Paris and Nicky Hilton enjoy the new year

hilton-new-years.jpgIn a ridiculous move typical of the Hilton family, Paris and Nicky tried topping each other by throwing seperate wild Las Vegas parties for New Years. Extra reports that Paris threw hers at Tao while Nicky had hers at Pure, and that as a party favor Paris had a single diamond hidden in one of the 2,006 pink balloons that dropped from the ceiling at midnight. Not to be outdone, Nicky and her boyfriend allegedly toasted 2006 with a $100,000 bottle of Cristal.

Now I’m no scientist, but to get a bottle of Cristal to be worth $100,000 it either has to be the size of Japan, or somebody has to accidentally drop $99,000 in cash into it. I don’t know if either of those was the case, but what I do know is that the Hilton family must be stopped. With bullets. Fired from a gun. By me.