Paris and Paris on the rocks, except not, except maybe

Paris_Split.jpgParis Latsis’ father, who has never approved of his son’s relationship to Paris Hilton, is saying that the engagement between the two has more or less been called off. I’m going to go ahead and believe him because his knuckle hair is insured for more than my life.

The elder Latsis, who’s the mayor of the town of Vouliagmeni in Greece, adds, “Both his mother and I agree that our son is far too young to contemplate marriage and children. Our son agreed with us. There was unanimity on this issue.”

In my opinion, She-Paris is simply a victim of circumstance. If only she had met He-Paris thousands of years ago in Ancient Greece, where they appreciated tramps, things would have been different. If I recall, their king of gods mostly just slept around, and their goddess of love was borne from a severed penis, and that was pretty much the basis of their religion. Man, they would have loved She-Paris. What a shame. She could have been like Helen of Troy; she could have been the Face that Launched a Thousand Free Clinics.

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