Paris Hilton Sunbathing Topless

July 19th, 2010 // 135 Comments

Here’s Paris Hilton sunbathing topless in Sardinia Saturday which is great because now I don’t have to talk about how she keeps getting herself busted with pot for publicity. Instead, I actually have a legitimate reason to post her on the site without telling such lies as “Paris Hilton is an important celebrity.” Or “This is relevant.”

NOTE: Click Here for NSFW versions.

Photos: INFdaily


  1. Apostate

    Simply looking at Paris makes my nether regions itch uncomfortably….

  2. Paris Hilton Topless
    Commented on this photo:

    I just love those hot little tits

  3. Paris Hilton Topless
    Mama Pinkus
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    That last picture show her large-as-skis feet.

  4. Paris Hilton Topless
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    I thought her hand was her fucking foot for a second. Holy backwards monkey paw, Batman.

  5. Ednonymous

    This might be news IF she had tits.

  6. Paris Hilton Topless
    look at this foot
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    what big foot she have

  7. Paris Hilton Topless
    Phill Errup
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    Was the photographer six miles away using a telephoto lens that’s as big as the Hubble telescope?

  8. Paris Hilton Topless
    Bob Bobaroonietoonie
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    I understand all the hate – but damn, I still kinda like Paris Hilton.

  9. Paris Hilton Topless
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    Go Paris. Have fun and don’t lisen to all the jurks ot there. If I was rich and good lookin id have fun and do what ever I want. So long as I have a face you have a place to sit. I like small firm boobs a lot better than big sagy flopy boobs. If you realey want to have fun drop me a line. We can go out to eat and nobody would know who I was and the gosip would fly. what a hoot that would be. I can just see it, who is that old fart with paris

  10. ErnestPayne

    NSFW? More like BBB (Boring Beyond Belief). Only the visually impaired in the universe have yet to see her “Charms”.

  11. Paris Hilton Topless
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d shag her pocketbook!
    There are much better looking women at the corner bar right now probably.

  12. ojhdsha

    LOL… Search “MyDiscountBag” on google to Get High quality luxury bags, 100% genuine leather,, as L v Ch-ane-l,

  13. Paris Hilton Topless
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    Spank and eat.

  14. richardhungwell

    meh, I’d hit it anyways. Hear she’s into backdoor fun as well now!!!

  15. Paris Hilton Topless
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    Do we have to see that useless wealthy nut whore everyday ? Paris when will you die?

  16. Paris Hilton Topless
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    Paris’s ass looks great.

  17. cutie

    dude u guys should worry bout urselfs nd quit hatein on paris hilton let her be herself shes just a pearson like me nd YOUUUU!!!!!

  18. Paris Hilton Topless
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    Plant a seed my children

  19. marc

    Paris who?

  20. Paris Hilton Topless
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    Uglier than hell, but a rocking body!

  21. Paris Hilton Topless
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    I wish my boobs were that small cause the ones I have are too big

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