Paris Hilton’s Show Got Canceled, Too

August 24th, 2011 // 39 Comments

Apparently August has been a watershed month for reality television because following in the footsteps of Kate Plus 8 and LA Ink, Paris Hilton‘s The World According To Paris has been quietly shitcanned by Oxygen. Vulture reports:

Hilton’s series was pretty much dead on arrival, earning barely 400,000 viewers for its June debut and sinking even lower in subsequent airings. The network isn’t officially commenting on its fate, but Vulture can exclusively report what’s been obvious to even the most amateur ratings watcher for weeks: Oxygen (celebrating its sleeper hit The Glee Project; more on that later) has no plans for a second season of The World According to Paris, unscripted industry insiders familiar with the situation confirm.

In these troubling times of potentially man-made earthquakes and golden Bieber cocks, it’s comforting to know that reality TV viewers actually can reach inside themselves and find a tiny glimmer of taste that they themselves didn’t believe still existed. “Wait, why is Paris Hilton compelling me to change the channel to Whisker Wars so I hate myself slightly less as a person? No, no, this is all wrong! Change it back, change it back!

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  1. Pippy Longcockings

    Now if only she’ll get cancelled.

  2. Clarence Beeks


    Now, get the Kardashians off the air, and all will be right in the world again.

  3. it had to be said

    Oxygen? Well, ladies, was the show any good? As a man my TV simply skips Oxygen, so I didn’t even know this show existed.

    • sobrietyisacrutch

      Didn’t watch Paris but I really got into “The Glee Project”. And I like “Glee”. But the latter is on FOX.
      What the fuck is going on with me…?
      BRAVO – here I come!

  4. Butch Coolidge

    My burning question is – Was this whore at the Whordassian wedding?

  5. Jimmy

    Just a note on the earthquake link – Russia Today is not a particularly reliable source for much of anything. It’s a Kremlin funded, pro-Putin, Russian government mouthpiece and that’s about it.

  6. Save your breath, people. Behind every corner there’s another jobless skank with rich parents, a “stolen” sex tape and a dream. And searching behind every corner is a Jr. Executive from E!, looking to make a career.

  7. Venom

    It’s official bitch, no one cares about you.

  8. See Alice

    What will she do for money ?

  9. Carl Spackler

    She have to up the whore anty in order to stay in front of the cameras

  10. Dan

    *Think Napoleon Dynamite*


  11. little turtle head

    God I wanna squirt in her! She’s so fucking HOT!

    • Shyt

      Please raise your standards or commit suicide. If you are dying to be infected with an STD then bareback the nearest hooker (she’s screwed less men than Paris anyway.)

  12. little turtle head

    I’d take that chance to fuck her!!! she only supposedly has herpes anyway..

  13. She's back?

    Is that racist whore still on the air?

    I thought they canned her after those rumors about her ‘secret hiding place’ came out.

  14. Peachy

    Good riddance, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  15. Cya later

    I guess August is “kick all attention whoring sluts to the curb” month. My new favorite month!

  16. zomgbie

    too many people died of oxygen deprivation while watching paris hilton’s show on the oxygen network.

  17. HA HA HA! Finally payback for the skank who thrusted the Kardash family on all of us. And when will their 15 minutes be up?

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  19. Tristyn

    Why can’t parasite use her Hilton herpe magic and silently get rid of the whoredashians .. Then she might have a chance to be relevant again…….

  20. little turtle head

    I have herpes from my ex gf and that’s not funny… my new gf has sores on her mouth and people like u stare.. its not funny..

  21. amac

    Goodbye, useless person… and take the Whoredashians with you.

  22. Todd

    Is she the one who was videotaped calling people ‘niggers’ at a party, or was that her sister?

  23. Could this mean there is actually hope for the human race?

  24. forrest gump

    around 35 percent americans are jobless these day’s.

  25. ReelWorld

    Does the “P” on her shirt stand for pretentious cunt?

  26. If only she attended some sort of university.

    She should embrace her brown eyes, support an animal cause (local), dye her hair really dark…work her ethnic
    side & steal back the thunder ol’Thunder Thighs Lardassian wrested from her earlier last decade.

    Now that’s how ya do it.

  27. dee

    oh boo freakin hoo.

    She can just go cry in her multi-million dollar trust fund.

    Ain’t like the chick is gonna starve.

    Her next PR move will be to get knocked up……..

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