Paris Hilton Was ‘Ambushed’ By ABC

“Oh my god, you totally made me ambush! (Am I using that right?)”

After her highly-publicized walk off during an interview with ABC News, Paris Hilton is now claiming she was “ambushed” and only invited the camera crew into her house to talk about her stalker that was recently arrested because people give a shit about that. Instead, Dan Harris broke the cardinal rule of never mentioning Kim Kardashian before daring to suggest Paris Hilton isn’t the prettiest, most important princess that ever did live. TooFab reports:

The source says that particular question set Hilton off because just moments prior, Harris had gone on and on about the success (to the tune of $1 billion) of her fragrance lines and merchandising. “It’s ridiculous that he went on an on about her making a billion dollars, and then asking if she’s relevant,” the source added. “She is upset. She felt ambushed.”
The source adds that Hilton resumed the interview after ABC told her they were cutting out the part where she walked away, but they did not. The source also says Hilton feels Harris did this only to get publicity for himself, which he’s now accomplished.

Probably more than any other time I’ve said this, Paris Hilton just needs to shut the hell up. For starters, the fact that someone even wanted to broadcast the words coming out of her mouth for any reason whatsoever defies all logic and should cause her to drop to her knees and thank whatever asshole god decided she should fall out of a wealthy birth hole. On top of that, she finally did something that people wanted to watch because unlike her reality show, it was actual fucking reality. Granted, it only reinforced what a spoiled, over-entitled cunt-hair of a whorebeast she is, most people fear change. So if ABC wants to walk into her house and ask why 95% of Americans want to launch her into the goddamn sun (Actual poll.), she should have her butler shoot them in the leg. Or throw his razor-rimmed hat at them. Just be herself is what I’m getting at.

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