Paris Hilton: ‘I Can’t Stand Black Guys’

March 22nd, 2011 // 418 Comments

In author Neil Strauss’ new book Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead, he shares an anecdote about meeting an 18-year-old Paris Hilton who opens up to him about getting implants at 14 until her mom made her take them out, wanting to pose for Playboy and making out with Vin Diesel before realizing he’s some percent black. Via LA Weekly:

HILTON: I went out with that guy last night.
Which guy?
HILTON (points to an actor in Saving Private Ryan): We were making out, but then we went somewhere where it was bright and I saw that he was black and made an excuse and left. I can’t stand black guys. I would never touch one. It’s gross. (pauses). Does that guy look black to you?
How black does a guy have to be?
HILTON: One percent is enough for me.

I honestly can’t tell what stands out more here: The fact that the Hiltons apparently still own slaves, or the almost supernatural chameleon qualities of Vin Diesel’s ethnicity. Because seriously, what is that guy? It’s almost as if God took the body of Adonis and said, “And now you shall be above all stereotypes, but in return you’ll have to make a bunch of movies about cars that go ‘VROOM.’

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  1. Brianna

    Darling Paris, black guys can’t stand you either. And seriously, like Vin Diesel would give you the time of day…hahaha

  2. Paris Hilton Racist Vin Diesel
    Uncle Caw-yin
    Commented on this photo:

    I yam what I yam

  3. Eric

    At least she was honest for once in her sad life.

  4. j-sin

    The keyboard klan is out in full force!

    • nonminti

      it’s like time machine… o_O

    • chacha-larue

      You know what white folks? Some of you guys have some real issues and need to get some help. To be so racist and exist in a world of so many cultures must piss you guys off every single day. And I know some of you are spouting these things and would never in life say this to a black person. Some of you even have “black friends” and you’re still sitting in the lap of ignorance, you two-faced schizos. Get some therapy.

  5. Racer X

    I hate Paris Hilton.

    /where’s my book deal?

  6. GrandDragon

    Finally a pop icon who isnt a total checkerboard chick.

  7. j-sin

    Pretty sure i’m a black guy and i can’t stand Paris Hilton.

  8. Chinto

    Not trying to defend Paris Hilton, but this was an “antecdote” told to an author 12 years ago who is now just happening to be on a promotional tour of his new book.

    • HP


      It’s just some asshole using old quotes to try and drum up book sales. Plus, who honestly gives a fuck what Paris has to say? The most intelligent thing that has come out of that girl’s mouth was some guy’s johnson.

  9. nessa

    Yes it is racist! And its sad we are still going through this, black girls and latinas are hotter than paris anyway… flat chest no booty toothpick legs shes hideous…

    • GrandDragon

      You all are hot, but it’s the goddamned attitude that drives all your black men to quiet, fat white women. No man of any color wants every minor issue throughout the day to be a screaming fight.

  10. Franksinatrastein

    I don’t know if Paris Hilton is 100% White, whatever that means, but I do know this: as long as I could keep her from talking, I’d hit it.

  11. Blackie Chan

    Didn’t she make out with and simulate blowing a black guy in “House of Wax”? I thought that was gross too. I mean, what? I’m not racist! I love black… women that have white features!

  12. Mandy

    I dislike Paris as much as the next guy, but come on. Does anyone REALLY believe she would say this? Even if she truly, 100% felt this way, I doubt she would ever tell someone she barely knows.

  13. Paris Hilton Racist Vin Diesel
    Commented on this photo:

    We need more girls to be like her. She has class ! Hear that white girls ? BE LIKE PARIS !

  14. Paris Hilton Racist Vin Diesel
    Commented on this photo:

    Someone should set her up with Chris Brown. With his new blond hair, she probably won’t know. Then we just sit back and wait. Two birds! One stone! Hey Oh!

  15. just say'n

    Looks like Jesse and Rev. Al’s BS ruined a whole generation. Kinda backfired on ya’ guys, huh?

  16. noooooooooo

    Good to know she feels that way. What she should consider is that most men don’t like chicks with VD either.

  17. bright white girl

    Why not hook Kim Kardashian up with Chris Brown?

  18. Me

    Sweet, I will just take beyonce for myself and take her out of all you racists hand and Jessica alba too

  19. What'sReal

    We can’t take any money, fame, celebrity and all this other nonsense with us.. Better get your heart and your mind right! All of us are of the same race: HUMAN. Same mama and daddy: Adam and Eve. All of our hearts without Christ is sinful, murderous, rebellious, wicked, dark and evil.

