Paris Hilton: ‘Michael Jackson named his daughter after me’

July 23rd, 2009 // 102 Comments

While attending the premiere of her MTV documentary Paris, Not France (above), Paris Hilton revealed to Extra that Michael Jackson’s daughter was named after her:

“My mom and Michael went to high school together and they were best friends since they were 13,” Paris explains. “So I grew up knowing Michael very well and when he had his daughter, he always loved the name Paris and grew up being an uncle to me. So he asked my mom if it was okay and of course she said yes and I think she’s such a beautiful little girl and I’m proud we have the same name.”

I don’t know about you guys, but this is probably the most fucked up thing I’ve heard about Michael Jackson. Ever. I could find out I have repressed memories of him molesting me as a child, and I’d still be saying “Wait. He named his daughter after who now?”

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  1. michael jackson's brain

    She’s obnoxious, infested and a lying stupid piece of white trash. No wonder gramps disowned her.

  2. wreiad

    And if this is true, how was he to know that she’d grow to become who she is? Give it a rest people. It’s just a name.

  3. Angela

    This is a LIE! Paris Jackson was conceived in Paris…her own mother Debbie has said this. She’s really…dumb

  4. Jamie

    What a suprise, Paris attention whore Hilton has some how found a way to make herself important in someone else’s tradgedy, and i find it hard to believe that Michael Jackson actually asked Kathy Hiltons permissin to name his child as if he needed her consent, he could name his child whatever he wants!

  5. abby

    Doesn’t this asshole consider everyone else named Paris, is not necessarily after her. Parasite Hilton, ha!

  6. jasmine

    lol @ everyone in hollywood wanting to be connected to michael jackson in some way now. paris jackson was not named after paris hilton, she was conceived in Paris, France which michael has said. He also wasnt Kathy Hilton’s “best friend” they went to school together and thats about it. He is Nicole Richie’s godfather though but he is not close to any of these people!

  7. Nameless

    Paris is such a dumb bitch. She actually believes her own made up reality.

    Paris Hilton was named after “parasite” which is basically an organism that latches onto others for a living because they are irrevelant themselves.

  8. Paris Hilton


    Hey, it was that or Diseased Cunt Jackson. Just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  9. SoSlowYouCanSeeOneNeuronLightUpTheNext

    Randal!! *gasp*

  10. AnnoyedComplaint

    @43 You and Kathy Hilton are both from the ghetto? I thought they razed that neighborhood.

  11. Why every body making argument in name, It’s just a name.

  12. Flipper

    Parises titties look suckable

  13. Kevin

    Paris is a dirty slut and whore.

  14. Me

    @60 not sure which ghetto you’re referring to….. but since it was a private school in L.A., I suppose one could make the argument that indeed we both went to high school in the ghetto… As did MJ….@46

  15. KC

    i can’t believe someone would be this desperate to be in the spotlight that they start making up stories like this. next she’ll be running up and down the streets of LA, make up smeared, clothes torn, hair a mess, screaming ‘look at MEEEEE!!!! pay me attention!!!!!”

  16. Paris is a beautiful name. I think everyone likes this name, not only Michael Jackson.

  17. Sheri

    Its true tho. Michael said so himself. And so did that Debbie woman.

    The Hiltons and the Jacksons have been friends for a long long time

  18. vito

    I don’t see what the problem is. I think it has a nice ring to it:

    Bonehead Jackson.

  19. sick!!!

    am sick n tierd of her face!! america find another skinny bitch to talk about

  20. Since when did Jackson have a daughter named Whore?

  21. uh!! what a confident she said …. suck!!! and sick paris hilton

  22. uh!! what a confident she said …. suck!!! and sick paris hilton

  23. drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    how is she stupid? how do you guys know this isn’t true? you’re such pathetic assholes. as much as you all like to offend and be so overly judgemental of paris and other people you’re all just retards and only have one thing to use against her and that one thing is sex.
    so, what? you’re all virgins? hah doubt it.
    you all say shit about her having a sex tape but half of you probably watch porn yourselfs :L
    grow up, get a life and go diss someone about something you actually have a clue about.

  24. polo

    OMG this bitch needs to get run over by a bus im sick of her ugly ass face and giant crooked nose and lazy eye! she’s a whore who is “famous” for no reason….did the fucking city get named after u too?
    I hope she dies soon from one of her many STD’s that she has!

  25. FatDrunAndStupid

    Paris Jackson was “conceived” in a fertility clinic. Debbie Rowe was a surrogate. The egg and the sperm that produced Paris Jackson were from third parties. So this nonsense about her being “conceived in Paris” is utter BS from an era when MJ and Rowe were still trying to cover up the bizarre details of their arrangement. Paris Hilton is likely correct. You tools need to do your research before posting.

