Paris Hilton Sunbathing Topless

July 19th, 2010 // 135 Comments

Here’s Paris Hilton sunbathing topless in Sardinia Saturday which is great because now I don’t have to talk about how she keeps getting herself busted with pot for publicity. Instead, I actually have a legitimate reason to post her on the site without telling such lies as “Paris Hilton is an important celebrity.” Or “This is relevant.”

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  1. Paris Hilton Topless
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  2. Paris Hilton Topless
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  3. Paris Hilton Topless
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    Nice nipples. Too bad they’re attached to Paris Hilton.

  4. RATA


  5. Vito

    Nice nipples. Too bad they’re attached to Paris Hilton.

  6. Paris Hilton Topless
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    Yeah, if ever there was a person who didn’t deserve what she has…..

  7. Yawn

    Someone misses being vaguely relevant to society (or lack thereof)

    Time for another sextape.

    • Jack Burton

      She has more money than you. She is hotter than anyone you will ever be with, famous, and you are jealous. We get it, it’s fucking natural, now why hate on her. Did I mention she has 100s of millions of dollars because of her last name? Ya…can’t imagine why everyone hates on her and calls her a whore. She is likely no worse than the girls half the losers on here fantasize about at the bar or work or wherever. And yet I never hear anything about these womanizer dbag guys in hollywood. What gives?

      ps- I said last week no more Lohan, so now I take this site of my favorites and no more superficial, sorry enough is enough. It isn’t even fucking newsworthy. I mean fucking WOW, she isn’t even an actress anymore. She is only famous because stupid bloggers are obsessed. Her day to day life IS NOT NEWSWORTHY! I mean SHE ISN’T FUCKING BRITNEY SPEARS! Spears is an icon, she is a fucking celebrity. Lohan is a nobody. I won’t complain if you post legit celebrities that matter, but that’s never going to happen. Anyway there some feedback for u fish or whatever ur name is.

  8. Paris Hilton Topless
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    Nice perky little tits for a walking herpe.


  9. Marley


  10. Paris Hilton Topless
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    Did she get fakes? Her boobs are a little bigger than in her sex tape. She doesnt look like an 11 year old boy anymore.

  11. Bing-quasby

    Absolute shit. Wonkiest boobs attached to human scum

  12. Fati87

    We don’t care. We want Erin.

  13. Paris Hilton Topless
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    I would love to nail that bitch too. I bet she would scream if I did her.

  14. sean

    Paris Hilton is a sinner, but looking at her topless is a sin too. This site encourages people to sin. Do you think God wants you to look at naked women who are strangers to you? No, he doesn’t. Do you think he approves of the dirty thoughts that looking at naked women causes? No, he doesn’t. The only naked woman you should be looking at is your wife.

    • Seans a Hypocrite

      Hey Sean, then what exactly are you doing on this site? Don’t tell me you came on just to spit your righteous bullshit. We all know you came on, cause you can’t get some in real life. What a self-loathing hypocrite.

    • Top 5 of this group

      There is no sin. Just Bull Shit like what Sean -Shit for Brains throws out.
      There is right from wrong- and ladies showing off your Tits is always right; and looking at Tits is never wrong – as long as she is 18+ and likes to show them off!

      • duh

        is this a joke sean? get over yourself your God rules don’t apply to everyone. take care of your own shit, and leave the judgment to your God.

    • sean

      Yeah, so how many of you went to church today? It’s Sunday.

      • HowiePheltur

        Someone is really homo… TITTIES! YAY! ( . Y . )

      • Wow – and Sean comes back to the NSFW page to ask us about church. We can all be assured to ignore this troll for reals now.