    Willing to gain the favor of this world and lose your soul? There is a high cost to low living. Trying to cheat decay and death as the spotlight of fame moves on to the next young and foolish. Mutilating yourselves to keep up – only to speed your way to the grave. Take Jesus’ offer…
    Jesus offers a fulfilled life while we live, new body and the promise of never getting old again when we die



      • What'sReal

        I like you man! LOL. Your response made my point about the natural condition of our hearts. In our flesh, we fight anything that resembles truth because we love darkness because we love dealing in dirt.

        On that day, the books will be opened. we will have to give account of every word we spoke and actions we took in this life. By one’s own words, we will either condemn ourselves or acquit ourselves.

        What’s so wild about it is we get to choose NOW. Stay thirsty for truth, my friend (smile)

    • GrandDragon

      Ephesians 6:5

      “Slaves, be obedient to those who are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in the sincerity of your heart, as to Christ.”

      Now go make me a sandwich.

    • Deacon Jones

      Whoa, whoa, whoa….

      You mean we age AFTER we die? Boy am I fucked.

  20. Wentblack

    She doesn’t know what she’s missing. I always though I was more attracted to white guys but as soon as I tried going black I don’t find white guys as attractive.
    And a guy being 1% black is ridiculous and racist.



  22. jonesy

    Oh, racism. Undoubtedly the most efficient means of letting the world know you’re a first class fucking retard.

  23. Aware

    Everyone has a right to their preferences, but it’s the 1% thing.

    That means she wouldn’t want to touch someone who looked like a white person, acted like a white person, and was raised by a white person, if even just one of his great-great-great-great-grandparents was black.

    And that, dear friends, is racism.

  24. smash

    effing moron… her parents should be ashamed of themselves.

  25. hihat

    A few years back, Hilton was overheard referring to a black guy as a stupid n-word. Sounds pretty racist to me.

  26. nonminti

    she is ignorant and dumb.Term “race” is invented according to physical cultural differences and shouldn’t exist when you have to rack your brain to understand to which race person belongs because nowadays there are a lot of people of “mixed” race.Anyone could speak about someone being gross but her. She totally ruined name Paris.

  27. Snickers

    So let me get this straight- you hypocrites call Kendra and Khloe “coal-burners” for dating black guys, but Paris Hilton echoes the thoughts of white girls around the world–”I don’t want to date a black guy”–and she’s a racist?

    • The Listener

      Paris also said “I would never touch one. It’s gross.” She’s not just saying she wouldn’t date a black man; she actually finds a simple touch (basic human contact) by a black man to be repulsive. That goes BEYOND simply preferring to not date a black person.

  28. M16

    I hate her too, but I don’t believe any of this stupid story. No one can get implants in the US at 14, otherwise, every teenager would be doing it.

  29. M16

    This post is full of a bunch of Trolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Licensed Gynocologist

    I would love to see Paris take on Lexington Steele.

  31. whatevs

    Whatevs? The most endowed black man in the world would get lost in her coke filled vagina anyway. Who cares?

  32. cc

    Doesn’t say much for her powers of observation. I mean, it’s not too hard to discern that Vin Diesel is part black.

    Then again my pointing out she isn’t too sharp is probably redundant.

  33. mymy

    OK so when a black man says he won’t date white woman. All is cool.
    I have listened to this from many black men.
    I guess Paris is smarter than she looks.
    Black single out of wedlock babies is up to 73%. So it looks like black men have a problem with responsibility. Not an attractive trait.
    So the odds are not good if you end up pregnant by one
    And the fact that many black men are not free thinkers and brainwashed to act like life’s victims. When in fact many are actually the ones who turn many people into victims is another big turn off.
    Many frown on education. And taunt other blacks as being uppity if they try to get a good one.
    Crowd mentality
    Think they are good at sex because the think all one needs is a big dick
    Refuse to learn proper English as a sign of individuality instead of sheer laziness.
    Think the girl just might have a brain.
    Now for those of you with brains and the ability to be an individual. Pardon me.
    And when you all stop being racist. Then perhaps you can ask that of other races.
    Most people are racist.
    Won’t end with laws.
    People hate what isn’t familiar.

    now don’t worry I have issues with my own Ancestors
    but that is another topic

    • Michael (The Man)

      Wow! I don’t know what to called you, Racist or Preacher or Truth-Teller but you came with some valid points there.

      1. How can you talk about Blacks(African-American in this case) not having sub-par(Acceptable) English when the White Americans or Asian Americans don’t as well either.
      2. How does it make Paris have more sense if she said that she can’t stand Black guys? You’re right it’s not an attractive trait thing, it more of a hearing bad things and see themselves so you’re actual right there.
      3. Correct me if I’m wrong but you yet to state that not all Black man are like that. I don’t think you are a fool but just miss guided at times in your paragraph.

