Paris Jackson Hates Justin Bieber Now

Justin Bieber was granted unprecedented access to the Jackson family presumably per Michael’s last dying words. “Make sure my ghost.. cough cough shamone! … can look at his penis…” Except now Paris Jackson hates the man Justin Bieber’s become and not just because her father died from spending his whole life trying to be white and Justin Bieber’s just throwing it away. TMZ reports:

Sources connected to the family tell TMZ … Paris — who is currently at UCLA Medical Center after cutting herself with a knife and downing 20 Motrin — thinks Justin is a terrible role model for young girls. She was enraged after some of Justin’s female fans started tweeting about cutting themselves as an expression of love for the singer and he went radio silent, rather than talking the girls out of it.
We’re told Paris got very angry after seeing the pics TMZ posted of Justin smoking weed in a hotel room in early January. She thinks he owes his fans more as a role model.
Paris — who lives in Justin’s Calabasas gated community — thinks Justin’s various missteps in the hood are “a disgrace.”

Ironically, Justin Bieber spent most of 2012 telling everyone he’s going to be the next Michael Jackson, but seems to have backed off those claims recently, so just assume his crew got tired of driving by playgrounds. Plus it’s hard to look street when your boy won’t go down the twisty slide. “I said don’t push me, mothafucka! I’ll go when I’m ready.”

Photos: Splash News