      • Phil

        I’m gonna be real with you Sean. God is bullshit.
        That is all

      • Jane

        Hey Sean, Hi how are you ;)

        Hey I’m Into A nal Sex as well, You should contact me! I am a Beautiful Trans exual woman, The best of both worlds right? I also S wallow,
        Come on don’t be shy, well, I’m Pre Op but you can do whatever you want with my back door, go wild baby

      • God Almighty


        I’ve been meaning to speak to you about that. The Hebrews got it right, it is Saturday, not Sunday that you are supposed to show up at my house. By the way, can you bring some pruning sheers when you come over? The hedges need doing, after you clean out the garage. Oh, by the way, there is never any sin in looking at an unclothed figure I created, and I really don’t need any help from you or anyone else deciding who is a sinner.Perhaps you forgot my most important rule? Do unto others? If you have forgotten, that makes you a sinner. See you in Hell Ssean. I’ll tell Lucifer to save a place.

      • Sean go to Hell

        Not me, I got laid. Now that was time well spent.

    • God is not real, just like Mickey Mouse or Mario. Also, YouPorn and Xnxx.

    • Jenna's Little Secret

      Hey Sean, Hi how are you ;)

      Hey I’m Into Anal Sex as well, You should contact me! I am a Beautiful Transexual woman, The best of both worlds right? I also Swallow,
      Come on don’t be shy, well, I’m Pre Op but you can do whatever you want with my backdoor, go wild baby

    • Romeo Rodreguz

      Terrific argument — god dislikes nudity; that is why babies are born with clothing.

      A diet and some exercise will get you some better self esteem, and then you can feel attractive again, you fat turd.

    • butterboo

      It’s just a naked person. There are over 6 billion naked people on the planet and 99.9% of them look repulsive.

      I’m a girl, so I don’t have a wife. I just want to check out the titties in the competition, if you don’t mind. Actually, fuck it if you do.

      • hell yeah

        same here butterboo!!! nudity is THE most natural thing in the world, I’m pretty sure God doesn’t mind, after all, he made us that way…and sean, I think, is a pervert and a hypocrite, he’s been on the site quite a few times in order to spew his righteous opinion, one comment was sufficient, thank you very much, too much time surfing for tits, not enough time in church, shame on you!!!!

    • Burt

      I’ll believe in God when you show me a religion that says stupidity is a sin. Until then, I’ll look at all the fuzzy distorted pictures of Paris Hilton’s boobs I can get my hands on.

    • Vito

      I’m single, asshole. And judging others is a sin as well. So shut your fucking piehole and get the fuck outta here.

      One more thought…suck my dick!

    • cmyk

      Sean- You left your bike on my front porch last night. When I said “I’ma shove that little black book up your ass, mission-boy”, I didn’t mean it literally. Although, I have to say that you run incredibly fast for a guy wearing a tie.

    • cmyk

      Some mormon boys ride bicycles to spread the word. Sean trolls thesuperficial…

    • Remi

      God does not exist. Religion is just an idea put to practice and blown way out of proportion.

      • Jesus Christ

        I’m glad to hear you aren’t choosing “religion” instead of Me.
        I died a brutal death at the hands of my accusers, despite My innocence, so people wouldn’t resort to this “religion” garbage. Follow Me instead. I’m above all those rules; they only complicate life, and keep you from finding Me.

        Let me spell it out for you: Love God with all your essence, and love the people around you. This is not romantic love I’m speaking of– I made that to be shared between two people only. (Three or four at most, but don’t push it.)

        You are My creation, and I want you to meet Me sometime. Let’s have a talk.

    • NICCI

      Dear Sean,

      I may get this wrong but when Adam and Eve were created they were nude as god intended. The only reason we wear clothing today is because Adam ate the forbiden fruit and realized they where nude which is against gods wishes. Before Adam ate the forbidden fruit you had to walk around totally nude and Eve wasn’t the only woman. So if you were adam you’d walk around all day seeing nude women. Paris is just doing what good intended. Being nude. Plus god didn’t write the bible. A Human did. And guess what else. I’m catholic.

      • YHWH

        Hmm… you should probably leave out any mention of Me in your writings, NICCI.

        My Son was asking about you, by the way.

    • God

      You can look at tits, that’s ok. Even mines. Even my pussy.

    • RichPort's Gregarious Gay Ghost

      Perhaps you’re right, the only naked woman I should be looking at is your wife. Too bad she’s as big as a house, …

    • James

      It’s unreal how anti-Christian bigotry is accepted today.

