Paris Hilton Walks Off ABC Interview

July 20th, 2011 // 53 Comments

For some reason ABC News felt the need to interview Paris Hilton – Is it STD Awareness Week? Because I forgot to wear my syphilis ribbon. – which resulted in her walking off after Dan Harris asked, “Do you ever worry about your moment being passed?” And because she’s an idiot, she forgot to turn her mic off while telling her publicist, “Well, I don’t want all this being used,” which is normally the part when any producer goes, “I think we’re gonna use all this.” But like a true professional, Paris eventually returned to provide a happy ending just like she learned at the geisha house her father sent her to live from 1994 to 1996:

Yet the ratings for the series have been bleak, and the low numbers have many entertainment writers asking whether Hilton’s run in the limelight — which started at age 16 — is now over.
Though Hilton said that she doesn’t feel that the people following in her footsteps, like Kardashian, are overshadowing her, and that the ratings on the show being low don’t bother her, she walked out of the interview with the mention of her moment having passed.
When Hilton did return later to answer more questions, she managed to end the interview on an affable note, showing off her massive, air conditioned dog house — and she even ended the interview with a hug.

For those of you keeping score at home, Paris Hilton didn’t want to demonstrate any sign of normal human vulnerability about her “career,” but definitely wanted to make sure all us poor people know her dogs have central air while we sweat our dicks off in shitbox apartments we can barely afford. I really don’t get why people hate her so much.

Photo: Bauer-Griffin, Flynet, WENN


  1. I bet she could suck 37 dicks.

  2. Paris Hilton Walks Off Interview
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    To prove that she is “one of the people” Paris mingles with the Wal-Mart crowd.

  3. cc

    A round of blowjobs for everyone and soon things were back to normal.

  4. terry

    That spoiled, talentless skank has surly run her 15 minutes longer than any other D-list trash I have seen in recently history.
    Now she’s in her 30s so you know it’s down hill from there. Sorry hoe, but you should just sail off into the sunset.

  5. Paris Hilton Walks Off Interview
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    Old Man tweeting : “OMG! I’m downwind and the stench is unbearable. It smells like catfish left out in the sun for a week”

  6. ZigZagZoey

    Well this is sure as shit much more newsworthy than if she hadn’t walked off.
    Did she think they would edit that part out? LMAO TWAP

  7. Interviewer: Sometime, in the near future, do you see yourself downgrading your name to Paris Motelsix? Or perhaps Paris KOA?

  8. she has a show?

  9. Snooki's Taint

    It doesn’t seem all that warm where she is. It looks to be a little nippy out.

  10. Even William Shatner was pissed from her walking off.

  11. ashley

    Wouldn’t it be something if she turned out to really just be a humble person?

    • bwahahahahahaha!! thou slayest one with thy wit. new to this fair planet?

      • ashley

        Sarcasm doesn’t always shine through it writing. Hmmm, if only we could use italics…

      • i’ll share the blame, am a little gullible.. but be that as it may i’m sure she has a redeeming quality, problem is even if she WAS going to inherit a fortune and WAS still kinda hot, she’s debased herself to the point of being a caricature, so yeah humble paris = humble trash = still trash..

    • cc

      Thing is, ever seen an interview with her dad? Totally normally and down to earth, despite his wealth. I guess that ‘skipping a generation thing’ is true.

  12. wtf

    she has a show?

  13. Paris Hilton Walks Off Interview
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    and left a snail trail…..

  14. BE

    Wow – her very first “has been” interview. Next stop: Celebrity Rehab. Followed by Celebrity Weight Loss, of course…

  15. kanyeisgayfish

    Rich and good looking is not a bad thing from a casual observation in my brief years on this planet. JUST SAYIN’ SHEEPLE JEALOUS MUCH ?

    • CranAppleSnapple

      Who’s good looking?

    • BE

      Well – let’s see. Another child of privilege that could have spent her life doing something other than flashing her crotch, getting herself disinherited and being notorious for pretty much nothing. Now hitting the inevitable downside of being a blatant media whore.

      The only thing the public like more than putting them on the pedestal is knocking them down.

      Nope – wouldn’t trade – especially now that she’s on the downward spiral

      And we can pretty much bank that Paris isn’t going to be happy with it either, hence the Celebrity Rehab prediction..

