Paris Jackson Has Pierced Nipples If That Does Anything For You

In case you were wondering, Paris Jackson is still frolicking around L.A. like a pixie-punk lovechild with her friends, smoking menthol cigarettes, and pretending that John Lennon poetry is really cutting edge stuff in 2017. Back in January we saw her just as braless but sans nipple piercings, so by using my fourth grade level of deduction I can say that she had definitely had her nips pierced in the past few months by a guy named “Planet” who wouldn’t stop talking about goji berry cleansing.

Props to PJ for not utilizing her gajillions of dollars left by her dad to buy a flashy car. The jeep she’s been pictured riding around in looks like it doesn’t have a working AC and needs a jump every time it gets over 90 degrees outside, so it’s refreshing to see that she’s at least attempting to structure her life like the protagonist in that one Pulp song.