent.

  21. ^Jenna^

    Ok, so some backstabbing happing in Whoreville. Boo hoo for Britney and yawn for the rest of us.
    On the other hand, it would be a fun experiment to see if Hiltor can raise Brit’s kids. Cuz u know – if they die, it’s not like anyone gives a shit

  22. ^Jenna^

    *happening – proofread, always proofread

  23. ^Jenna^

    also, 17 – freaky-looking doesn’t mean freaky in bed.. so.. BANG

  24. Gambitgirl

    I think it’s nice he sums up this pic with his gang sign: wigger and wonk eye.

  25. captainpyro

    Westsiiide! Fresno represent, bitches!

  26. bigponie

    Paris’s head looks bigger, someon needs to tell her to exhale once in a while, and why hell is his forehead getting smaller while his chin looks bigger. They should donate their heads to science, we might find the answer to the age old question, “what’s on the other side of the black hole”.

  27. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Where’d her tits go? Maybe she has those new inflatable ones that she can make big or little depending on which dress she wants to wear…

  28. Do Freebird

    This looks totally believable to me.

    The Fed-Meister’s hand looks all screwed up because he just caught the sluts car keys. Now he’s headed outside to park the car like any good parking lot attendant should.

    I’d also like to add something that just could never be said enough, and has not been said here enough.


    And don’t you forget it.

  29. bobbygou87

    loooks like k fed didn’t eat his snooze bar, or else he’d be passed out asleep all night, not cavortin woth that heiress…. that’s what goulet tihnks. maybe you need a snooze bar…

  30. dumbphuck

    he looks like a shabs junkie. put this guy in burberry or nautica and send him to england or australia and he’d easily fit in with chav or lad crews… lol

  31. the trouble w/ tribble

    Can’t those retards come up with new poses? Every pose wonkey eye gives us that same ‘ol “come hither look” the babes give us in Victoria Secret except she aint no babe and she butchers the look with her lame eye and k-fag w/ his gangsta wanna be gang sign. When is her wonka eye gonna give out due to the blue contacts she’s always wearing to make us think she’s hot? Ya got shit colored eyes Perry and ya proud to be shot w/ K-fag ’cause you really a piece of shit. You aint foolin nobody w/ your ratty fake hair, size 13 feet and shit colored eyes. Thank God you were born into money or you’d be one po skanky ho. You just a rich skanky ho with herpes! Thats so funny that the world knows you got the herps! Ahh, the perks of fame. Go home and do something meaningful. Oh thats right, your only mission in life is to prove how “hot” you are. I wonder if the idiots she bangs knows that condoms aren’t full proof against herpes. Can’t imagine the std’s she’s spreadin around hollyland.

  32. Carsten5577

    Why is this talentless stupid wigger dirtbag always making bogus gang signs when photographed?


  34. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    That’s not a ‘W’. He’s throwin up an ‘E’ for Earl.

  35. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    In the meantime:
    “GIRLS GONE WILD” Founder Gets Jail Time

    PANAMA CITY, Fla. – Blowing his nose and wiping away tears, the multimillionaire founder of the “Girls Gone Wild” video empire pleaded guilty to contempt of court Monday and was sentenced to 35 days in jail.

    AHAHAHAHA Crybaby Joe!

  36. derekd

    Motherfucker needs some sun. West side? Looks more like he’s from Minnesota. Crackhead skinny too. I’m skinny only cuz I’m poor. I would be a fat ass if I could get a hold of some rich peoples food’nshit. I hears rich peoples be eating lobsters and linguni. yeah! I hear that linsguni is fo’ rich peoplesss.

  37. shittylips

    SLOPPY SECONDS ANYONE?? Is there merit in hangin and bangin the skank club over there, passing the girls and boys around, then hatin each other? Cos I LOVE IT, makes me laff! (ps – fckhd – piss off you try hard)

  38. whoneedsenemies

    These have to be the two most practiced poses ever! Ok 3, 2, 1 and snap.
    Oh god, I think I just threw up im my mouth a little.

  39. felishous


  40. TurdFerguson

    #35, yeah….he’s just dyslexic. “Paris, ho, tell papi how ta spell Earl”.

    And what the fuck is up with that Wal-Mart pinky ring he’s sporting? If any gang members from the West siiiiide of the trailer park knew what was good for them, they would chop his hand off – one finger at a time.

    I wonder what Paris thinks about fucking a mule hung like a spider. Not to mention, the variations of diseases those two will reproduce on their own – No daddy’s or baby-mama’s money needed. They’re a fucking Chemistry project.

  41. zks

    God, just looking at this picture is making me have flashbacks of my high school. Disgusting.
    But I love Paris’s expression here. She thinks she’s sexy, but she just looks like she’s trying to shoot lasers from her tiny hobgoblin brain.

  42. junglewoman

    Is it me or did she lose her new found boobies?

  43. katiechen

    when will paris learn that her life is worth shit? She really needs to stop appearing on the news.. the more I see her, the more I loose my brain cells

  44. 44- Heh heh, yeah y’are, you selled lose wrong….and so am I. I spelled spelled wrong. But I have a good excuse. I suck at typing. In fact I started typing this like 15 minutes ago….
    But I have an excuse for that too. They put my typing class on first period back in high school, and everyone knows the pot doesn’t really wear off til 10:00.

  45. kamihi

    That man has evil eyes and will everyone (including gangstas) stop thinking its COOL to do stupid things with your fingers, its pathetic.

  46. Liverpool FC



  47. MrSemprini

    Ah, the Apocalypse.

  48. evian_baby

    She’s only doing this to get revenge on Britney for dumping her, but Britneys gonna have the last laugh cos she’s been there and done that with both these losers!

    ps i know Paris is ‘ugly’ but she can make herself look really good sometimes.. then other times not so much xx

  49. Regnig

    #25 just summed it up. Bravo!

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