      Also I’m Black and I don’t think I like what you said plus I’m Black British/French Background so it’s more different. Also I ain’t going to abuse you by saying something rude.

    • Kanyeisgay

      You forgot that 18 black men raped a 11 year old Hispanic girl in Cleveland Texas and said she asked for it.

      • Jovy


        in the mid 50s two fully grown white men tortured and killed a 14 year old black boy. I could go on with more of this but somehow sinking down to your degenerate level causes my head to throb. Mind you, I’m far from a racist. However seeing your menial, unintelligent posts on these pages has forced me to put you in your place. Now run along and go fuck your sister, she’s waiting for your little pecker and if I were you I wouldn’t keep her waiting.

  34. dontlooknow

    That’s OK honey; black guys can’t stand you so all is right with the universe.

  35. mygawd

    She is smarter than I thought she was.

  36. Jay Blitz

    The level of stupid on this site is horrifying. There are more issues in the black community because to put it bluntly they have been shat on for the last few centuries. They’ve been systematically oppressed for ages and then we scratch our heads and wonder why they’re experiencing problems like heightened crime and poverty, and lack of education. These problems weren’t suddenly eradicated after segregation laws were removed. Maybe I never owned slaves or supported racist laws, but if I sit on my pedestal of white privilege and say “well that was in the past, let’s forget about it, stop being so racist towards me” then I’m being an ignorant asshole.

  37. Lex

    Since when is referring someone’s race as gross not racism. She expressed disgust over someone ethnicity and she was attracted b4 discovering he was black. The attraction came first. So its not about a preference but please do cover up racism the way that so many others do. It is what it is.

  38. Jay Blitz

    And as for Hilton, saying black guys are gross is idiotic and yes racist. I don’t refer to what I’m not interested in sexually as “gross” particularly when referring to an entire group of people. “I’m not attracted to them” will do fine if you must say something on the topic..

  39. jamman

    Black people have an average IQ of 80.

    That is apparently much higher than Paris Hilton can deal with.

  40. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    Like anyone cares what this used up cunt has to say? It would be more black guys for that pig Kim Kardashian, so everybody wins!

  41. Maggie69

    Apparently she got over it because she was ALL over AND made out with a black guy in that movie she was in (House of Wax). I think she has to save face because her family doesn’t want/like black guys around. I’m sure she has screwed plenty of black guys on the DL.

  42. Pipecock

    Wow! she really insists on flattering herself too much. Snobs,European,America,African,South American,Middle Eastern or Asian are always unpleasant. Rarely would you find wealty people who have any sense of decency. They think that money means that they’re special and blessed and everyone is envious of them but yet they have to wipe their a$$es just like the average man and or bum on the corner.

  43. Cerone

    No man sober or not high on drugs would bang her.

    That’s her niche – Getting with intoxicated/high guys.

    Regardless of the skin tone!

  44. Yes!

    I agree too! I have dated 2 black guys and both turned out to be shallow, cheap, self-absorbed, immature pigs that only wanted in my pants and not at all interrested in a meaningful relationship. I’ll NEVER date a black man again

    • Jovy

      Ha. Idiocracy at its very best. Go suck a cock little girl and leave the thinking to those with a brain capacity larger than 2%.

      • really?

        shes right, I’m a black woman and I only slept with black guys bc the weren’t relationship material. then i married my husband, who is white.

  45. fdtutf

    What amazes me is that she appears to understand the concept of percentages.

  46. So Paris Hilton got it on with a guy she’d never met before and couldn’t even see clearly enough to determine his genetic heritage. But it bothered her when she realized he might be black.

    Man, that’s the whole package right there.

  47. Hellst@r


    Now we just need to change stupid ass Kim Kardashian and Karrissa Shannon.

    Black guys are all hyped and have been for years. The facts?

    Black men:
    Highest STD ratings by far
    Most likely to be gay.
    Most likely to NOT have a job.
    Most likely to have been in jail or prison
    Most likely not to have $
    Most likely to have several kids, of which none the provide for.
    Most likely to be uneducated
    Most likely to physically abuse women

    The list and facts goes on. What is so great about them? Some thing that MTV cooked up with their genius marketing think tank?

    • icarus93

      Are you trying to say that white men dont get STDs, are not gay, all have jobs, cant go to jail, have money, all provide for their illegitimate kids, are all educated and are all nice to their women? you are so full of shit

  48. Stucco

    How can I get 2% black so I can keep myself safe from Lazy Eye McHerpes here.

  49. Jovy

    You guys do realize that bright white girl is the same pot bellied pale chick from taylor momsen picture right?

  50. Paris Hilton Racist Vin Diesel
    Commented on this photo:

    Her left eyelid is looking worse as time goes on.

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