      • kanyeisgayfish

        Be , you are a liar …….”wouldn’ t trade”……the hell you say ,LMAO !

      • BE

        Sorry kanyeisgayfish. I kid you not…

        A. Only people who have never had money think that it solves everything. Having a ton of money is like being 10 feet tall – it’s good for some things and bad others..(a stolen paraphrase). And boy has being the highest paid actor on TV “helped” Charlie Sheen.

        B. I’m pretty happy. Whereas Paris has painted herself into a pretty ugly corner, hasn’t she? Aside from striking me as an incredibly needy person with an addiction, let’s review.

        Her celebrity is predictably waning with her net worth is estimated at 45 million. But wait, Paris’ idiot behavior inspired Barron Hilton to sell off his business and give 97% of the estate to charity. Hmm – 2.3 BILLION. Assuming 10 to 20 near relatives, that means Paris’ little hijinks have cost her anywhere from 100 to 200 million dollars. That’s a pretty expensive party. But that’s not the worst of it – what do you think Hilton family reunions will be like as she has, in essence, helped disinherit ever other family member too.

        A footnote to this, that net worth was calculated through earnings. Since Paris spends money like water, I doubt it’s that high. I would not be surprised to hear that she’s broke within 5 years.

        C. Do you know what I’ve seen happen to addicts with money? They die. And often (similar to Charlie Sheen) it’s practically a long drawn out suicide…

        D. And finally, I personally, don’t think she’s that pretty. I can think of a 100 celebrities that I’d rather look like…

        Hope that clears it up for you…

  16. Curious Troll

    Great, I just got gonorrhea in my brain by watching that.

  17. Curious Troll

    She should have a surgeon fix that mess she calls a face. She looks like a bird fetus.

  18. sean

    This post seemed to be not as well written as usual. Some sentences seemed a bit rushed/had poor reading flow to them.

  19. heather

    that was pretty sad for her, and awesomely funny for everyone watching.

  20. Facebook Me

    Say it isn’t so! Paris Hilton’s “star” is finally dimming!? The horror of it all.

  21. Dan

    She hasn’t grown or changed at all. She is doing the same antics on her show that she did 10 years ago. Everyone is all full up with that type of crazy.

  22. Her moment will never be over as long as we have the irrevocably stupid.

    • TomFrank

      No, the good thing about the irrevocably stupid is that they get bored easily and want something new and shiny to play with.

  23. Mike

    She’s about as useless as, well, Paris Hilton.

  24. LJ

    The reason that no one is watching the Paris Hilton reality show is that we have all seen the show over and over for the past 14 years.

    She goes to clubs with her latest millionaire/billionaire boyfriend.
    She poses for the paps at any type of event that has a “Red Carpet”.
    She goes on vacation and wears skimpy bikinis (and sometimes is topless), usually with the latest boyfriend.
    Her boyfriend gets high and tries to run down some paparazzi with Paris in the car.
    She says “That’s Hot”.
    Her boyfriend breaks up with her.

    Repeat cycle.

  25. Clarence Beeks

    I love the fact that she is over. You know it is killing her that no one gives a flying fuck about her anymore.

    ha ha ha

  26. BThatch

    Paris Hilton has a show?? Really? I could have sworn she fell off a cliff and died on impact

  27. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    In order to live forever, she should commit suicide. Think about it Paris.

  28. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    Walking off that interview was the smartest thing she has ever done. Peasants like that need to be put tin their place, of course; and besides, that whole line of questioning can only lead to more embarrassing questions, like “Who the fuck are you trying to fool?” and “Do you deny you’re a slut? Explain.” Paris Hilton is a wise, wise lady.
    True story: I was in a club in LA and I heard Paris tell her friend that she always refuses cocaine if it isn’t whiter than the teeth of the guy offering it to her. Wise, wise lady.
    OK, not a true story.

  29. Paris Hilton Walks Off Interview
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    This picture sums up her life right now: oblivious to the people literally laughing behind her back.

  30. Paris Hilton Walks Off Interview
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    I guess when you give everyone on the lumber yard crew a “hot lunch,” you get to have your vehicle authorized.

  31. Paris Hilton Walks Off Interview
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    that is some ugly legs

  32. Paris Hilton Walks Off Interview
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    Is that dress giving more fuel to the fire that she’s pregnant???

  33. Toots Bronstein

    This silly twat is relevat why?

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