      Open-minded? Tolerant? Certainly not any of those who are commenting on this thread.

      Sean put himself out there, and offered his honest opinion in a hostile environment. That takes guts and conviction, whether or not he’s right. Instead of responding with bile and insult, perhaps any of you would like to respond with an open mind or at least some semblance of tolerance?

      Really poor showing by the readership of this site. Rude and intolerant.

      • Truth shall set us free

        Experience has made us aware of how stupid you and sean are.
        No longer will balance be given, no two sides to every side.
        9/11 shows what happens if we (the smart) do not shout you the stupid down.
        So I would tell you to go to hell, but the only hell is the one you and yours create here on earth.
        Taliban is Taliban, Muslim or Christian so Fuck You.

      • # Truth shall set us free

        No longer will balance be given, no two sides to every STORY.

      • James

        Experience, being anecdotal evidence? I mean seriously, are you being real? That’s not convincing, proof, logical, reasonable, etc… My 6th grade piano students (I kid you not) have a better grip on a reasoned argument than what you’re displaying.

        Who says I’m a Christian/Muslim/whatever-it-is-you-hate? I think you are projecting on to me.

        No longer balance? No longer two sides? Lol I hope you’re not living in America.

        All right, seriously, if you can provide…I dunno, a statement, a reason, an idea, I’m down! Let’s talk! Or something.

        All I can tell right now is that I’m talking to a bigot ;-) Yikes!

      • meowcat2

        No James, it’s called Sean is trying to force his religious views on other and we don’t like it.

      • God

        James, you can suck my dick

      • Truth shall set us free

        Not based on emotional experience. Based on evidence and observation.

      • Truth shall set us free

        Not emotional experience. Intelligent Observation.
        Knowledge has taught me well. You keep trying to minimize my point of view, but I will not allow you too.
        Sean had an honest opinion, so did Hitler, Stalin and the Ass Holes on 9/11. I have no tolerance for Taliban, rather Muslim or Christian so once again Fuck You.

    • meowcat2

      quit bible thumping and acting like you’re better than everyone else, I’m sure you’re just as guilty as everyone else of something.

      • Truth shall set us free

        James I have traveled the world, served in the United States Military overseas and yes experience has taught me that there is wright and wrong.
        Religion is the root of most of the evil in the world, and I do not care what form of the boogeyman you pray to, it is all Bull Shit.
        I do worry what kind of fairy tales you are teaching 6th graders.

      • James

        I’m sorry to hear all this… It seems that the criticism you level at Christians is what you’re guilty of yourselves (and what we all are guilty of): coming to conclusions by emotional experience (e.g. traveled the world) rather than any sort of argument or, well, reason.

        The root of all evil? If evil could be pinned on a single cause (haha, if ANY event can be pinned to a single cause), we’d live in a very simple world. Unfortunately, the real world is much more complex…

      • Jesus Christ

        He’s not Bible thumping. He’s preaching the Truth.

        I am weary of “religion” these days. Religious people make me sick, but My servants Sean and James are doing it right.

        None are righteous. Not even one.
        Only I am sinless, and only I am the Way to Heaven.

        I want you to test Me on this.

  15. SexyBrains

    I’m seriously surprised that she has any tits. Better than I thought they’d be actually.

  16. Paris Hilton Topless
    Hard 4 Paris
    Commented on this photo:

    Too bad she has herpes…and is dumb as fuck.

  17. Gene

    Enough with this skinny semi titless horse faced attention whore. You think this wasn;t planned? She’s been out of the public eye too long to suit her. I’d do her, ok? I wouldn’t TELL anyone…but I’d do her.

    Now show me Miranda Kerr’s labia or shut the hell up!

  18. captain america

    with those things called”TITS”?

  19. Paris Hilton Topless
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    Can you get herpes from nipples?

  20. Paris Hilton Topless
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  21. Paris Hilton Topless
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    ya’ll quit f’n with sean,i’m sure aS soon as he gets a penis in his mouth he’ll shut up.

