Paris Hilton has an ass. Who knew?

May 12th, 2009 // 93 Comments

Here’s Paris Hilton in the Caribbeans wearing a bikini that’s failing miserably in the ass coverage department. Then again, I’m surprised she even has one. I just assumed Paris’ legs connected to her torso like a butt-less LEGO figure, but clearly, there’s an on-ramp to VD back there. Did not see that coming.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Racer X


    /white guys think that”s an ass if you’re into 12 yr old boys

  2. Nero

    Holy crap! That’s one pale looking ass! Where’s my babe?

  3. Darth

    Just put a bottle of milk next to her ass and you grap her ass because you think it’s the bottle of milk!

  4. Potty Girl

    This is turning into one of those sites where you can see really shocking, disgusting images. I just ate and after seeing this I feel ill. Note to self: Never again visit The Superficial after eating, because there are too many disgusting images! Everything from Paris’s no-ass ass to Kim’s humongous flab-o-rama ass to that guy who has Rhys as part of his last name weird stare. Ugh, I feel really sick now.

  5. boo

    how many 12 year old boy comments can there be. So old come up with something new

  6. tromba

    I’d bend her over and let her have it!!

  7. say wha

    This chick has the longest torso ever!!

  8. Like the little Coppertone girl, but with STDs.

  9. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    How do we even know this is Paris? Huh? The only pic showing any face is the first one, and even then it could be anyone. I’d even settle for a view of her notoriously knobby knees, but there’s none of that either.

    That said, I think that Paris, or whoever this is, has a kinda cute ass. but WTF is with that second shot? Her feet point in a completely different direction than the rest of her body; she looks like a drawing on an Egyptian tomb wall.

  10. beep beep

    #58, Wow did you come up with that line all by yourself? See #31, he did a better version of your remark.

  11. that’s more of a slump than an ass.

  12. Raquel

    She’s just about perfect for most of the (closeted gay) male commenters here – she has a flat featureless white ass, like a boring white guy. Add a lot of hair on it, plus a hairy beer belly, and you’ve got their secret “lifemates”.

  13. Fati

    I don’t see an ass. I see an undercooked pancake.

  14. weirdo

    The hell with her slimy pussy, I’d ramrod that flat ass until it’s as red as her back!

  15. be honest: YOU CAN IMAGINE SHIT IS COMING OUT, folks!!

  16. nice ass
    for more pics click on my name

  17. rachel

    What ass? Looks like my boyfriend’s

  18. linda green

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  19. Barb

    I’m waiting for Randal’s comment.

  20. Nero


  21. chlöe

    ummm Paris Hilton has a sunburn.

  22. denise

    You call that an ass???!!!
    you need to get out more

  23. That bikini bottom accentuate Paris’s butt real nicely, There would be rave review for that tight tush if it was not known it was Paris…

  24. Turd Ferguson

    Jeez! She and Michael Phelps need to hook up and produce some bizarre looking mutant offspring with 2′ legs and 6′ torsos.

    Randal, were waiting for you to defend this atrocity.

  25. Charlie

    She has the same physique as the salamander in the Geico commercials. I expect to hear an English accent when she speaks.

  26. ToTellTheTruth

    Looks like a stack of pancakes…with NO butter..

  27. Saw

    wow she have small ass

    i guess this days gangstars cant afford to fix their rides

  28. Donzhang

    Really not sure about that! She used to be good! and all my hot and sincere friends on ” ___ Tall mingle . c o m ___ ” loved her! and she’s popular on the site; so, what happened?

  29. jim

    I just wish there were a website that was fun like discotheque, where I could intercourse Robert Pattinson. Can anyone please help me???

  30. “Paris Hilton has an ass”

    You mis-spelt “is”.

  31. Kmay

    What ass??? lmao.

  32. PostmortemG

    “She has the same physique as the salamander in the Geico commercials.”

    You sir, are a genius. Where *IS* Randal? =D

  33. Hakia

    World Swimwear has the cutest swimsuits, she should have shopped there and got some bottoms that actually fits.

  34. notfunny

    how is that an ass…shes flat as a board

  35. Roxy


  36. tablewine

    Paris has a nice ass. #73 is right. If she pulled her bikini bottom up, her ass would look ever better.

  37. nik

    …cute little butt.

  38. nik

    …cute little butt.

  39. not impressive…

  40. Pete

    she has a hanging flat ass

  41. PollackSam

    Speak for youself.

    White women from east of the Rhine or south of the 50 north got some major action in the back.
    Hell, Paris’ ass is even pitiful compared to normal flat asses.

    It’s not even a cute, plump little butt, it’s just BLEGH

  42. Goenigoegoe83

    She has a grannie ass! Don’t understand how you say she has an ass.. this is NO ass!

  43. Zz

    lol none of you are funny!

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