Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis hate Lindsay Lohan

hilton-davis-hate-lohan.jpgThis is one of the oddest celebrity videos you’ll ever see. Last night Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis were club hopping in LA and Davis started ranting on Lindsay Lohan with Hilton laughing it up behind him. Among his insults are saying that Lohan’s dad is hotter than her, she smells like diarrhea, and she has a fire crotch. At one point Davis – the son of dead billionaire Marvin Davis – says: “I think she’s worth about seven million, which means she’s really poor. It’s disgusting. She lives in a motel.”

Fuck yes. I hadn’t heard of Brandon Davis until this little incident, but he acts the way super rich people are supposed to act. He should drive up and down Rodeo Drive pointing at people from his Bentley and call them all hobos. “Look at that fucker in the Mercedes. He must work at McDonalds or something.”