  22. Paris Hilton Topless
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    im real…fukin liars

  23. Rooger More

    Was that a little bit of puke in my mouth, or did I taste some Hilton?

  24. Lisa Beth

    OMG it’s Plastic Man in a wig.

  25. Paris Hilton Topless
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    i can’t call them breasts, tits, or boobies. they’re more like “teats”. like what cows have

  26. Bert

    I can’t stand this bitch. She earns her money by taking advantage of other people’s stupidity.

    Jessica Simpson earns her money these days by taking advantage of fat people. But that’s another issue.

  27. Paris Hilton Topless
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    great body

  28. Paris Hilton Topless
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    This is actually refreshing, I’ll even say modest… compared to her previous antics. She just looks like the next girl sunbathing topless. It’s all over Europe. She does have a pair of nice naturals.

  29. Paris Hilton Topless
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    are those really enough to call “titts”? All i see is something similar to meat curtains, but posing as her breasts.

    she’s fuckin’ ruined.

  30. Paris Hilton Topless
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    This is actually refreshing, I’ll even say modest… compared to her previous antics. She just looks like the next girl sunbathing topless. It’s all over Europe. She does have a pair of nice naturals.

  31. Paris Hilton Topless
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    Leave her alone, she will wither and hopefully die

  32. Paris Hilton Topless
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    Hello, paparazzi, Paris Hilton and her hair extensions are going to be laying out at the Best Western on exit 14. She will be dressed in a blue bikini and plans to even out her tan. If you are interested, and who is not interested in seeing the pride of the Hilton family, then she will be there from 1 to 3 p.m. Sincerely, Paris Hilton’s case worker

  33. Paris Hilton Topless
    Doc Schweinstrudel
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    I love Italy! Best place on Earth!!!

  34. Brit

    The bikini top is a mere formality with boobs that small anyway. It’s not like she had anything to hide.

  35. Paris Hilton Topless
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    Paris Hilton will do ANYTHING to get her marijauan arrests out of the news.

  36. Zo

    I don’t understand how anyone find her attractive with her fake hair and “hook”- like nose!?!

  37. Who hasn’t seen these a billion times already. It’s getting to be Pam Anderson-like all over again.

  38. Paris Hilton Topless
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    photographer was a 16 year old boy with an iphone 4? cant tell the nipple from a pixel. waste of time.

  39. Paris Hilton Topless
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    she does have some beautiful tits

  40. Paris Hilton Topless
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    she does give good head…something to be said for that.

  41. ReElectNobody

    God said boobs are good….

  42. Lisa

    Stop posting on this piece of shit. She’s irrelevant now.

  43. Paris Hilton Topless
    Master Pimp
    Commented on this photo:

    We know she was born w/2 or 3 silver spoons in her mouth/crotch and seems dumb supreme but with what little she has underneath the training bras she wears, she could afford 3 times more booby jobs than PAMELA ANDERSON’s ever had!!! Go figure, PARIS is genius not to get her little titties pumped w/whatever. The #3 photo almost gave me a woody, showing some ASS CRACK and those 2 dots on her lower back. Those turn me on. Because PARIS is NOT exactly a virgin and probably has sucked/fucked chimpanzees, apes and who-knows-what on a regular basis, I would have her tested for rabies, leeches, etc., before I’d give her a fuck like she’d never forget! And it just might be a fuck I’d treasure. If I’d die due to her, I’d at least probably have the BIGGEST smile on my gorgeous face!

  44. Paris Hilton Topless
    timmy the dying boy
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  45. Paris Hilton Topless
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  46. sickoflin

    barf, yack, spew

  47. Paris Hilton Topless
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d do her, no bag. I’d leave it in and cash out with a billion dollar baby. Daddy gotsta git paiiiiid.

  48. Ben Dover

    Paris, call me , miss you ! Ben D.

  49. huh?

    Is this mildly retarded lazy eyed cunt still trying???? UGH!

  50. Paris Hilton Topless
    Commented on this photo:

    what an ugly backass

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