Paris Hilton and Kevin Federline bring in the New Year/apocalypse together

December 31st, 2007 // 57 Comments

Paris Hilton and Kevin Federline partied together in Vegas this weekend. Yeah, go ahead and absorb that for a minute. People says they spent the night together in Paris’ room. says they didn’t. I bet he did. I mean, how could Kevin resist Paris climbing over furniture like a drunken Spider-man? That’s just erotic. Could you imagine if he knocked her up? I did. It took the fire department five hours to talk me down off a ledge. Then they gave me a ride on the fire engine to a strip club. Okay, maybe I sort of jumped off the back when no one was looking.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Skippy


  2. shallow val

    Unless he’s looking for a new mealticket, I cannot see this man fucking Paris Hilton with a donkey dick. He looks like he likes his girls with figures and tits, and well, Paris has neither.

  3. Metoo

    I don’t care what anybody else says; I’d still sick my big ol willy in her wet holes. She just has to lube that @ss hole up and I’d go to town.

  4. p0nk

    Brit’s banging random paparazzi, KFed’s FKing the disease control center… i hope the kids have good life insurance policies going for them.

  5. p0nk

    and wtf is up with his hair? Is Jaden an aspiring hairstylist?

  6. pp

    that paris hilton totally does something to my penis. something that makes it shrivel up inside of me. id still beat my dick on her lips though. slap slap.

  7. ballslap

    whatever dude i’d hit it too and so would kfed even if he prefers figures and tits, he would still tag that ass just to be there. it’s like visiting national monument.

    anyone know where the kids were that night?

  8. put the ugly people in the back

    Now that’s a fucking bad omen.

  9. KFedCanMakeBabies

    KFed can do something that Paris wants. He can get her pregnant. Paris wants to preggo so she can party with Nicole. Why not Kfed? When Melissa Etheridge and her gay girlfriend wanted a kid didn’t they ask David Crosby to wank off into a cup? They never wanted to marry him. KFed has as much going for him as Crosby. In Fact he’s younger. Paris will have her baby and her Granpa will have one more Hilton he can exclude from his will. Makes sense to me.

  10. sharpeidude

    No way! NO FUCKING WAY!!!!!

  11. sportsdvl

    How in the hell does this no-talent hack get pussy? Seriously. If he was in a bar 99% of the chicks would ignore him.

  12. wha on the 5th picture she looks like she has a belly





  13. They are not seen together! There is not one picture were they even look like they are hanging out together, more like in the same place……THATS ALL!

  14. joeypants

    I agree #5… I would wreck that.

  15. D. Richards (Hands.)

    Oh mother! Paris is the whore-of spiteful bitches. Think about the enjoyment she gets out of being seen with ex-husband-of Britney Spears. Hilton is a dirty cunt. She has that look on her face; like she could get you in to serious fucking trouble. That half-grin, squinted eye, what you wanna snort look. Die bitch!

    By the way. No one should ever say (..ugh) Federline’s name out loud. The guy is just such a waste-of animal resources. This cock’s entire career is comprised of mooching money out of of his hyper-expensive wife’s bank account. Federline’s work mules are his two kids. He doesn’t care about ‘em. He uses them for profit.

    What-a bastard. There’s nothing funny to say. The guy’s just a piece-of shit. The end.

  16. G Man

    Wow a celebration for the Liitle Bus Riders that are going out in 2008.. Friggin Retards.. That club will need disinfecting after that crew since it now smells like a dirty hamper and cheap cologne..

  17. Mac C Tha Pimp

    I am rolling on daytonas SEGA FUCKIN SATURN

  18. RoyalDukeofJackassery

    From the looks of this party (KFed, Hilton and Brody Jenner) it only needed Lindsey Lohan and that greasy haired guy who said “FireCrotch” 10,000 times in 30 seconds to qualify as D-List Party of the Century.

    Wait … in that last pic … I see an “F” – does that mean he has a “K” on the other forearm? Maybe I’m the last guy who visited these sites to notice this (and that’s okay, by the way), but could it be true K-Fed has won the award for “worse pseudo-celebrity tattoo,” upsetting Kenyon Martin and his Grim-Reaper-With-a-Basketball tat?

    Say it isn’t so Kenyon! Get thee to a tattoo parlor with bad flash and catch up!

