Paris Hilton’s Show Got Canceled, Too

Apparently August has been a watershed month for reality television because following in the footsteps of Kate Plus 8 and LA Ink, Paris Hilton’s The World According To Paris has been quietly shitcanned by Oxygen. Vulture reports:

Hilton’s series was pretty much dead on arrival, earning barely 400,000 viewers for its June debut and sinking even lower in subsequent airings. The network isn’t officially commenting on its fate, but Vulture can exclusively report what’s been obvious to even the most amateur ratings watcher for weeks: Oxygen (celebrating its sleeper hit The Glee Project; more on that later) has no plans for a second season of The World According to Paris, unscripted industry insiders familiar with the situation confirm.

In these troubling times of potentially man-made earthquakes and golden Bieber cocks, it’s comforting to know that reality TV viewers actually can reach inside themselves and find a tiny glimmer of taste that they themselves didn’t believe still existed. “Wait, why is Paris Hilton compelling me to change the channel to Whisker Wars so I hate myself slightly less as a person? No, no, this is all wrong! Change it back, change it back!

Photo: Fame, Flynet, WENN

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