Paris and Lindsay f-cking hate Jon & Kate

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are starting to get pissed with Jon and Kate Gosselin stealing all their precious press, and the two are doing everything they can to get back in the spotlight. Page Six reports:

“Lindsay and Paris hate not being on the covers of weeklies,” said a source. “That’s why Lindsay has been causing so much havoc and pulling these antics. And why Paris had a big blow- up with Doug [Reinhardt].” The married stars of “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ on TLC have been garnering attention from all the glossies, which have seen circulation boosts from their alleged infidelities and family struggles.

You know what’s an easy way to dominate the weeklies? Suspicious suicides. I’m talking 3-4 weeks of people trying to figure out if you meant to shoot yourself in the face, or if it was a jilted ex-lover. That said, I’d get cracking before the scathing exposé on which kids Kate Gosselin did or did not breastfeed dominates society as a whole.