  19. the UFC wasn’t the only thing poppin this weekend.

  20. bangthegenius

    with a haircut like that, KFed is destined for a long life of service at Kinko’s or Burger King

    Paris is dirtier than a Brooklyn taxi…better double bag…hazmat gear might be in order as well.

  21. James

    looks like more money for kfed when he gets paris pregnant

  22. SSS

    It’d be revenge sex for both of them.

  23. 2008

    Paris should hook up with Brody. He likes stupid, vapid, blondes, and she likes anything with a cock.

    Hollywood needs another attractive, boring couple!

  24. Vince Lombardi

    Federline should be told that Mohawks went out with… well, the Mohicans, really. Perhaps he just came from watching “300″ for the first time and thought that thing on top of the Spartans helmets was their hair and said, “Hey, that’s a look I can bring to court with me.”

    Who is Paris Hilton again?

  25. Vince Lombardi

    The best photo is #8. That guy in the lower left looks terrified that something from her cootch jumped on to his really ultra-cool pleather “Member’s Only” jacket….

  26. D. Richards (frustrated homosexual)

    I mean not that I wouldn’t suck the Fed-man’s dick though. Shit, I’d suck caterpillars just to feel that phallus sensation crawling down my turkey-necked wrinkled old throat!!!

  27. mcawful

    More importantly, what the fuck happened to Brody Jenner?!

  28. The guy on the bottom of the first pic looks like he’s blowing someone.

  29. whatever

    The end is near.

  30. does it matter?

    honestly, i don’t know what’s worse. the fact that the two are partying together, or that they are partying together and with brody jenner simultaneously.

  31. put the ugly people in the back

    The thing that bugs me about Britney and her hideous fatness is that it makes little pieces of shit sluts llike Paris Hilton happy. You can see all the competition in Hollywood amongst these young girls and I am not saying I do not find Britney and her filthy behaviour and complete lack of self respect absolutely revolting but the fact that it makes little snots like Paris happy makes me sick. Yall know Paris couldn’t hold a fucking candle to Brit Brit when the afore mentioned shitney was in top form but you know that Paris is laughing behind Brit’s back and is delighted by her misery as she tries to soak up all the attention as the new blonde, correction filthy old used blonde, on top.

    I dunno folks but I really want to see Britney get fucking hotter than ever and give a big old fuck you to Hollywood. I like laughing at Britney but I don’t like scum of the earth diseased filled maggot covered pig whores like Paris and K-Fuck laughing at her. GET BACK INTO YOUR SOCIAL CAGE YOU SHIT FUCKS WE OWN YOUR ASSES; You don’t laugh at Britney, you don’t think, you don’t live, you merely exist for us, the real people, to laugh at and mock so never EVER laugh at one of your own P-Fed.

    There’s a big difference between Britney and Paris; Brit’s an idiot but in the end I want her to beat this hell hole she’s put herself in and I want to see her hot again and being a decent Mom(by hollywood standards; which equates to a crack whore mommy in the real word) but with Paris there is no good that can be redeemed there is absolutely no hope for her and my only wish is that she never ever procreates ( I would wish endless misery on her but it’s new years eve and my resolution is to be less of a hateful bitch and shit like that, guess I won’t be coming here much).

    Well Happy New years folks and may you never be a celebrity for there are few things worse than those who sell their souls for fame and live a life so greedy and selfish that even the word scrooge cannot do their inhumanity justice.

    fuck you ceelbrities.. fuck you all

    .. oh fuck I broke my resolution already.. well there’s alwys next year, now to break my other resolutions…

    Now how can I seemlessly glue all my credit cards back together and where can I get a kilo of hagendass at this hour.

  32. Vince Lombardi

    wow @33, time to go back on your meds…..