  26. Darth

    I’ve always thought he named his daughter after the city Paris.We appreciate this move from her to mention and correct this.

  27. Galtacticus

    The world looks a whole lotta better and different now we know this!

  28. meeee

    Paris Hilton is such a liar, MJ named his daughter Paris after the beautiful CITY, he even mentioned it in one of his interviews. Paris’ (MJs daughter) name is original and not named after this bitch. next parasite hilton is probably gonna say the city was named after her. NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU

  29. Rhialto

    I hope the MJ biography writers take notice of this and change the possible misunderstanding in the MJ annals.

  30. Pierre L. Franco

    Because Paris Hilton’s mom was from Gary, IN?

    Oh wait, no she wasn’t.

    Yeah. “Paris Hilton is a Lying Whore.” Let’s write an article about it.

  31. Bigo

    Oh, Parisite… you probably think that the city of Paris was named after you because you had that big ol’ tower in your c-u-n-t.

  32. Jackson1

    Gunther once, in palpable anger, said he wanted to kill Micheal’s father for what he did to Michael. I never knew for sure what he meant by this. He would never tell me. But over the years many of us who knew about what Gunther said, believed that Micheal’s father had his castrated so his soprano voice would stay with him his entire life.

    Castration before puberty (or in its early stages) prevents a boy’s larynx from being transformed by the normal physiological events of puberty. As a result, the vocal range of prepubescence (shared by both sexes) is largely retained, and the voice develops into adulthood in a unique way.

  33. she is an idiot

    There is tape of MJ saying that Paris is named after the city she was conceived in.

    Also, the molestation jokes are not funny nor were they ever.

  34. el ces

    He probably did name her after Ms. Hilton. It’s a good name.






  35. matt

    Paris looks like a man with makeup and a win on.

  36. Laurie

    Paris, delusional, Paris….Michael’s Paris was named after Paris France, whre she was concieved!!!! IF you were such CLOSE friends with MJ why weren’t you invited to the memorial service so you could sit in the front row with the rest of the family and text away on your Blackberry (like you did during Fashion Week, disrespectful ‘ho)? It’s so sad you must jump on the coattails of the tragic and untimely death of a TRUE STAR, ENTERTAINER AND HUMANITARIAN. You could seriously learn something from educating yourself on MJ’s life and regal qualities. He was a quiet, caring and compassionate human being, something you need to take lessons in….he had more class in his pinky fingernail than in the universe you feel surrounds you….get a clue, ‘ho

  37. Yo Mama

    I”m with Laurie,… 100%

  38. Yo Mama

    I also think that el ces rarely reads or has an original thought. Fall for PR or spin much ???

  39. I wish this brown eyed, brown haired loser would just give it up already! She’s trying to be ‘white’ just like MJ.

  40. #86, that’s true. Didn’t Debbie Rowe say Paris J was conceived in Paris? The only thing that Paris Hilton learned from MJ is how to come off as whiter than you actually are. She still can’t fix her ‘ethnic’ nose, though. It’s too long to be bobbed to look like a Barbie Doll.

  41. Shanty

    Thats Nice .Ppl stop hate him make him rest in peace.Haters stop Hattin have respect.Let this fans mourn.R.I.P MJ<3 He is NOT a child molester stop makin false aligations

  42. missywissy

    So Paris was conceived in a laboratory in Paris?

  43. Paris Hilton

    Haha these comments are really funny !

  44. eva

    She thinks that she is the only one paris in the world! There are many more others. Did their parents also call to her mother to be allowed to use this name?:) :)

  45. MJ never covered up anything he just didn’t reveal it so the media made things up, plain and simple.

  46. Duke Steele

    Her name is Skanky Herpes Infested Douchbag Whore???

  47. I like the name Paris but i think that Hilton got it wrong Paris Jackson was conceived In Paris (France) That’s how she got the name

  48. WOW. Paris Hilton just made herself even more STUPID with this HUGE LIE of hers.
    This is a lie. First, Paris Jackson was named as such BECAUSE she was conceived in Paris, France!
    Second, Michael Jackson ONLY BRIEFLY ATTENDED A PRIVATE HIGH SCHOOL (that is, Montclair Prep & Cal Prep) because he finished high school BY BEING HOME-SCHOOLED instead of attending a regular public/private high school. Michael Jackson WAS NEVER A CLASSMATE OF PARIS HILTON’S MOTHER!

  49. Sophia

    Her mom and Michael went to school together and have been best friends since they were 13 yrs old???? News to me. I googled MJ and Paris Hilton images and I only came up with one. Nicole Ricci was in the photo and it looks like it was taken several years ago. I believe MJ was Nicoles godfather. Paris is so full of it…. does she think she has rights to that name? She needs to go far far away.

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