  33. storm

    i thought paris and britney were partying together at one point and then paris had that mental beak down and started giving away all this money and shit to other causes,.. and then they weren’t parting together any more,..first she and nicole were fighting and now they’ve made up because nicoles prego?then she starts haning out with britney after all this shit with federline(who by the way is he? what really has he done that really mattered to anyone except being famous for getting britney prego) and for some weird reason she stops hanging out with britney again and is now screwing brits ex-husband?!!well,..well,..what a disusting ride this has been..he can get her prego and take her kids from her too,… maybe he thinks now that this thing with britney is going to be done soon he needed another sugar momma,. i mean look we all know that the money ole’ brits shelling out wont last forever,.. their kids wont be small long and then what?so his plan? get to paris hilton not matter the disease get her knocked up so her family can support him for the rest of his natural life because not only will they have a child but he will then sue her for his medical needs because she gave him that shit and he’ll say “oh i had no idea that she was sick boo hoo poor me” well heres to 2008 boy this is going to get ugly ican se it now,…lol cheers all

  34. Planned Parenthood

    I hope she gets pregnant with his kid, too. He would still be a better parent than Paris, as he is with all his other 4 kids. This guy, Kevin, is really a hoser, and all these stupid Bimbos are getting just what they deserve. I also don’t know what they all see in him. To me, he appears to be “Just a Gigolo” to quote that old foolish rocker – David Something – the ex from Van Halen.

  35. Ript1&0

    Look at KFed’s mohawk!!!! Dude, he’s SO hardcore! I guess you would have to be a straight up mofo to fuck Paris.

    “I’m going in. Anarchy, bitches!”

  36. maz

    if i wasn’t conditioned to hate him so much; kevin federline would be hott..

  37. Farm Animal

    Kevin looks like a horned out rooster, AKA Long Horn Big Horn.

  38. Federline Schmederline

    Kevin Federline would be almost classically handsome, but he hides it under douchebaggery because he knows that’s what the dumb, rich girls like.

    He’s a master manipulator. Much, much worse than Britney, who at least has enough of a soul to hate the world and everything in it. But Federwhore loves the world, loves the ‘tang, and loves money. He is smart and ruthless. A snake in human form, prowling the garden of Eden.

    His list of sins is worse than hers. He is bringing children into this world just as bargaining chips for alimony. People forget that he has other kids with Shar Jackson who he rarely sees ( all this by the age of 26 or something ). Then he gets people on his side by being the “good parent” when it’s obvious those kids are just his cash cows. He lets them live in his house and throws them a sandwich now and then, that’s about it. Maybe when they hit puberty he’ll take them to a Reno cathouse.

    Paris Hilton is rotten through and through. Britney is a victim, of both herself and the media. Lindsay is a survivor.

  39. Okai so she’s rich and she’s gourgeus but seriously calm down so many people are so much prettier than her like Ashley Tisdale and people like that.

    Okai girl who do you think is ‘prettier’
    And ladz who do you think is ‘fitter’

    Paris Hilton: – a hot community for black and white

  40. She looks cute – hot dress. I actually don’t think she’d touch K-fed…not knowing where he’s been and all.

  41. STeve

    Paris looks old.


  43. Paris has ugly genetalia :)

    Paris has an ugly falling out vagina :( That is all I think of when I see her pics is the moments she exposed her nasty vagina so thats pretty bad. Sucks for her, she needs to go ahead and get some plastic surgery down there. And her nose.

  44. hey now

    yea every time i see her i can picture her vagina too very clearly iv seen many photos and have her video i bought when i was 17 haha i used to love her…. god knows why lol ? anyway she acts likes it’s something to be proud of all pretty and what not . but danm thats def. one of the nastest ones iv ever wittnest and i seen a lot of em so i should know . i see in one picture some guy it looking up her dress im feelin bad for him lol whatever she should learn to keep her legs shut since she supposed to be all high class and shit ppshh.

  45. FRT

    Too bad we couldn’t bring Albert Einstein back to life.

    Maybe he could figure out the theory of K-Fed.

    As in what the fuck do women see in this loser…?

    It has to be the giant prick he has between his legs…because he sure as hell has nothing but cornflakes between his ears.

  46. FRT

    Too bad we couldn’t bring Albert Einstein back to life.

    Maybe he could figure out the theory of K-Fed.

    As in what the fuck do women see in this loser…?

    It has to be the giant prick he has between his legs…because he sure as hell has nothing but cornflakes between his ears.

  47. FRT

    Too bad we couldn’t bring Albert Einstein back to life.

    Maybe he could figure out the theory of K-Fed.

    As in what the fuck do women see in this loser…?

    It has to be the giant prick he has between his legs…because he sure as hell has nothing but cornflakes between his ears.

  48. LINDA

    This bitch again!!!

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